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  1. 2 hours ago, cuzbabytonight said:

    In the Win8 fix section of the game's wiki page, the link given to the fix mentions using the in-game updater to apply the patch (tho it does work without it).

    The question would be whether that patch effectively applies the update to a installation or if there's any files missing (haven't tried it myself due to reports of graphical issues with that fix)

    Still, an original update installer would be ideal to have.

  2. There seems to have been some retail re-release that straight up came with version, while was a patch exclusive to the Metaboli (Gamesplanet) downloadable version. No clue on what either changed due to lack of documentation and standalone distribution, and I'm not exactly clear if was actually available as an in-game update or just exclusive to that one retail release.
    Ref: https://united.tm-exchange.com/threadshow/218454

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