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  1. What error message do you get when you try and upload the files through the form?
  2. The community site is hosted on Hertzner — which is the old service provider that the wiki was also hosted previously at until summer/autumn of 2019. One of the reasons behind the move to a new service provider was that they could regularly cause weird behaviours or slowdowns to the site. Basically, while I cannot be certain, it could very well be a weird issue caused by Hertzner, again.
  3. On that note, I guess OneDrive's feature Files On-Demand could also possibly be really useful to save local storage space by only syncing actual relevant files locally. I'm not sure how it would affect games (possibly longer load times when dealing with a save file not read yet) but it would sure be interested if it worked flawlessly.
  4. I haven't done so myself since I, sorta, instead just threw more space at the issue. And my saves in general tend to be on the lower side of things (the total amount that is taken up by all of my saves is a measly 20 GB or so). A couple of years back during Black Friday I sorta went out and bought a bunch of 1 TB SATA SSDs to throw into my desktop and since then I have yet to completely fill them out entirely -- in parts because I store other static data (software, game installers, etc) on my actual NAS. Using symbolic links to store save files on a NAS is a good idea though, although I guess there's a risk that some games can't properly resolve the symbolic link and might crash on it instead.
  5. The discussion which sorta sparked that idea is from like 1½ year ago or so as part of a discussion on search engine optimization and how "bloggy" content -- even machine-generated "blog posts" are often nowadays positioned higher on search engines, even if they do not provide actual new or important content. It's possible that it's a direct result _of_ diluting the content, as it means users have to spend more time on the page to be able to take in the information vs. e.g. our current wiki structure. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. "SteamVR headsets" are technically all headsets, as it supports Oculus Rift and other models as well. I'm still not really sure what the best approach would be to track support, as new headset models will continue to arrive and we're moving into a future where the supported VR API is more important than the headset itself, so tracking support per headset feels wrong.
  7. Here's the official note on that folder regarding Gears 5's use of it: https://support.gearsofwar.com/hc/en-us/articles/360033421451-Required-Disk-Space
  8. From the looks of things, that Wasteland 1 copy is available even for users who didn't own Wasteland 2 before redeeming it for Free on GOG. At least I seems to have received a gift code for Wasteland 1, and I don't seem to have owned the sequel before today:
  9. @snaplap625 The MagicVX_0.5.0_WIP2.zip is detected by various AVs as containing PUA or similar variants of malware etc. If this is a false positive, could you re-upload that file as a password protected 7zip archive, per PCGW files policy?
  10. Thanks, I've added the link to a "Known issues" section on the wiki article.
  11. Usually those issues are solved by refreshing the page (F5) one or two times.
  12. @Marioysikax hit the nail on the head. Changing the vast majority of games to "hackable" when resorting to GPU-based overrides essentially dummies the "hackable" state down to not mean a thing. Especially now that GPUs also supports post-processing AAs like FXAA and such that can be performed separately after the game have been rendered without affecting anything in the game itself. It would also open up a question whether using third-party generic tools like ReShade should also simply suffice to set the AA field in particular to "hackable" -- and seeing how ReShade supports all D3D9, D3D10, D3D11, D3D12, and OpenGL games, and you can force FXAA in all of them, wieeee, let's set all to hackable! Basically, if you want the "hackable" and "false" states to mean nothing on such fields, that's the way to go forward. But if you want actual informative information, you need to exclude generic tools better covered in the glossary page from the "hackable" state, as we're currently doing.
  13. Game is live on Steam now, and available for download. Download is 15 GB.
  14. Most FPS nowadays use raw mouse input or similar that doesn't have such a thing as mouse acceleration. The few that don't often makes mouse acceleration toggleable in the settings (which I believe BioShock Infinite also does). Mouse acceleration should, when talking about FPS, basically always be disabled. Beyond that, however, it all depends on your own setup and preferred mouse handling. I myself prefer a stable static 1600-1800 DPI setting on my mouse that never changes, combined with "lower" mouse sensitivity in games. I say "lower" because in most games it's not really low per se, as I can still make a 180 turn with a flick of my hand. In my case I often found myself having to set the mouse sensitivity to really low in games (as in, 10-15% of a 100% slider), but that seems to simply be the case for most games. I basically try and fine-tune the settings quickly until I find something that works fine and isn't too slow but also doesn't case me to 360 the camera simply when flicking the mouse across my mouse pad.
