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  1. Yes, that’s how we implemented it at the time. To minimize disruption, the new option would, if implemented, require specifically writing DRM-free* in the GOG row for it to appear. Just typing “DRM-free” would work as it does today, basically. I’ve brought it up with other staff members on the Discord server and we’ll see where the discussion leads us.
  2. Thanks for adding the information to the page. There is a "GOG Galaxy" icon that can be used in the availability table which another user added shortly after your edit, although it normally isn't used. Up until today there's only two games that makes use of said "DRM": this game as well as Gwent: https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/User:Aemony/Sandbox/List_of_GOG_Galaxy_games I'd probably prefer a DRM-free* icon instead with a wildcard to indicate there's some specific concerns regarding the supposed DRM-free nature of games, as we're using for e.g. Half-Life 2 on the Steam row: https:
  3. Version 1.0.0


    These are the decrypt tool Gibbed.SpecOpsTheLine.IniDecrypt.exe and encrypt tool Gibbed.SpecOpsTheLine.IniEncrypt.exe created by Rick/Gibbed (Twitter, GitHub) back in 2012 and first made public in this XeNTaX forum thread and retrieved as archived by Wayback Machine in December of 2015. Kudos to LowSpecGamer whom documented the Wayback Machine archive link on his video about the game. Instructions Download the decrypter. Unzip it in a handy folder. Such as %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\SpecOps-TheLine\SRGame\Config\ Open the file you need to edit with Gib
  4. Oh, I actually found a Wayback Machine link that worked, on this YouTube video: You can download the tool from here: https://web.archive.org/web/20151212010138/https://mod.gib.me/specopstheline/inicrypt.zip
  5. Have you tried contacting what seems to be the original author, Rick Gibbed? * Twitter: https://twitter.com/gibbed * GitHub: https://github.com/gibbed It is possible he has an old copy laying around that could possibly be rehosted on PCGW.
  6. MX500 released in 2002 was an optical mouse, and Logitech first introduced "the world's first laser mouse" in 2004 with the MX1000, so you're probably thinking of some other model. I am surprised that people would recommend optical mice as I can't imagine any specific reason why they would be somehow "better" than laser mice. As for Razer, I typically keep away from their products as they have a history of being too costly for what usually ends up being of low quality. Looking into it, I did find this fluff piece on HP's Tech Takes to be illuminating (pun intended): Optical
  7. Do they even make optical mice nowadays still? I usually just goes for a G900 or G902 mouse from Logitech. It's wired and wireless performance is probably the best I've ever used and even its wireless performance beats a ton wired mice I've used over the last decade.
  8. Thanks for the confirmation that it was the case. We have a few changes planned to improve the registration flow that will, among other things, prevent this exact issue from occurring.
  9. Based on your previous display name (which I just changed to "nacho" to match your username here on the forums), I assume you had mistakenly typed in your mail address as your username initially and then changed it? We've had similar issues with users using @ in their username which isn't an allowed character in the wiki and so account creation on that end fails. Our sysadmin should be able to clear the traces from your initial username from the wiki which should solve the issue.
  10. The original upload had a typo in the password, and used 'pgcw' as the password instead of 'pcgw'. I've uploaded a new version that makes use of the correct password pcgw
  11. Based on the teaser they released like half a year ago, in an essence, yes, as it will run on CryEngine 5.6 (see the teaser at the end of the below tech trailer). The primary performance issue of Crysis was always that they optimized the engine for a future that didn't happen, and so it doesn't scale well at all. They solved that issue partially in Warhead, but even more in Crysis 2, and the optimization was what allowed Crysis 1 to eventually arrive to Xbox 360 and PS3 (where it was running on the same engine as Crysis 2 if I remember it correctly). So with CryEngine 5.6 behind the
  12. I've updated the label to say Steam Play (Linux) instead, and expanded the abbreviation somewhat:
  13. No, it's solely based on the architecture of your operating system. x64 versions of Windows require the 64-bit driver, and vice versa.
