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  1. Hi @czarman, just letting you know I've had to make a small edit to the file description to remove the URL link to Steamless Software Github page to align with PCGW's policy.
  2. A simple solution is just have it under its own subheading without a table or any parameters, but then you wouldn't be able to search for or track it. Giving it it's own table and/or parameters would be a bit tricky trying to decide what to and what not to include and would require a lot more working creating a template for it.
  3. Ah thanks for picking up on that. It was because I changed the heading after I had made the link but forgot to update it here as well.
  4. Hey there @darius1911. No don't worry you didn't do anything wrong, there was a bug with Captcha on discussion pages which I had discovered previously but didn't get fully patched out. If anything due to you making a post about it here was better as it meant I happened to come across it a lot sooner! Anyway as for the lighting fix for Batman Arkham City, I've gone ahead and added it as a fixbox to the article page and uploaded the graphic cache files to the downloads section so that they will remain easy to access for anyone in the future.
  5. 271 downloads

    For those who have a lighting issue when using Direct X 11 when playing the GOTY version of the game, the solution is to replace two bin files from the Games for Windows Live version. If you own the original version yourself, you can simply copy and replace the files yourself. A download of the two files are provided here for your convivence. Included in the archive is the following two files, GlobalShaderCache-PC-D3D-SM3.bin GlobalShaderCache-PC-D3D-SM5.bin After downloading, simply extract the two files to <GAME_FOLDER>/BmGame/CookedPCConsole/ and replace any
  6. Ah don't worry too much about a program/fancy GUI. That was just me putting some ideas out there when thinking about the possible reason how and why something like Special K for example came into existence. A batch file can still do a lot including having options for user input just without a fancy GUI and as you said can be a lot simpler to create. Still, if it's something that you are really interested and dedicated to doing then it would serve as a perfect opportunity to learn and get into it! It's the reason why I never was able to commit to learning a programming language, as I never ha
  7. I think the logical conclusion for a problem like this would be to create a simple program with a GUI that would be able to detect which games are installed, and present the user with a simple and easy way to select which files/packages they want to remove. Kinda makes me think of those programs where you can edit and create your own WIndows installation ISO's. Until then though it would be important to start some kind of list/database of games and the related files that can be removed as it would make any possible future improvements (such as a standalone program) that much easier. Consi
  8. It appears to be working now, so I'm not sure if it was just a temporary glitch or you were trying to do something that isn't supported.
  9. This would probably be really tricky to do (if even possible) but one way to display a minor developer in the currently existing table could be to simply list it at the very bottom of the one of the developers cells, with a bolded heading that says something like "Minor" and underneath it the names of the companies. This would only show if there of course was a value to show. The idea here is that, seeing as there is a strictly limited width but indefinite length, then why not use that? Maybe the value could be put into it's own cell, and then through styling that cell merged in the table
  10. There does appear to be another alternative known as Mpdf which only requires PHP and a few modules for it to work which would be a lot less invasive and completed, though I can't speak for it personally.
  11. I was thinking more along the lines of using the Store feature template as like how it is currently used to denote a game being part of Xbox game pass/play anywhere and be put inside the availability notes table. Not that I disagree with the idea of putting it in it's own table as it would also give more merit as it would solve both proposals, but I happened to come across an old proposal form 2019 for the inclusion of a property for Xbox game pass/play anywhere, and it too had an idea for its own table made by @Aemony, that I assume was never used. Due to the similarities between the tw
  12. Thanks for the update! I've gone ahead and added the page to the list category as looking at other similar pages that seems to be how the wiki is structured. ALso while doing so I did notice how most of the list pages are auto generated however, so regardless of whatever the choice ends up being I'm hoping that it can be done in a similar way where the data entered on the game's page would get automatically populate the list page as it won't be sustainable in its current form.
  13. Fair enough, figured time was the most likely reason, something that we never have enough of. Good to know it's on the list of things to be worked on though as it will make for a much needed convenience.
  14. This is follow on from my post on the Special K Steam Discussions, but expanded to include other third party tools such as Re:shade. Link to Steam Discussion thread: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1157970/discussions/0/2650881941771332222/ Reply from: @Aemony
  15. Currently the option to Remember Me when logging in only has it so you don't have to visit the login screen and type in your account details, but it doesn't seem to keep you logged in the next time you visit the wiki when you close the window or browser, making it somewhat annoying and easy to forget when editing a page that you weren't logged in. This doesn't affect the forums however and only the wiki itself it would seem, and I have tested it across multiple browsers (including the age old Internet Explorer) that I highly doubt it is just me. Is it a purposeful design decision, somethi
  16. Ah there you go, glad to see the functionality still exists even if it is a bit simplistic to what you would ideally like it to do. I'm sure you could have it do more by writing a custom script but at that point but at that point I wonder if it's really worth all that effort. 😅 Anyway glad to help even if it is just a minor thing!
  17. Ah sorry I missed that, though that is different (though admittedly more useful) to what I was referring to which was this section on a user's profile itself. My original suggestion was being able to click the name which would act as a URL in the same way, though as I admitted it wouldn't be as useful as it's much more likely that someone would come across a user by a post they have made, over directly visiting their profile through some other method.
  18. I noticed a field to enter some optional contact info on your forum profile, mainly the Steam however it's just a plain text entry field that offers little to no use or functionality. A better and reasonably simple way to improve this would be to edit the field to automatically add the Steam community URL to before whatever it typed in the field, so say a user has created a custom URL, they could simply enter that into the field and the forum software would automatically add "https://steamcommunity.com/id/" and make it so on a user's profile page, the name would be clickable and take you
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