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  1. When you open and close a game frequently within a 1-hour timespan, the ability to skip intro videos (even if only by a button press) becomes a much appreciated QoL improvement.

    I have actually put skipping intro videos outside of essential improvements before, if doing so has significant drawbacks. For example, to skip the intro cutscene for Lego Marvel 1, you "just" need to delete the cutscene's folder. But to delete the cutscene's folder, you need to decompress the entire game, and you can't recompress it afterward.

  2. On 12/27/2019 at 6:12 AM, Marioysikax said:

    Also technically SSAA is forceable externally and globally as well with virtual resolutions? 

    Downsampling ≠ Supersampling. Yeah, I don't think "DSR" counts, but actual supersampling that isn't just tricking the game into rendering at a higher resolution should.

  3. On 9/10/2019 at 1:02 PM, Aemony said:

    This is the written rule on bypassing DRM:

    Technically speaking, at a first glance that Star Wars: Dark Forces section might be in violation of that rule and would need editing to be aligned with the rule as it is written.

    It is vaguely written with regards to copy-protection bypassal that doesn't require a separate download. If it required a no-cd cracked exe or a external patcher, then it would be clearly breaking the rules. But just copying files from the disc?


    Or should we remove *any* links to unofficial downloads that remove DRM, even when that isn't the primary intent, such as with the Unreal 227i patch?


  4. I think there are cases where including such instructions make would sense.

    For example, the preorder DLC for Spec Ops: The Line can be unlocked by simply modifying some .ini files, and this is akin to the wiki's current (unspoken) rules on including instructions for how to bypass DRM.

    DLC for Lego The Lord of the Rings was only released on PS3 and X360, but you can mod the PC version (and probably the Wii version) to get said DLC. 

    Despite being logical inclusions, they still count as piracy. That is the unfortunate reality of how ethical ≠ legal.

  5. Back when I got my first iPod Touch, I needed to come up with a username for Game Center (back when it was still relevant). I hadn't really made many accounts that I would need a non-identifying username prior, so I just kinda came up with something that reflected my tastes at the time. Yoda was taken, and so was Yoda Jedi and Sir Yoda, so I went with Sir Yoda Jedi (the Sir came from my Mom pointing out that Yoda is a Jedi Knight). It later changed to Sir Yoda, Jedi, then SirYodaJedi, as I used it across more accounts. I now use it as my main online username, as I'm practically the only person who uses it.

    Common nicknames I go by on sites that allow me to set a nickname that is different from the username are Yui (because I have a lot of avatars of Yui Fuinami and Yui Hirasawa), SirYoda, and Yoda (in that order). 


    Are Jedi Grandmasters still considered Jedi Knights?

  6. I feel like J:FO is aiming to be more of a Force Unleashed-style game than a Jedi Academy-style game. The lack of a blaster is a dead giveaway for that, as well as the much heavier lightsaber (although Padmé does mention in "Holocron Heist" that Anakin's lightsaber was heavier than she expected).

    It looks fun in it's own right, though, and Cal seems like a likable character. The lack of an alternative Dark Side ending is definitely disappointing, because that has been a staple in singleplayer Star Wars games since DFII.

  7. This seems like an important setting, especially with the prominence of high-PPI UHD monitors.


    True: Has option to change scaling settings. May or may not automatically scale based on selected resolution. Example: SWTOR

    Always on: Is automatically scaled based on resolution, but has no manual setting. Example: Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

    Limited: Only scales certain elements (ex: graphics but not text), or cannot be scaled beyond a certain percentage of the base resolution. Example: Half-Life 2

    False: Is not scaled and does not have an option to scale. Can't think of an example off the top of my head.

    Hackable: Hackable. Example: Quake


    This could go in the video settings table, or it could go in a potential accessibility table. I think probably wait until a dedicated accessibility table is made and put any info in 4K for now.

  8. Yes, different versions are supposed to be explained in Availability. Tie Fighter and Quake have two excellent examples of good ways to explain these. There is not currently a standard for how to do this, however, other than that it should be under a Level 3 heading titled “Version differences”.

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