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  1. Got the attachment to work this time. So it shows what I'm seeing on the page. I was looking at how google and Facebook handle their top bars as a comparison to this site. For Facebook, the effect is somewhat similar except they do have the search there. For Google, it's just text but it's left-aligned, so the blank stuff is off to the right side. You generally don't notice that it's half-blank.
  2. I think it looks good, it looks clear and I'm liking how it navigates. Nice work. I do have one issue, though. There's a lot of blank space here, and it makes me think "unfinished website" when I see it. I've looked at it in three different browsers. This is what I saw: In Firefox with my username signed in, the black bar at the top still spanned the whole length of the browser, but was mostly empty. The icons on in the right helped the appearance a bit. The space next to the PCGW logo was just completely empty, while the content was beneath. Under that were the tabs, next to e
  3. I think we should stick with 1. Just make sure the link to the later versions is noticable. Also with how it's worded, people may not know it's a remake. Like Sid Meier's Pirates, for example, the original game is very old and they may not realize it exists. Of course, I realize this is a bit of an old discussion now...haven't checked the board in awhile.
  4. For 3, when I looked at the future release page's code, when you list a title, it links to whatever you put there. So if you announce an expansion, like Civilization V: Brave New World, it will link to a page with that name. So if the bugs and fixes are like Gods and Kings, they'll end up in the main article for Civilization V (the same fixes for all versions). So the Future Releases page would link to a different page (Brave New World) than the actual one (Civilization V). In articles you can link to something other than the text (link|Text). It didn't look like you could do that on
  5. I was looking at the Future Releases page (I noticed there was no mention of a release date for Civ V:BNW), and noticed the design is made to link to a page for each game's name. One expansion pack is listed, StarCraft II: Heart of The Swarm. This is linked to http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/StarCraft_ ... _the_Swarm which is a redirect for http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/StarCraft_II So, I have some thoughts and questions on this feature. 1. Should major expansion packs be listed here? I would argue that they should be. 2. Should expansions link directly to the original game's
  6. There was a lot of people in the chat. No one got to speak directly to him, instead another person read the facebook page and chat and picked questions to ask, which he did over skype. So it was a video and a chat. This should be the video part. http://www.twitch.tv/2k/c/2142409 ----- The is the first part of an edited transcript of the video chat. The chat is between Senior Producer Dennis Shirk and Community Manager Kate Distler. I have removed some of the chatting and introductions to questions, non-question related sections such as the poster trivia contest, and unnecess
  7. So the Q&A just ended. Unfortunately, because it was a video chat, I wasn't able to get exact quotes, and had to take notes quickly, so I didn't get everything. This is what I got from it: Multiplayer is being overhauled. There are some bug fixes and new game modes, including a new feature called hybrid mode. Hybrid mode lets you play simultaneous, except during battle, when it becomes turn based. This sounds like a great step in fixing some of the lag-related multiplayer issues. Pitboss was also confirmed. The new changes to multiplayer will be released as a patch prior to Br
  8. Dennis Shirk is hosting a Q&A and gameplay footage from the new Civ V expansion on Thursday. I plan to ask a few questions about some of the bugs and problems with the current version, and some of the features of the new expansion. http://www.facebook.com/events/111384405698994/
  9. I've looked at that list a few times, thought it was pretty impressive. I think it would be a good thing for the site. I think it should be its own section, and linked to either the Steam page or the DRM table. I expect the information to be redundant, but I think that this section will be used differently.
  10. In high school, I was reading a lot of King Arthur stories, I found a lot of personal meaning in them. In gaming, I used different names all the time, I was changing names about once a week or so. Never really getting close to a community. I ended up being recruited into a clan, and having to pick a name. I didn't want to use one of my other names, in case the clan didn't work out, so I wanted to pick something new and distinct. So I turned to King Arthur for inspiration. I didn't want to use King_Arthur as a name, it sounded ridiculous, wanted something that sounded knightly but not sil
  11. Just remember in those cases that the Wayback Machine is your friend. http://archive.org/web/web.php
  12. I'd be willing to write some things, but I don't have anything to write about at the moment. I would be willing to help with articles if anyone wants some proofreading, as well.
  13. The staff at CivFanatics might be interesting, as well as members of the Civ modding community. There's quite a few good modders there. I think Mevious, a Portal modder, would be an interesting subject as well. He's currently designing a game of his own, but his work on Portal level design (and his willingness to collaborate with other designers) is amazing.
  14. I like you're idea, Soeb, but my first thought is it looked a bit messy on the platform section. Not sure how to improve it without losing information though. So it's fine. The DRM section looks good, I just hope we're not trying to make icons for every single DRM. Just icons for the major ones (Steam, GFWL, Securom, Uplay, maybe), and an icon for "DRM Free" and an icon for "Other" if it's some obscure DRM, or a solution like always-online or something. Just to keep the icons down a bit. I think if a game is sold with DRM, but unlocks with a download, go ahead and list it as ha
  15. Sense or not, it's the standard format for the United States, where the majority of English-speaking gamers are. I realize this is a UK site, but a lot of traffic here will be American.
  16. Seems the idea is to cover the latest version of a game, which makes sense. But I was looking back on the Majesty article, and there are many versions of the game. Each one has different issues. A fix for retail doesn't apply for Gold HD, and the Gold HD fixes don't apply on retail. I don't think "buy the new version" is really a valid "fix", if we're trying to fix every PC game...but only the newest releases? So looking back at the Majesty page, what do you do with an article for a game with four different releases? Right now it lists the different versions, and gives help based on
  17. Aside from actual advertising (which costs money), I think the important way to get traffic here is to be recognized by the official game communities. For instance, on Civ V's support forum, there's a sticky link here. I think that's a big help. We need the community to associate us with game fixes. Visibility on those forums and sites is important. This is already happening, of course. Any media attention, even if it's something minor is good. Any way to get more attention from online and print magazines? Edit: Do you think you could arrange some interviews with game magazines
  18. If you aren't sure, I'd put it in the main or all platform section...
  19. My thinking is some issues may be repeated on all platforms. Right now (as I understand it), Windows is listed first, so you put the bug in Windows. Then if the bug happens on Mac, it either won't be listed or it will just be repeated. What I would rather see is bugs listed with a tag showing what version it applies to. Instead of having basically three different articles (Windows/Mac/Linux), one article that applies to all. Perhaps in some cases, we could divide the Issues and Fixes (and other sections) into different versions: Issues and Fixes (All Platforms) Issues and Fixes
  20. I thought replacing the checkmarks with the WSGF badges would be the best, but I like Garrett's idea better. Looks much neater.
  21. I think we talked about a general troubleshooting page a long time ago. Not sure what happened with that.
  22. Perhaps we should have a DRM-Free category. That would generate a list automatically.
  23. I'd rather have neither, but I think the red link is worse. At least have something in place, a simple template for new pages with no content. Have it ready so when a new page is needed, you just throw in the blank page template, then replace it once someone has something to contribute.
  24. I agree, DOS needs to be mentioned. Not only are there endless DOS games, but their age and differences in technology mean there's a great need for fixes of those games. I do like these ideas, and I do think anything that draws a little attention to unresolved issues is helpful. I just wonder, overall, what is the use of having excessive store categories? I think having a "Games available on Amazon.com" list is a bit ridiculous, but I think having the page note that the game is sold there is useful. At the moment, I consider Steam an exception because of it's size and influence,
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