  15. Approximately an hour ago CloudFlare was enabled on the www. subdomain, so as soon as whatever DNS server you query updates their cache, https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/ should start working again.
  16. It's going to be interesting to see how much space the end results end up being, and how download platforms will handle it -- e.g. will it just download all owned games directly, or default to e.g. download only the "main package" without any specific game or similar?
  17. A few other couples: Does it happen that resellers can't obtain keys 'directly' from the main publishing corporation, and instead needs to go through some form of other regional representative publishing company? If so, can this have any repercussions on the availability of the title through resellers pre- or post-release date? How have the reseller space changed for Gamesplanet over the last 15 years? This ties slightly into Expack3's grey-market question as well, in how those kinds of sites have impacted "authorized" resellers such as Gamesplanet. Does competition between resellers occurs, and if so, in which form does this take? Is there such a thing as a "pre-release exclusive reseller" or similar that can prevent the availability of a certain title at a certain reseller before the release date of the game have passed?
  18. Games shipped on the Microsoft Store are packaged as AppX packages and completely locked down. While users can read the executables, they can neither modify, write, nor remove individual files contained in the game folder. Therefor a memory patcher is required that patches the game while in memory.
  19. Previously the wiki was hosted on "pcgamingwiki.com", but along with the migration it was moved to "www.pcgamingwiki.com" to prevent cookies from traversing subdomains. The "308 Permanent Redirect" responses should only be active on "pcgamingwiki.com" as it tries to funnel users over to "www.pcgamingwiki.com".
  20. A possible solution is in the pipeline for testing, and involves using CloudFlare as a proxy that's able to be accessed from Russia. Someone will post as soon as we have more information (or you can join us on the Discord to get live updates).
  21. I am not sure if @Keith frequents these forums, but they are the ones best suited to explain their reasoning. However from what I can tell based on the diff between the edits, Keith removed the section as the mod in question was already mentioned and linked to in the general FOV notes of the video settings table. So they moved the new information (default and modded FOV) over to the appropriate note instead of having a whole section dedicated to the mod.
  22. As the off-topic discussion have served its purpose and deteriorated past its relevance I've cleaned out the thread and locked it from further comments. The never-ending race between malware creators and anti-malware suites means that general-purpose legitimate tools and utilities that might enable nefarious purposes can and will eventually be used as such, which will understandably trigger a response from anti-malware suites. While some AVs might just flag an individual known file as malicious, others use more general-purpose detection patterns that gets triggered on all files based on that pattern, whether they're used for malicious purposes or not. To further complicate the matter, the last decade have also seen protection suites expand outside of their original intended use-case and started to flag other files that might be seen as inappropriate or unwanted, even if they might not be malicious to the end user per se. This can be from everything that might install ad software that runs in the background (often categories as "Potentially Unwanted Applications") or tools or utilities that allows the patching of another application (prime example being CheatEngine) as these might be in some cases used to allow the unauthorized or unlicensed use of an application. The recent events that resulted in the retirement of the dedicated Widescreen Gaming Forum (a community dedicated to improving widescreen gaming experience in games) is a clear example of how volatile and uncertain the situation have become. As a result PCGW can't ensure or guarantee the safety of community contributed files, and users downloading and making use of files does so at their own risk, per our disclaimer. As content on PCGW are community-created, what options are available (such as an easy-to-use tool or manual patching instructions) are up to community creators, and we welcome contributions from new as well as old community members. If anyone feels that they would rather make use of another method that's currently not documented, feel free to add it to the article for the game. Edit 2019-11-04: Comments have opened again as more than a week have passed.
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