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  1. Regarding games from OP:
    MorphX indeed exists on PC, it's actually initial version by name Симбионт/Symbiont, which then got ported to X360 and released worldwide.
    As for availabilty - it's retail only. Either in initial jewel box (https://buka.ru/cgi-bin/show.pl?id=387) or in 20th anniversary's publisher anthology from 2012 (http://buka.ru/cgi-bin/show.pl?id=739). This set comes with 2 DVDs and also with a key to activate digital versions on shop.buka.ru (majority of those migrated to Steam by this time but some rus-only titles like Петька 4-9 aka Red Comrades series are not obtainable otherwise, even in this very store)
    Should I post links to Rutracker with the game itself and cracked exe?

    On Dark Void: It's the same Securom as everywhere, Games for Windows LIVE is just a marking on front cover.

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