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  1. Thank you, now the download works! 👍
  2. @asabarabi, sadly it seems the forum software can't handle the name of the file you uploaded. Can you remove any special characters etc and ensure the file name is only named using regular Latin characters such as A-z, 0-9, and dots/underscores/dashes, etc ? Then re-upload the file again by using "File Actions -> Upload a new version".
  3. PCGW has a mutual linking relationship with IsThereAnyDeal (see https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/PCGamingWiki:Partnerships#Mutual_linking_relationships). Because of that, any potential replacement would necessitate a similar linking relationship before it would be implemented, I imagine.
  4. Stale data in the Semantic MediaWiki backend — it happens and usually resolves itself after the game article gets purged or a null edit is performed.
  5. Probably a false positive, though you've to decide yourself whether to 'trust' the file or not. PCGW in general does not guarantee the safety of files, and due to the numbers of false positives occurring in gaming related files -- particularly those created using e.g. Cheat Engine -- we usually don't remove uploaded files either due to "virus detections". See the "Virus detected in PCGamingWiki file" section for a bit of context.
  6. Performance is much more determined by sheer compute performance of the GPU and not the amount of VRAM it has, so basically no answer that involved VRAM would be relevant for such a question — especially for lower end cards. The amount of VRAM is only relevant in a few edge cases where /technically/ the GPU has enough compute power to deliver a higher performance, but it’s being bottlenecks by the lack of VRAM and the constant need to move data in and out of the VRAM. But even proving such a thing is ridiculously hard since it would basically require an identical card but with more VRAM t
  7. Also, if this was an actual suggestion to add additional VRAM rows to track actual usage, then sadly, that's basically impossible due to the previously touched upon topics -- most tools nowadays lies to your face about actual VRAM being used by a game, and other games (or tools) might not even have a proper way to look up actual real VRAM usage of a game (for example, Vulkan doesn't have a built-in way of tracking VRAM usage if I remember it correctly, forcing developers to use DirectX's DXGI memory budgets instead to track 'em).
  8. You mean the VRAM usage number in the system requirement section? It's just mirroring the official system requirements, which is based on the QA testing of the developers. It's less about the number itself, and more about whatever amount of VRAM the "minimum" and "recommended" GPU has. Beyond that, most games use _much_ less VRAM than people might assume. Tools such as GPU-Z, RTSS, etc all reports _requested_ VRAM -- not actually used VRAM. And games might request way more VRAM on GPUs with more VRAM than they actually use. For example, a ton of games I've played have barely u
  9. The last part of the recognized virus definition “!ml” suggests the definition was created through machine learning. Basically there is an extremely high chance of it being a false positive. @Rose is otherwise a well-known and recognized ultrawidescreen modder whose patches occasionally runs into AV’s false positives. @cbk@csolutions.no, at the end of the day you yourself have to determine if you put your trust in a stranger online, but for what it’s worth, I personally highly suspect this is a false positive. Of course I can’t say for certain, but then nobody really can unless they
  10. Not sure this is possible. From the looks of things, Wikipedia relies on the Extension:ElectronPdfService (partially outdated info) extension that basically installs Chromium (the core of Google Chrome and modern Microsoft Edge browsers) on the servers and then interfaces with it using a Puppeteer library, as described on the Proton page. So it's not some simple or minor extension as one might imagine. As a result, it might not be compatible with PCGW's infrastructure at all since we're using a nonstandard setup that has various limitations that might come into play here.
  11. Don't like all modern browsers feature a "Print to PDF" or "Save as PDF" option in their printing options (Ctrl+P) ? I'm not saying that it's necessarily the solution, but for occasional printing/exporting to PDF it should be an accessible option already.
