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  1. On 11/28/2021 at 6:54 AM, Dandelion Sprout said:

    There was https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/List_of_games_officially_distributed_with_emulators_to_run_them for a short while in September-October. But not only was it unable to include such games as SEGA Classics Collection due to it having a non-emulated main menu, the list was also completely forgot about when the admin team changed list queries from Semantic to Cargo earlier this autumn.

    This page has now been fixed, though it only includes 10 games in total.

  2. I don't expect us to provide the ability for regular users to hide/remove their previous edits as that sorta goes against the intention of a collaborate wiki that keeps track of everything. As SirYodaJedi mentioned we admins do have that ability but it's solely intended to hide/anonymize personally identifying data or in rare cases edits that contains illegal materials.

    The MediaWiki software, which the wiki is using, is the same wiki software that drives Wikipedia and it was never designed or developed to allow for easy hiding/changing/editing previous edits and the like. We actually need to use a third-party extension for the software just to be able to do the limited hiding/anonymizing stuff that we as admin can do right now.

  3. Seems the list couldn't be moved over to Cargo because the relevant Cargo table required a full recreation because the current table didn't have the necessary Wrapper columns, and I assume Garrett didn't start the recreation due to waiting for the main data to finish being populated at first.

    I've started the recreation and once it's finished (it has ~46k rows) we'll be able to switch out the current table which will fix the list.

  4. The user "Infoteddy" has been renamed to "InfoTeddy".

    Done 👍


    Sorry for the late reply btw -- I believe you mistakenly posted in the wrong forum. I've since renamed the "Support (concluded)" forum to "Articles and troubleshooting (concluded)" to prevent users from mistaking it for the actual support forum.

  5. Expack3 is a staff member, as can be seen on https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/PCGamingWiki:Staff


    In regards to the Essential improvements section, per the Editing Guide, it's meant for, well, "essential" improvements that we can assume is of a noteworthy addition to most players:


    The Essential improvements section holds all information and downloads that are either required or highly recommended. Note that fixes for issues should go in the Issues fixed section. Fixes for feature support (e.g. widescreen resolution) should go in a subsection below the table for that type of feature.

    Some examples of what to place here:

    • Patches (both official and unofficial)
    • Intro skip methods
    • Major community mods
    • Game-specific utilities

    From https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/PCGamingWiki:Editing_guide/Essential_improvements

    Other non-essential mods goes below the Other information section:


    The Other Information section hold all information and downloads that are not critically essential, but useful all the same. It acts as a sister section to Essential improvements.

    From https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/PCGamingWiki:Editing_guide/Other_information


    The gist of Expack3's undo's is that the mod, while of interest to some players, isn't seen as being relevant or "essential" to most players due to it ultimately being just a content unlocker for content meant to be unlocked through regular play. Like it or not but the developers have consciously locked the levels behind difficulty levels for one reason or another, and a mod that bypasses said restriction isn't essential just because a few players disagrees with that design decision. And so, the mod -- the content unlocker -- isn't essential either as a result. It's a nice mod for some users that cares about it, and deserves listing, but not "essential" enough to be included under the "Essential improvements" section at the top.

  6. Probably due to the costs involved in not only porting a game to the PC but setting up the whole pipeline that allows it to happen (be it to vet and contract outsourcing studios to do the job for them). And without a current presence, or insight, into the PC platform, it's ultimately a risky choice to take.

    That's one of the reasons why I see a lot of potential benefits in stuff like Epic's exclusivity for a guaranteed payout -- cautious developers/publishers whom haven't released on PC yet don't have to worry about possible losses and gets guaranteed revenue regardless of how the game actually ends up selling.

    Imagine if Valve implemented something similar a decade or so ago when they really started to rake in the money -- it's possible some studios might've invested in the PC platform a bit earlier. Though ultimately this is just a "what-if".

  7. 39 minutes ago, Garrett said:

    Some clarification in this area will inevitably be required in the near future with Android apps coming to Windows 11 through the Microsoft Store (these apps will run directly and function just as you'd expect a real native app would)--especially if there end up being weird cases where there is (or was) both a native version for some OS and also the Android version in the store.

    Tell me about it 😩 The moment Microsoft announced support for Android apps on Windows, I faceplanted because of the potential implications for PCGamingWiki and AppleGamingWiki...

  8. On 5/31/2021 at 1:46 AM, tyl0413 said:

    Does architecture matter?