  14. If I remember it correctly, this was because I ran into various situations like these: The platform specific page didn't exist, or did not include relevant information (e.g. cover, screenshot, credits, etc). The game was available on multiple computer platforms, such as Linux, Macintosh, Windows, and/or Windows Apps, creating a situation where the question of which one to link is not easily answered. Linking to the "combined view" by default ended up being the easier and currently better approach. The current approach is also flexible enough to allows editors to define the sp
  15. That was added by a guest back in February: https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/w/index.php?title=Doom_3&type=revision&diff=938814&oldid=926948 I'd in general recommend opening a thread about it on the relevant talk page, https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Talk:Doom_3, as that will notify users subscribed to the page in question. Beyond that, no, those sorts of "issues" without proper context or references rarely remain long on the wiki. Without any references or more details about the issue, it's often impossible to validate the existence of the issue. For all we know, the
  16. Should hopefully be improved somewhat now. @snuxoll noticed that the "Most downloaded" widget that was present on the home page of the wiki, and basically the sidebar of every single page on the forum and files section, hammered the community database to kingdom come. I've removed that widget from all pages I could find it at, and immediately noticed a vast improvement in page load speeds across the board for the community site. Instead of waiting 10+ seconds to open even a really old thread, it now displays within a second or two.
  17. It is because of how the tag was introduced, how it relates to the WidescreenGamingForum (WSGF)'s metrics, and because of what the row has for alt text: There have been multiple discussions of how to better handle that row due to "4K" 4:3 games which technically aren't 4K due to not having the approximate horizontal resolution of 4,000 pixels, but still are basically relevant for that "4K" row anyway in all the ways that actually matter (it can run and function on a 4K monitor while still adhering to its original aspect ratio). We've yet reached a proper solution
  18. No, it's not affiliated. From the looks of things, they seem to be proxying traffic to the real site anyway, as a change on PCGW appeared in an instant on that mirror site. They're also injecting custom code into the site, as evidenced by the ads and stereotypical torrent / comments links they're adding to the very bottom of the webpage. @snuxoll, any ideas on how to prevent this sort of proxying from happening? Or is the only approach a wack-a-mole one where we determine their IP through the traffic logs and ban said IP?
  19. No idea -- never heard of Xinput Plus before today. I used to use this driver to enable force feedback in old DirectInput based games on my Xbox Controller and don't remember having run into any noticeable issues with it, so feel free to elaborate on what potential issues you mean. Looking up XInput Plus, that tool allows rebinding what Xbox Controller buttons the virtual DirectInput controller maps to, which is sorta another use case entirely -- primarily to solve issues between games expecting different controller layouts. Sure, that tool might encompass more, feature-wise, but I s
  20. Minor question, why are the link to the Steam Community thread duplicated ? I removed the duplicate a while back but it seemed to come back when you updated the file... 🤔
  21. Thanks for uploading these! They're one of the most critical tools for players of older games. I did a minor change and added "DirectInput" to the title and description though, as these drivers basically add support for force feedback in DirectInput games for XInput-based controllers. The original title is most likely a translation issue or unfamiliarity with English.
  22. I would be fine with mouse look being disabled by default, as long as it at least was available as an option. The fact that it isn't, however, makes the game unplayable for me. It'll remain in my library untouched up until that time that I am able to get mouse look into the game.
  23. Sorry about that -- the links pointed to the old location of the thumbnails which changed when we switched storage provider during 2019. The thumbnails have now been redirected to their new location.
  24. While we can't attribute or merge edits performed from an IP address to a specific user account, we can however change the edits made through an IP address to essentially protect the publicity of the IP address itself. When an editor visits the history page they'll only see "(username removed)" instead of the IP address. I hope this is a satisfactory solution. Sadly MediaWiki (the system the wiki runs on) is sorta mindbogglingly frustrating when it comes to these sorts of things, as per its design everything is meant to be tracked and non-modifiable by default, so this seems to be th
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