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  1. Hey there.

    Specific modern applications can keep old installers and similar programs from running.
    An example are 32-Bit Setups not starting. Usually they can be found running but not progressing in the Task Manager. (As is the case here).

    It is extremely likely that another process is causing this hang-up because the Setup is "waiting for it".

    Here is what you can do:
    On Windows 10 the Task Manager has a feature called "Analyze Wait Chain" on the "Details" tab to find out what program the hanging process is waiting for. So open it up, move to the Details tab and rightclick your hanging Setup process. Then click on "Analyze Wait Chain". If another process is blocking it, the Task Manager will show you which one it is and offer you to terminate it directly.
    Windows 7 does not have that functionality, but there are programs that can fill in that role. (WaitingOn.exe for example).

    Prominent culprits:
    - Logitech Gaming Software and its drivers can keep most 32-Bit applications / setups from running. (Especially "logitechg_discord.exe" is a problem).
    - NVIDIA Experience and its overlay can be the second-in-command when it comes to the Setup-saboteurs. (nvcontainer.exe seems to be responsible. Kill that process chain or all of NVIDIA's running programs like Experience and Shadowplay).


    I hope that helps. Personally I have had that issue for a long time because of the 2 evildoers mentioned above, but killing those processes has solved every case of hanging Setups for me so far.

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