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  1. It most probably is; Renamed all test files to disbr [Disney, BlackRock], the first intro file in "bootup" folder in "movies"; and the results are: [File:Resolution,Frames,Audio,WorksInGame] *{PCGWian.bik} (short video made with my camera, converted to .avi and binked): 1280x720, 16, None, OK. *{GRAW.bik}: 1280x720, 6, 48kHz,16 bit, Stereo, OK. *fade to white.bik from PURE: 1280x720, 31, None, OK. *{blk.bik} from blk.png (simple MS Paint file): 1280x720, 1, None, Crash! *{blk2.bik} from blk.png and a copy: 1280x720, 2, None, OK. *{blkz.bik} from blkz.png: 720x405, 1, None, Crash! *{blkz2.bik
  2. One-frame ones, that Garett (and/or others) has created, do not work on this peculiar game (results in either CTD or black screen), they should be more than one frame, like those I "binked" or those Mirth linked (for GRAW originally). There's no need to link again, all the links are on either pages of this very topic.
  3. Sorry I'm SUPER-late 1.GRAW skip fix is definitely longer than one frame, well at least longer than Garret's files or those I binked with his instructions (png to bik) [they seem to work with most other game, this one however is a little bit odd I'd say] 2.You mean older ones had more options?
  4. 1.Don't know, both crash btw. 2.Yes. 3.It'd be nice to know how they are made. two image files? darkened videos? I'd expriement but I got a new windows install and have to reinstall my apps; and overwhelmed with a lot of games. also LAZY.
  5. BC S/S crashes ("has stopped working") on "empty" (one frame) Binks, (like the ones Garrett refers to in page 1), so it has to be more than one frame.
  6. So I "bink"ed a simple black png file, doesn't work, same as those "empty" ones, but GRAW's work. I think it should be at least one second; also, too lazy to create "proper" non-greenish replacements.
  7. My upload speed sucks. You mean the GRAW one? will check that. Actually it shows green in-game, playing with RAD tools or MPC, it's black and full of artifacts. Will give that PNG thing a try.
  8. Yes it does. Yes. I get it too but only in-game, I think it's b/c of extremely low bit/data rates.
  9. Here: http://community.pcgamingwiki.com/files/file/649-splitsecond-fmv-skip/ Files in "screens" folder are not included, they're used in menus, are of low size and can be deleted no problemo.
  10. 347 downloads

    Replacement .bik files for Split/Second; replaces all FMVs (except those in "screens" folder, that are used in menus) with a very short one, extract in \[Wherever the game is installed]\data\ and choose to overwrite.
  11. Well my net connection sucks, and believe it or not, to this point I knew nothing about "solid" compression; yeah Lame. Uploading...
  12. I'd be grateful if someone here does it, there are 24+ in-game videos, the file (the replacements I mean) would be too large for me to upload.
  13. Yes, you can replace any unwanted ".bik"s (At least Split/Second's) with this one, or copies of it, I took it with my camera, then proccessed it with Any Video Converter, then "binked" it with RAD video tools so there wouldn't be any possible Copyright problems. Is the file alright (malware and such)?
  14. I'll upload on mediafire or somewhere but not until midnight as I have some connection problems right now; unless someone else creates a file.
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