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  1. Title. Fixes for generic issues and stuff. I brought it up again just in case.
  2. RaTcHeT302

    Editing guide

    What do you need to enable on Tomb Raider? I can't picture what you are asking. Anyway it should be kept simple, Hackable for anything outside, Native for anything inside. Most editors are going to be confused if we add too many exceptions. If things get a bit too overly specific it might lead to more convoluted edits, along with edit wars as to why "this thing should be like this because I said so" which can go on forever. I have no idea what your actual problem is with Tomb Raider anyway.
  3. Version


    Details ­Replace All - ABAAAA3F - 398EE33F (16:9) Replace All - ABAAAA3F - CCCCCD3F (16:10) Changed Files Platform.dll spDx9.dll UserInterface.dll W40k.exe W40kWA.exe Other PCGamingWiki Page
  4. Is there a database with all these files? They could have an empty "LastOwner" value in them if needed. Could they be automatically generated on the fly if the user didn't know what needs to be setup? (Where the hell does the "be" go, I can never tell). This is what an AppManifest file looks like. "AppState" { "appid" "3720" "Universe" "1" "name" "Evil Genius" "StateFlags" "4" "installdir" "Evil Genius" "LastUpdated" "1474640799" "UpdateResult" "0" "SizeOnDisk" "1426713902" "buildid" "250756" "LastOwner" "0" "BytesToDownload" "0" "BytesDownloaded" "0" "AutoUpdateBehavior" "0" "AllowOtherDownloadsWhileRunning" "0" "UserConfig" { "language" "english" } "MountedDepots" { "3721" "1394410883735965698" "3722" "3042191399206832395" } }
  5. RaTcHeT302

    Complete Key Maps

    If the game itself doesn't list the controls in any way a dropdown table with every key could be made, screenshots could also be used and listed in galleries on the wiki, they shouldn't take too much space. http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Transformers:_Devastation#Input_settings I don't know, I wouldn't mind seeing something like this on the wiki, I don't have any control over these decisions though. This wiki feature could always be enhanced in the future if the first implementation wasn't too great.
  6. In some cases directly capping the framerate can make the game run worse, sometimes VSync should be used as an alternative method if the game is running worse. (check the frametimes with something like MSI Afterburner to see if they game has micro stuttering)
  7. RaTcHeT302

    New graphics options under video settings table

    The Video Settings table is for more generic video settings which all games should have, being able to change the resolution and field of view are essential things, anything else is too specific. There would also be too much clutter at this point and it would hurt readability, we should focus on using screenshots instead. Games like Serious Sam would have insanely long tables if we listed every single setting.
  8. I simply cannot get it to work. sc create BorderlessGaming binPath= "C:\Program Files\Borderless Gaming\BorderlessGaming.exe" type= interact type= own start= autoWindows keeps whining about Error 1053. I also tried to manually add -scv as a parameter through the registry editor. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\ServicesRight now the service is disabled, as it'll be deleted once I disconnect from my current user. I used these commands. Then disconnected from the user to remove the service, if anyone needs to know this is how. sc stop borderlessgaming sc delete borderlessgaming sc query // Shows a list of every Windows service.I also tried using NSSM. To get the GUI up, CD to the NSSM executable and run this. nssm install ServiceName // Adds a default name to the service, ServiceName is optional, it's a placeholder name I wrote.If you wish to delete the service then use. nssm delete ServiceName
  9. RaTcHeT302

    PC Report: Watch Dogs 2

    I would've made the report myself but I had a terrible month, I had no sleep at all and I need like 40 - 60 hours to do a proper report, I still need to publish the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare report, it was completed but there's a bunch of missing stuff. I had such horrible sleep though...
  10. If you want to you could add a keypoint by yourself on any pages where it makes sense, there are no global texts though so this is going to be kinda tedious to edit unless you make a list of the pages you changed. You could edit the VSync page and add an {{ii}} at the top and write what you felt was important. Copy this and paste it at the top of the page. '''Key Points''' {{ii}} Your Text I mentioned something related to this screen tearing thing a while ago on this page. http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Glossary:Borderless_fullscreen_windowed#Windows "Eliminates screen tearing on Windows due to V-Sync being applied over any windows by default." https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/b367a457.aspx It's too hidden, I also need to rewrite it, I don't really feel like editing things around at the moment though, most pages on the wiki look really bad and in most cases some of the more obscure pages aren't used that often, the current skin also isn't too great which is a little bit off putting in my mind, the wiki looks kinda ugly at the moment, there are a lot of issues I also have with the wiki, I don't have the will to mass edit things at the moment.