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    What's the origin of your name?

    My username is basically the end product of some 30 minutes brainstorming session a decade or so ago when I was a teenager, where I wanted a new and unique username that could work as an actual "name" (as opposed to the regular "xXDarkShadow2005Xx" etc stuff of that time) as well as be a name I could permanently use and therefor needed to like a lot. AE-MON-Y "Ae" because I like how these two letters looks together in that order. It was a close call between "ae" and "ea", but I ended up liking the look of "ae" slightly more than "ea". "mon" because I also apparently really liked those letters in that specific order as well! Probably influenced by franchises like Pokémon, Digimon, etc at the time. "y" because of a reason I won't mention here. I tend to also use anagrams of "Aemony" as well here and there. For example, one of my more frequent variations of "Aemony" is "Nomeya", another username I really like.
  2. Game streaming by itself will probably not be a major issue for data caps, however combined with Netflix they will be. The transfers seems approximately in line with Netflix's 4K option, for example, so people replacing Netflix with game streaming shouldn't notice a major difference in monthly traffic as long as they play and stream at the same quality level that they used to stream Netflix at.
  3. He is basically whining about how developers can't abuse Steam's platform and customers while also getting paid handsomely to "exclusively" release the title on another platform so it's only available for purchase on that platform, and not on Steam. Although going by recent reveals about the "exclusivity contracts" are all about timed "non-Steam exclusivity" (e.g. developers are free to release on other platforms as long as they don't release on Steam), there's even less weight in his words. Sweeney should be well aware right now that Steam does not take any cut at all from sales of Steam keys. They haven't done so for years, and this policy of not providing Steam keys to games unavailable for purchase on the Steam store is not new. The revenue generated from Steam keys goes 100% to the developers (and any possible offsite retailer that might be involved). Steam gets 0% of that money. This is why his whole "complaint" is baseless and misleading as hell. Of course Steam won't provide any Steam keys for games that don't intend to be available for purchase on the platform. Doing so would be a net loss for Steam. The only reason why Metro Exodus purchases on the Steam store was "honored" was because those customers had already bought the game on Steam and so Steam had received their 30% cut. Color me shocked that a digital distribution platform would deny requests for keys they wouldn't see any money from, as the alternative would see them provide operational costs etc for those users for free on their platform... Or maybe not...
  4. My router have built-in web filter with a category for advertisement. The sad thing though is that apparently enabling that also blocks Nvidia Gamestream from working, preventing me from signing in to my Nvidia Shield and streaming games etc from their data center or my PC... 😐 I imagine they'd screw with an actual adblocker in a similar fashion...
  5. Welcome to the forums, and yeah, you posted this in the proper channel 🙂 Your proposal is sound, and I don't foresee many hindrances of implementing it. What I am interested in though is how, if you have an initial design, the row itself would be formatted in the VR table, and what parameters you're interested in tracking separately from one another (e.g. modes such as G3D/Z3D etc), if any. I've created an initial draft of the addition to the template here: https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/User:Aemony/Sandbox/VorpX When parameters are tracked separately it allows the users or visitors of PCGW to easily create a table of all tracked parameters to make for an easy comparison. For example, each column (except the game name) in the list of local multiplayer games is a separately tracked parameter. However the more these sorts of data are tracked separately, the more complicated the end result can become (see the editing guide for multiplayer table as an example).
  6. Ahahhaha, what the hell... I am glad I lost interest in sports games back during the early 2000s, although it wouldn’t surprise me if this shit became common in other genres as well, including single player only titles. We’re already starting to see ads for other games etc in some games, after all.
  7. It’s not, and I am not aware of any of those editors myself. N/A have never meant that a option isn’t available at all in the context of settings, as that have always been the meaning of “false”. None the less, both the ongoing work with adding abbr tags to each row as well as the rest of the stuff I’ve mentioned clears that misunderstanding up as well, for both readers and editors.
  8. The Editing Guide does state that for all text-based games or when speech isn't a thing, it should be set to n/a. That row covers whether an option to enable subtitles exists or not for spoken dialogue, and not whether the dialogue itself is only present in text or audio format. If there is no option to enable subtitles for cutscenes/spoken dialogue, etc, it should be set to false. If there is an option to enable it, it should be set to true. If there are cutscenes or spoken dialogue and subtitles are always present for those, it should be set to always on. If there are no cutscenes or spoken dialogue, etc, in the game it should be set to n/a since the row isn't applicable to those games. That parameter is filled out according to this right now: true - 2965 games false - 1314 games always on - 18 games n/a - 16756 games unknown - 16531 games For hearing impaired players, the Closed Captions row is more relevant since that specifically covers if audio cues etc are covered by closed captions or not. That parameter is filled out according to this right now: true - 275 games == An option to enable closed captions are available. false - 4396 games == The game does not include an option to enable closed caption always on - 0 games == The game always shows closed captions n/a - 1039 games == The game does not feature any audio cues etc that needs closed captions. unknown - 32125 games == Unclear whether the game includes closed captions or not. I don't agree with the proposal of converting all current n/a 16756 subtitles games into "true" since that tells me nothing from the standpoint of whether subtitles are available for spoken dialogue or not, which that parameter was created to keep track of. The current implementation allows us to separate games where spoken audio isn't present (n/a), and games where they are present, and an option to enable subtitles for them (true) is available, or always forced (always on), or not present at all (false). The alternative would see a lot of games reclassified as e.g. limited or similar if the game did include text-based conversation, but also featured cutscenes etc without subtitles. That would also introduce a whole 'nother issue of when to use true vs. limited vs. false. Is a game with primarily text-based conversation but also featured unsubtitled cutscenes here and there true, limited, or false ? How would each option relate to hearing impaired players? The underlying "confusion" -- of which I am sorta questionable if one even exist, given how common the meaning of "not applicable" is, and how Closed Captions exists for the sole express purpose of being helpful to hearing impaired players -- is better solved through alternative means, such as any or all of the below: Implement abbr clarifications to all current rows in the templates. This work is ongoing. Rename the property to "subtitles for spoken audio" or something similar to better portray what it covers. Add a default note to the row when the parameter is set to n/a. To mirror the Editing Guide, it would be something alike to "This game does not feature spoken speech that needs subtitles at all." Create a proper list of games for hearing impaired players that accounts for both the subtitles and closed captions parameters, and includes games with true, always on, n/a, as well as hackable values. As discovered on the Discord yesterday, there's a slight mismatch in the Editing Guide but it mostly relates to the use of "subtitles" in the localization section, and not the audio settings template, as the most common source of that section (Steam) throws all non-interface text under that label, but that is mostly separate from the parameter discussed in this thread.
  9. Aemony

