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  1. I agree with the DRM instead of unlock option (it never made a lot of sense, especially when one of the options is no DRM). I'm thinking that as it stands, it's a minority of games that have an unlock to an online service (referring to the massive backlog of games prior to the rise of Steam and similar services). It's pretty obvious that buying a game on Steam unlocks the Steam version, so that's not helpful. I'm wondering about a DRM-Free game that is also sold on Steam, or such as well. I do think it is important to mention games that unlock on other services (Unreal Tournament 3 Re
  2. Interesting topic...not one I thought about much. I was reading a discussion elsewhere on left-handed gaming (which was interesting, because I am left-handed). Even with that one small issue, games are designed for right-handed, able-bodied people. One-handed gaming is a strange subject, as most games are designed for two hands. Even if you don't realize it. If a game allows for custom keys, then it's possible to play it one-handed. Also if a game allows a joystick for control, it could be done. Sadly, most games these days use a lot of buttons, and you often have to press them sim
  3. I'm taking the attitude that if a problem exists and is patched, then it shouldn't be given too much attention. Just be sure to mention the patch. With Steam games and autopatching becoming more common, I'm not worried about it as much, it's not like it used to be. I mainly stick to the Civ areas here, and Civ V is automatically patched, so that article only covers issues existing in the current patch (I removed any information on the release version and old copies of the game, because they effectively no longer exist). So I think it should be a given that patching the game is an impo
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