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    The 2005 Battlefield 2 demo with a few improvements and enhancements: 16, 32 and 64 player Gulf Of Oman map for singleplayer (set the number of bots in \mods\bf2\AI\aidefault.ai) No 10-minute or round limit in singleplayer Increased FOV to 1.7 (field of view) Added M82A1 sniper rifle to MEC Unlocked secondary weapons Single shot sniper kills Overall increased damage Unlimited ammo magazines Faster player speed Unlimited sprint Tweaked vehicles Run "BF2 1920x1080.bat" to start the game in full screen, hd mode! It runs these command line parameters (change if needed): sta
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    This is a modified CoD2SP_s.exe (v1.2 latest version) executable for Call of Duty 2 single player where the console is enabled by default, field of view (fov) is changed from the default 80 to 90 and the nocd patch is applied. Also included is a modified gfx_d3d_x86_s.dll where r_lodBias (level of detail) is changed to the max distance which prevents all those annoying visual popups in the distance, it's 2018 after all, we have the hardware to spare!
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