    Metro Exodus, the UWP variant.

    Nothing have, to my knowledge, changed with the way Windows handles local admin accounts throughout Win10. I myself didn’t have that issue, and I had a copy of Win10 that had been updated to 1903 from 1803 from 1709, or something like that.
  10. On the flip-side: GOG is facing harsher competition than ever before as a result of Epic’s 88%/12% and Discord’s 90%/10% revenue splits. Steam can wether the storm easily, but can GOG? They already made barely any profit (if I remember it correctly) last year.
  11. It even opens the PCGW link in the Steam overlay website! 😄
  12. From what we can gather based on the few tidbits here and there, Epic basically guarantees a number of sold units, as in regardless of whether the title actually sells a number of paid copies or not developers will still be paid as if they did. This is good for developers if e.g. Epic guarantees 500 000 copies sold, as that means devs will be paid as if 500 000 copies were sold even in cases where they might not have sold as many copies. Source: https://www.thegamer.com/epic-store-2-million-sales-exchange-exclusivity/ That developers and/or publishers enters an agreement with Epic isn't weird when faced with the alternative. It's basically a guaranteed income for a timed (non-Steam) exclusive window vs. an uncertain income for that same period of time. Sure, some titles might've seen the same sorts of income on the Steam platform, or even higher, but the flood of titles releasing on Steam every day makes it much harder to differentiate oneself from the competition and reach the possible audience. While I don't like Epic's platform, nor this way of garnering timed exclusives to build an audience and platform, I can at least see the value of it from the perspective of publishers or developers. It is therefor understandable why many titles choose to go timed exclusive on Epic when faced with the choice. At the end of the day game development is a business first and foremost from the perspective of corporate game studios.
  13. Crowdfunding in a nutshell. At least Shenmue 3's Kickstarter doesn't seem to have promised a Steam copy on the page back in 2015 from what I can tell.
  14. Google Stadia and other streaming platforms are not planned to be instant successes, but are often long-term investment for the next decade or so. Chances are likely that regardless of the success, or lack thereof, of Google Stadia or Microsoft xCloud, PC gaming will remain as it have with minimal changes over the next decade. We will most likely see cloud based streaming platforms and their consoles supplement existing platforms as more affordable alternatives for some consumers, as the now popular platform subscriptions like Xbox Game Pass, Origin Access, etc have ended up doing. I imagine we might see a few individual exclusive titles for the streaming platforms over the year, and it is possible that eventually a couple of multiplayer-only titles are only shipped on those platforms, but that's about it I imagine. The streaming platforms of today as well as tomorrow most likely aren't capable of delivering a full-fledged 4K / 60 FPS or similar experience at a higher visual fidelity due to both software limitations (encoding speed vs. video compression vs. input latency) as well as real-life limitations in terms of distance from data centers. The technology have moved forward massively, yes, but the platforms are still prone of having video compression artifacts when faced with games with a ton of variations in effects and a more complex visual style than Fortnite. Just the simple matter of having film grain effects in the game is sure to have an overhead in terms of streaming. So yeah, I don't expect we'll see much change over the next decade beyond that a subset of gamers, most likely of the console gamers audience, will purchase a cheaper streaming-only device and a streaming platform subscription and play their games that way while the core gaming audience will remain with dedicated hardware. Microsoft's reveal trailer of Project Scarlett (the next Xbox) suggests as much as well, since they wouldn't go all out on the console as they've done if they felt that within the next few years everyone would only be using it as a streaming device for playing games running on their cloud platform.
  15. Aemony

