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  1. An image of a supposed email from Steam Promotions has been posted on the Internet, revealing dates and specifics of the Steam Holiday Sale as well as an Autumn Sale.A post on Reddit claims to have a leaked the dates of two upcoming Steam sales, including the awaited Holiday 2013 Sale.


    The post contains an image of an email to a developer from Valve that has supposedly revealed the dates of the upcoming sales for this year.


    According to the email, the Autumn Sale will begin November 27th through December 3rd. The Holiday Sale will occur from December 19th through January 2nd.


    The two sales will have the same discounts due to the close timing.


    Unfortunately, this has not been confirmed as official yet.


    Click here to view the article

  2. Today CD Projekt RED announced on their site that Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be 100% DRM-free.On an announcement on CD Projekt RED’s official blog, Marcin Iwinski stated: “I’d like to say it loud and clear: The PC version of The Witcher 3 will have absolutely no DRM from day 0. Zero. Zip. Nada. It doesn’t matter if you choose to buy it on GOG.com and support us directly or buy the game in box format, you’ll still get the 100% DRM-free experience.â€


    There is no word yet on whether this will include a Steam version as well.


    Anyone who owns The Witcher or The Witcher 2 from Steam or other retailers can download DRM-free versions by activating the games on GOG.com.


    Click here to view the article

  3. Just tested something with family sharing.  If both accounts have a game, and the sharing account has DLC for the game, the DLC will not be shared. 


    In the test, I had my main account sharing Civ V Gods and Kings, and an alt account with vanilla Civ V.  I was unable to access Gods and Kings with the alt, even with sharing. 


    Standalone DLC like Deus Ex HR: The Missing Link still work.  DLC for games that aren't on both accounts still work.

  4. Following this month's removal of Games for Windows Live on Bioshock 2, two more games have made the transition from Games for Windows Live to Steamworks.It was annonced today that they have patched the Steam versions of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City to remove both Games for Windows Live and SecuROM.


    Non-Steam versions of both games can now also be activated on Steam using the original serial key.


    Arkham City owners on Steam have been upgraded to Game of The Year Edition, and the game is now playable on Mac. Arkham Asylum, however, does not have Mac support.


    As with Bioshock 2, save files from GFWL will not be carried over to the new Steam version, although a workaround has been discovered.


    Click here to view the article

  5. Team17 just posted this on Steam:




    Information on the details of this may not have been as clear as we originally thought in the games listing. 
    It was our feeling at the time that the DRM-free element of the Humble Bundle issued copy of this title would strongly suggest it’s lack of multiplayer.
    We are sorry for any confusion caused by this.
    Please know that the facts regarding multiplayer are as follows:
    1. Multiplayer is not available on the direct-download distribution of this title as it’s nature would cause potential problems
    2. Multiplayer IS available on the distribution through the Steam client
    3. If you have spent an amount equal to / greater than one U.S Dollar, you are entitled to both of the above releases, meaning that you do have access to multiplayer through Steam
    4. Where multiplayer is available, it can only be played between similar platforms: Windows VS Windows, Linux VS Linux. 
    Humble Bundle have added the following information to the listing of Worms Reloaded:
    "Note: Worms Reloaded requires Steam for networked multiplayer (included in the bundle). The DRM-free version is limited to local "hotseat" multiplayer. Each platform can only network with itself."
  6. The current Humble Bundle for Android 7 includes a version of Worms Reloaded which has omitted any multiplayer support in its DRM-free version. Multiplayer is supported only through Steamworks, and can only be accessed by redeeming the supplied Steam key.Problematically, this fact is not specified anywhere on the Humble Bundle page or download screen. Prior to purchase or install, there is no indication that multiplayer is disabled in the DRM-free version.



    If you try to access multiplayer, the button will be grayed out and cannot be clicked.

    Team17, the developer confirmed on Twitter that only single player is available for the DRM-free version.



    It should also be noted that Worms Reloaded multiplayer is not cross-platform on the PC platforms either. Whilst we might not expect Android and iPhone versions to be compatible, it is surprising that Windows, Mac and Linux users can only play with people using the same operating system.