    Does OS matter?

    Does the physical form factor of the device matter?

    Does the type of gameplay features of a game designed for the platform matter since we are talking about games after all?

    What does "designed for the platform" mean, is a multiplatform game designed for any platform in particular, which one and if so why or why not?

    Here some examples i guess:

    Is the iPad Pro a PC?

    Is a PS3/4 running Linux a PC?

    Is a Windows Phone modded to run Windows 10 on ARM a PC, does it matter if it can be docked?

    Is a Linux Phone (Librem 5/Pinephone) a PC? Does it matter if it's docked?

    Is an Xbox One/Series (x86 CPU/Windows based OS) a PC? If it ran full Windows would that make it more of a PC?

    Is a tablet a PC, does it matter if it can be docked, does architecture matter, does OS matter?

    Is the Commodore a PC?

    Are pre-Mac Apple devices PCs?

    Is a streamed session of an OS a PC (Shadow)?


    From the perspective of PCGW, and what we cover, basically the answer to all of those questions are "No."

    This whole thing is a slippery slope -- if we start covering GeForce Now just because it streams a PC-game from a virtual Windows computer somewhere then we would have to cover Stadia as well, which technically is "Linux" but isn't otherwise much of a similar platform the same way regular Linux is. Further on, covering GeForce Now and Stadia would make it questionable why we don't cover Playstation Now or the upcoming Xbox Cloud Gaming services -- from an end user's perspective there's literally no difference between GeForce Now, Stadia, Playstation Now, or Xbox Cloud Gaming; they're all the same sort of streaming services with the same locked down platform/interface that the user cannot interact with beyond the limited options available through the game itself.

    This is actually why I recommended Andy to set up AppleGamingWiki as a separate wiki from PCGW, because if PCGW started to cover sideloaded iOS/iPadOS games running on macOS then it wouldn't make sense to not cover Android games either as they can equally be able to run on PCs through the use of emulators or such. Again a slippery slope with the end result of "PCGW" now covering Windows, Linux, macOS, Xbox, Playstation, Stadia, iPhone, iPad, Android devices and games... AppleGamingWiki sidesteps that whole issue by stating that it covers Apple silicon devices and generally doesn't concern itself with handling legacy stuff. The most that wiki goes to is document a short table regarding how macOS compatibility of a non-native game might run through some form of compatibility layer like Rosetta 2, sideloading, CrossOver, Wine, or through virtualization. Beyond that, however, the site doesn't view Windows/Linux games as "Apple Silicon" games and so doesn't provide a way to list release dates for those sorts of things nor availability of non-Apple copies (it refers users to PCGW instead for that information).

  9. I've added support for it for now.


    On 5/4/2021 at 2:14 AM, Nico 0 said:

    The inversion is relative. Some games state to be "standard" what you mean by inverted.

    This remains a really good point though, and we probably need to define a "default" state in the PCGW editing guide etc so that it's clear that when we mean "Y-axis inversion" we mean inverting up==up (you move the analog stick up to look/aim up) to mean up==down (you move the analog stick up to look/aim down).

    So "default" is FPS-style. Inversed is flight stick style.

  10. {{Audio
    |separate volume           = 
    |separate volume notes     = 
    |surround sound            = 
    |surround sound notes      = 
    |subtitles                 = 
    |subtitles notes           = 
    |closed captions           = 
    |closed captions notes     = 
    |mute on focus lost        = 
    |mute on focus lost notes  = 
    |eax support               = 
    |eax support notes         = 
    |red book cd audio         = 
    |red book cd audio notes   = 
    |general midi audio        = 
    |general midi audio notes  = 

    General MIDI row/parameters has now been added to the Audio template.

  11. 😩

    What muddies this whole situation is that the game is not easily accessible any longer and so cannot be easily confirmed either, and because it's from a time where games often had regional distributors it's entirely possible that one or more distributors across the world had compressed audio to keep the game unto a single disc instead of two (this is pure hypothetical here from me).

    And just because it is possible to connect an issue to a certain pirated release does not mean that release itself is the origin of that particular issue, and warrants a removal.

    Hence, mud everywhere...


    Regardless though I don't think this sort of thing belongs in the key point at all. I'd much rather we see it moved into "Issues fixed" section and expanded a bit upon -- mention the uncertainty of the situation basically with a note that retail CDs (from what region?) is known to have high-res audio. Anything that gets it out of the key point, basically.

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