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  1. Right, you're able to bind it to the Z axis, but that axis is just a single axis. Pushing the left trigger pushes it one way, and pushing the right trigger tries to push it the other way. Pushing both in will cancel both inputs out to 0.
  2. You can use the triggers that way, but instead of each trigger being separate, they're combined into one axis so you can't use both together, which can be solved by using DS4's native output
  3. Hi @Blackbird, what I've found with the phantom up issue you're having is that it happens when you hook dinput8 for 360 pad emulation. I use a DS4 controller with DS4Windows, with Most Wanted and Carbon you can use Xinput Plus to swap the combined Z axis to independent axes, but if you try the same thing with Underground 1 + 2 you get the up issue. It probably does the same thing with x360ce and the like too, but I haven't tried them. It might not be much help for you depending on what controller you use, but if you use a DS4 you can use DS4windows to make a new profile specifically for old DirectInput games. In the latest DS4windows you can set it to output as a dualshock 4 instead of emulating a 360 pad, this leaves you with independent axes for triggers instead of the combined Z axis on 360 without having to modify .dlls I use it for NFSUG1+2, keep in mind that the L2 and R2 buttons double as both buttons 11-12, as well as axes. When you're remapping controls in some games (Like NFS) you need to push the triggers in just a little bit (enough to "press button 11/12") before you bind the key, then when it asks for input push the trigger in the rest of the way. This works for some games, but not others. I'll attach my DS4Windows profiles folder, there's macros for holding PS and pressing face button to switch the controller into different modes for different kinds of games. It might have been pointless writing up all this if you don't even use a DS4 but I guess it's worth putting out there somewhere. I've been looking for a catch-all solution to PC controller compatibility, and there really isn't one but DS4Windows is the absolute closest you can get, I've found. edit: nevermind I only just noticed this thread is from 2015 and you'd probably solved it by now DS4Windows.zip
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This .exe will allow mc2 to connect to Openspy, allowing for netplay after GameSpy's closure. Recently the domain was changed from openspy.org to openspy.net, so if you weren't able to connect either use this .exe or make the correction to your own .exe to connect online again.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    1.6 patch for Singles
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Some installations of Singles are missing some files needed for the game to run in other languages. copy the contents of this folder into your game's Config folder. in gamelang.cfg there is a "--" next to the word "Translator" for every language. whichever language doesn't have the "--" is the one the game will use. by default this is #international english version, to change it add a -- before "translator" and then remove the "--" before the language you want
  7. Version 1.0.0


    This is an Xinput Plus configuration for Midnight Club II to work with 360 controller input
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Replace these two files in the Controllers folder of your game installation. Ingame, you may have to enter the options menu and reset to default for the new configuration to take effect.
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