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  1. This is a good change. One less DRM to worry about. Hopefully they don't replace it with something worse.
  2. I get extremely irritated when game publishers do this. Videos in no way give the viewer the full experience of the game, they even motivate viewers to buy the game, resulting in free publicity for the publishers. Money matters to the people that make these videos because most of them make a living spending their time to record and edit videos for their viewers.
  3. KingCyrus20 comes from the fact that my middle name is Cyrus, and I have strong Persian ancestry. 20 is my favorite number, so I've taken to adding that to the end.
  4. TotalBiscuit is the one who introduced me to this wiki and the wonderful fixes that are posted here. He is also one of the few reviewers whose opinion I take seriously when I consider buying a game.
  5. Final Fantasy VII (2012) - I decided to play this game after seeing all of the hype about the PlayStation release and hearing some of the awesome music from it. When I bought it, I quickly changed the music files from the MIDI's to the original soundtrack, because I heard that the MIDI's weren't as good. It's been an enjoyable RPG so far and has major differences from the previous games in the series that I really liked.
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