    Metro Exodus, the UWP variant.

    Sadly I have nothing to recommend 😞 It is possible that game saves would survive a Reset of the UWP app, but as I rarely play Microsoft Store based titles I can't say for certain.
  16. That’s the intended way the HDR feature in Display settings functions. It have always forced the whole desktop experience of Windows to HDR mode, and since v1803 it automatically tonemaps the SDR content into an appropriate higher dynamic range (before this you had dim or washed out SDR content while in HDR). Fullscreen HDR that enables itself separately from that option makes, if I remember it correctly, use of Nvidia or AMD specific HDR calls to enable HDR output of the exclusive fullscreen mode.
  17. I imagined this would be dead-on-arrival and that GOG would have to, on their own, implement support for running the various install commands of other platforms. But that they're actually "in talks" might suggest we might see some more complex integration than simply querying the web APIs of the platforms and executing the relevant protocol URI.
  18. Aemony

    Metro Exodus, the UWP variant.

    An update doesn't even show up when you click on "Get updates" on the Downloads and Updates page in the Microsoft Store? You can also click in on advanced options on the game under Settings > Apps > Apps & features and see what version it says. If it says then you have the latest update.
  19. Aemony

    Steam Remote Play now available

    You should try Parsec out. Even when bouncing the input longer than the length of Sweden, the latency is almost nil; although this comes at the cost of extreme video compression. But still quite promising.
  20. Aemony

    Proposal: Site title and tagline change

    1. Don't removed PCGW from the title of the web pages as it does magic for SEO, and makes it so that "pcgw [game title]" guarantees PCGW is at the very top of the results returned. 2. The rest I don't really care about either way 🙂
  21. Aemony

    Steam Remote Play now available

    I haven't tried this yet over the Internet, but hopefully it will be able to compete with the alternatives like Parsec (<3) or Rainway.
  22. As part of the overhaul of the editing guide, and the first attempt of drafting unified terminology to refer to "feature rows" in tables, it's made more and more clear that calling the sections for "Video settings", "Input settings", as well as "Audio settings" can be a bit limiting, and misinform new editors as well as readers that the rows covered in such a section only relates to the presence of settings, and not support or otherwise (which we try to incorporate more and more with the recent additions such as the limited and always on states). Compare the two alternatives to one another as an example, in relation to the subsections they include as well: Current: Essential improvements Skip intro videos Game data Configuration file(s) location Save game data location Save game cloud syncing Video settings Borderless fullscreen windowed Ultra-widescreen Anti-aliasing (AA) High frame rate Refresh rate (Hz) Ambient occlusion (AO) Bloom Global illumination Input settings DualShock button prompts Audio settings Localizations VR support Issues unresolved Proposed: Essential improvements Skip intro videos Game data Configuration file(s) location Save game data location Save game cloud syncing Video Borderless fullscreen windowed Ultra-widescreen Anti-aliasing (AA) High frame rate Refresh rate (Hz) Ambient occlusion (AO) Bloom Global illumination Input DualShock button prompts Audio Localizations VR support Issues unresolved I don't think anything of importance is lost by removing "settings" from the section headers. Side question: should "support" be removed from the "VR support" header as well?
  23. This have been on the backburner for a while. I usually just tell users to use /row/developer with an appropriate second parameter instead: {{Infobox game/row/developer|My Famous Game Studio|Microsoft Store}} The porter row is currently tied to what PCGW sees as OSes, and trying to fit in /platform “ports”/ on that row is probably going to be a headache. It also isn’t as relevant information since the work done is typically far less minor (usually just involves replacing one library for another, or hooking up calls to replacement calls, etc). I recommend we simply formalize the use of the developer row in the few cases where another studio worked on one of the platform releases.