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    SirYodaJedi got a reaction from ViperAcidZX for a file, Sonic Adventure DX hi-res icon   
    The 2011 and Steam releases of Sonic Adventure DX only have a 64x64 desktop icon. PkR on SonicRetro made a hi-res mockup of a 256x256 version, which I have converted into icon format (SADX 2011 and Steam by PkR.ico). I have also included the 2004 release's icon (SADX 2004.ico), as well as a version of it with transparency bugs fixed that Blue Spikeball made (SADX 2004 fixed by Blue Spikeball.ico).
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    SirYodaJedi reacted to agenteblack13 for a file, Spider-man (2001) icon remastered   
    Here is an icon for Spider-man (2001) with a 512px resolution, very faithful and simple.
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    SirYodaJedi reacted to Username for a file, DOOM 64 - Restore Red Crosses   
    This PWAD restores the red cross icons back to DOOM 64.
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    SirYodaJedi reacted to Carefully for a file, Need for Speed: Most Wanted - HiDPI icon   
    Need for Speed: Most Wanted - HiDPI icon
    By TripleZet https://www.deviantart.com/triplezet
    Source: https://www.deviantart.com/triplezet/art/Need-for-Speed-Most-Wanted-HiDPI-icon-745415159 
    Original icon for NFS: Most Wanted reworked in high resolution to look as close as possible to original 32x32 one.
    If you need something bigger than 256x256, feel free to use 640x640 PNG preview (from Source)
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    SirYodaJedi reacted to Aemony for a file, KonoSuba - Fukkatsu no Beldia - English fan translations   
    These are the two English fan translations of Konosuba: Fukkatsu no Beldia (localized as either The Resurrection of Beldia or Verdia of the Resurrection) that is floating around online.
    Download and install just one of them, by extracting the dial.dat file into the data\font\ folder, overwriting the existing file.
    Note that menu items etc are not translated, as those requires binary patching the executable.
    Fan translation from 2017 by an unknown author: https://pastebin.com/xbQHV5DE Fan translation from 2018 GungnirHeart and CyanideBlizzard: https://konosubaitltranslation.wordpress.com/konosuba-verdia-of-the-resurrection/
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    SirYodaJedi reacted to Garrett for a file, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 1+2 FPS cap fix - 60 FPS unlock   
    Fixed executables to increase the frame rate cap for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Ultimate Sith Edition and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. Extract the chosen cap to the installation folder, replacing the existing file when prompted.
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    SirYodaJedi got a reaction from Andytizer for a file, Black Moon Chronicles higher quality icon   
    Higher quality icon for Black Moon Chronicles, taken from the splash screen of the editor and upscaled twice with waifu2x.
    Comparison: https://community.pcgamingwiki.com/gallery/album/142-black-moon-chronicles-icon-comparison/
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    SirYodaJedi reacted to Garrett for a file, Microsoft DirectInput Mapper   
    Microsoft DirectInput Mapper needed on Windows Vista and newer for some older games that show a DirectInput registry error or fail to remember key/button mappings.
    This download contains the following DLL files:
    Microsoft DirectInput Mapper (dimap.dll)
    Microsoft DirectInput Mapper Framework (diactfrm.dll)

    Extract somewhere temporarily and run the install batch file as an admin (right click, Run as administrator).
    These DLL files were extracted from a genuine Windows XP installation CD.
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    SirYodaJedi got a reaction from Blackbird for a file, The Dark Tide Saga   
    The Dark Tide is arguably the most popular campaign mod for Star Wars: Dark Forces. These archives contain all known "official" content related to the mod.
    Episodes 1-4 are the main campaign, and require Dark Forces to run. DarkXL is also supported, although not required.
    Beyond the Ancient is the bonus material released after Episode 4. It contains scrapped content from Episode 5, and even has some playable levels.
    Twilight on Tatooine is a multiplayer map for Jedi Academy, and as such requires Jedi Academy to run. It is inspired by the second episode, and includes compositions from the mod intermixed with music from the classic trilogy and Shadows of the Empire.
    The soundtrack was unfortunately only released for the first two episodes. Nonetheless, it was released in General MIDI format, so I have converted it to Apple Lossless using an SC-55 soundfont and properly tagged it (I recommend dBpoweramp if you need FLACs). The original .mid files are also included, as well as the nice track from Twilight on Tatooine.
    Originally downloaded from df-21.net.
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    SirYodaJedi reacted to Quiet Bob for a file, Jedi Outcast HD loading screens   
    Star Wars Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast
    HD level loading screens
    by ND (Quiet Bob @ PCGW)
    This is a set of high-resolution loading screens for Jedi Outcast, for both mission mode and multiplayer levels. My aim was to replace the default set - which is extremely low-resolution - with better visuals, while staying as close to the original as possible.
    Loading screens in Jedi Outcast are basically screenshots of the levels. I recaptured them in full HD. These images were later rescaled to work in-game. I used high quality conversion in an effort to preserve most detail. The end result are loading screens which are of 16x higher resolution: the default set is only 256x256, mine are 1024x1024.
    I substituted two of the loading screens. The original ones used for Cairn: Bay and Yavin: Temple are taken from pre-rendered low-res FMVs. Since these can't be captured in high quality, I replaced them with in-engine screenshots from the corresponding levels. I also added a loading screen for Nar Shaddaa: Streets.
    Before and after image comparison:

    Just place the file Jedi_Outcast_HD_loading_screens.pk3 in your GameData\base\ directory. Enjoy!
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