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    Aemony got a reaction from Andytizer for a file, Control - Blurry textures fix   
    The mod makes the texture streaming more aggressive. There is also an optional config that also loads high-resolution textures sooner and increases the texture pool from 1 GB to 2 GB.

    Simply extract the archive to the game folder. The default config only makes the texture streaming more agressive.
    If you also want it to load high-resolution textures sooner, browse to \data\globaldb\ and remove tweakables.xml, then rename tweakables_high_quality.xml to tweakables.xml

    .\data\globaldb\tweakables.xml makes the texture streaming of the game more agressive.
    .\data\globaldb\tweakables_high_quality.xml is an optional file that also loads high-resolution textures sooner. Rename the file to tweakables.xml to have it be applied.

    Additional information:
    This is an archive that combines two other mods as well as a texture tweak in one archive:
    Loose Files Loader by reg2k / registrator2000
    Link:   https://www.nexusmods.com/control/mods/11
    Files:    .\iphlpapi.dll
      Tweakables by reg2k / registrator2000
    Link:   https://www.nexusmods.com/control/mods/14
    Files:    .\data\globaldb\tweakables.xml
      Blurry textures fix/streaming tweaks by hallatore
    Link:   https://www.reddit.com/r/controlgame/comments/j0hff1/pc_ultra_graphics_mod_also_fixes_blurry_signs/ 
    Files:    .\data\globaldb\tweakables.xml,  .\data\globaldb\tweakables_high_quality.xml
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    Aemony got a reaction from SirYodaJedi for a file, KonoSuba - Fukkatsu no Beldia - English fan translations   
    These are the two English fan translations of Konosuba: Fukkatsu no Beldia (localized as either The Resurrection of Beldia or Verdia of the Resurrection) that is floating around online.
    Download and install just one of them, by extracting the dial.dat file into the data\font\ folder, overwriting the existing file.
    Note that menu items etc are not translated, as those requires binary patching the executable.
    Fan translation from 2017 by an unknown author: https://pastebin.com/xbQHV5DE Fan translation from 2018 GungnirHeart and CyanideBlizzard: https://konosubaitltranslation.wordpress.com/konosuba-verdia-of-the-resurrection/
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