  12. I used to use BitDefender, and it was great up until the moment when it wasn't. For me, it was how injecting the Advanced Thread Defense module (scans processes I/O operations from within) often caused games and applications to crash -- with no real identifier about what caused the crash. Ubisoft games that were frequently updated in particular often saw major issues with it. It have historically had compatibility issues with other third-party tools such as Special K. It also had a tendency to constantly remind you of its presence, even if it were to notify you weekly about latest threats
  13. From my understanding WoW is the only officially recognized one. But it might not be accurate since, based on comments I’ve seen from regular app developers, it’s basically just a recompile of most projects that is needed. A list can be created rather easily — it just needs to display pages in the games category that populates the new ARM property to true. Which right now is only WoW. Also, you hit on an important aspect in terms of testing methodology... I don’t have a Mac myself, but I can imagine Apple doesn’t make it necessarily easy to spot whether Rosetta 2 or nativ
  14. The macOS (ARM) property was implemented as it was because it's not really feasible or easy attempting to implement it into the actual executable table because of the following reasons: The executable table contains horrendous underlying logic that is hard to work with that determines whether to show/hide columns in various scenarios. The column also interacts with variables set elsewhere (e.g. overall OS states set through the infobox, etc) which ends up causing the difficulty to increase exponentially. Each new column added eats into the Notes field's width of
  15. This would just restore the previous status quo: due to lack of clear guidelines we would create scenarios where Audio > Subtitles and Localization > Subtitles didn't match each others -- it would basically restore the previous confusion that we solved by enforcing n/a in the first place. Then we would revisit this issue months/years down the line and most likely reimplementing the same solution (have the guidelines mention to use n/a) to clear the confusion up. Rinse repeat. This ties into the other discussion about adding abbreviations to all rows of the tables
  16. The previous post of mine described the solution to achieve such a thing, and then how we would have to go about solving the follow-up consequences of such an approach (with the property being what was used to populate the 'additional devs' in separate lists on the company pages). Implement-wise, Infobox game would basically include a new section above (or within) the current developer section that said something like: {{#vardefine:additional devs|{{{additional devs|}}}}} The above would execute/parse whatever we stuffed into the "additional devs" parameter and store its res
  17. I'm... a bit confused about this one -- do you mean that the games should be listed on those companies' pages? If so, then the solution would probably be to add a new parameter to Template:Infobox game that's called e.g. "additional devs = ". I could probably (unless MediaWiki throws a blanket in my face again) code in logic in the templates that would see special handling of Template:Infobox game/row/developer if it were present within an "additional devs = " parameter. Or we could create an entirely new Template:Infobox game/row/associate template or similar. If we were to go fo
  18. Just to be clear: based on the editing guide as it is now, this isn't actually incorrect though as n/a is used correctly on that page. The game has no spoken audio -- there's therefor nothing that needs subtitling and so both rows are set as not applicable. PCGW currently defines subtitles as being solely for spoken dialogue and so it simply isn't applicable for non-spoken dialogue (which is handled through the UI flag). I have forgotten the details, but I believe this definition was arrived to because we keep track of the in-game setting of subtitles as well -- it was basically a
  19. Can you quote the relevant parts of the editing guide you find contradictory? I'm having problems finding just what parts are contradictory of how both handles their respective subtitles row: Editing guide on subtitles in the Audio table: > Applies for games with spoken dialogue. If subtitles are always shown without an option, set this field to always on. For games with no speech or text-only dialogue, set this field to n/a. Editing guide on subtitles in the Localization table: > The subtitles and/or closed captions for the game are localized to this language. More c
  20. It's because of how HTML works in general -- consecutive spaces are treated as a single one unless there's an element that tells it to treat the inner contents as monospace / terminal-like manner. I've fixed it by specifying two non-breaking spaces instead.
  21. Version 1.0.0


    Description: The mod makes the texture streaming more aggressive. There is also an optional config that also loads high-resolution textures sooner and increases the texture pool from 1 GB to 2 GB. Installation: Simply extract the archive to the game folder. The default config only makes the texture streaming more agressive. If you also want it to load high-resolution textures sooner, browse to \data\globaldb\ and remove tweakables.xml, then rename tweakables_high_quality.xml to tweakables.xml Configs: .\data\globaldb\tweakables.xml makes the texture streamin
  22. The change has been implemented and is live in the editing guide.
  23. Version 1.001


    Instructions Download this 'no intro' mod. Unpack the contents of the archive to <path-to-game>\archive_win64\ Run MadMax_NoIntro.bat In the menu, select 5 to extract the original intro movie (this is required). Next select 1 to remove the intro movies. Launch the game. To restore the intros run the batch file and select 3, or replace game2.arc with the backup that was created in step 4. About This is the no intro mod archive obtained from the Mega mirror and provided by https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filed
  24. It isn't about whether the file is actually malicious or not -- it's intended to protect PCGamingWiki from automatic flagging by third-party internet safety scanners like for example Google's Safe Browsing filter. You can read more about it in the files section of the editing guide: https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/PCGamingWiki:Editing_guide/Files#Password_protection_policy
  25. If I remember it correctly the color selection of Windows 10 back in 2016 was quite limited, which probably resulted in the chosen color (combined with the Win8 example, perhaps, which also was of a similar shade I think?). None the less, the stuff could definitely use an update!
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