    Click here to view the article

  7. I agree, I never liked Port Report as a name.  It always made me think it was only focused on porting games from console to PC.  It didn't match the reports themselves. 


    Not in love with PC Report because it sounds a bit generic, but it's simple and to the point.  I'll back that idea, unless someone things of something better.

  8. There's been a lot of talk about the Arkham games for awhile, they've got the Steam achievements in place.  No official word on it, though.  Aside from that, I hear rumors, but nothing solid.  Supposedly, Ultra Street Fighter IV will remove GFWL from the game and will be a paid upgrade, but I can't confirm that, either. 


    Edit:  I did find confirmation that Ultra SF IV will switch GFWL for Steamworks:  https://twitter.com/haunts/status/367489306631225346

  9. Today, Bioshock 2 was migrated to Steamworks. All keys, retail and digital, can now be activated on Steam. The Steam version no longer uses Games for Windows Live or SecuROM DRM.


    The update includes new multiplayer changes, Xbox 360 Controller support, Steam achievements, and removal of GFWL. GFWL saves and achievements do not transfer to the new version.


    The Steam version includes the DLCs. Anyone who activates an existing key will get Minerva's Den for free; future keys or Steam purchases will not include Minerva's Den. Minerva's Den is now available on Steam for $9.99 USD.


    Click here to view the article

  10. Hmm, I know I've played some bad ones.  An old Street Fighter version with no controller support and problems when you pressed more than 2 keys, I think.  The most frustration was FF7, though.  It crashed like crazy in the old days, because of the rushed conversion.  The controls were fine once configured, but to configure them you had to figure out the numpad controls first.  Videos looked like crap, and the music was weak midi versions (I had a Yamaha sound card that worked with softsynth, but it caused the game to crash even more).  And the cutscenes were prerendered movies, which if there was so much as a spec of dust on the disc, would cause the game to stop because it couldn't read them. 

  11. Of all time?  Hard to say.  I think I might have listed some of my favorites on my profile.  For the moment, I'd say these:


    SimCity - This game was a lot of fun, and was pretty much the model for simulation and strategy games to follow ever since, even now. 


    Starcraft - It was all done before, but this game tied an excellent story with tight gameplay and design.  I still consider it the best RTS I've ever played.


    Civilization (II, IV) - This game series took the management of SimCity, and made it grander.  Civ games has so much freedom and diversity, the only thing that comes close are the Paradox grand strategy games. 


    Final Fantasy VII - Despite being a broken port, inferior to the original, this game changed me.  It was really the first PC RPG I took seriously. 


    Dark Forces - Sure, Doom and Wolfenstein were there first, and were more popular.  And the graphics have aged horribly.  What hasn't is that Dark Forces went above being just another Doom clone, and took the 3D shoot-em-up and made it into puzzles to be solved, large areas to be explored, and it was truly 3D, meaning jumping and height were considered.  There's so many subtle revolutions in this one game that took Doom and its kin toward the modern FPS.  Jedi Knight pushed those further, with 3D acceleration, functional melee, and force powers, but it was all because of Dark Forces.

  12. I've got several games I've been rotating lately, it's not just been one or two games.  I've been working on a second playthrough of Deus Ex Human Revolution since I finally got around to getting the DLC for it, but I'm taking my time with it.  Dying to see what the Missing Link DLC is like. 


    I've been having a lot of fun with XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Crusader Kings II.  I just downloaded a bunch of CK mods this morning and haven't had time to use them yet.  But it seems like a good way to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon, too much going on tomorrow. 

  13. "First you will fix your game, then there will be cake." -Portal

    "I fix Error." -Zelda II

    "Ribbit! Thanks for the fix!" -Starfox

    "You must defeat the game bugs to stand a chance." -Street Fighter 2

    "Beep.  Beep.  Beep.  Beep." -Civilization IV


    I agree with the waiting for Half-Life one...

  14. Got the attachment to work this time.  So it shows what I'm seeing on the page. 


    I was looking at how google and Facebook handle their top bars as a comparison to this site.  For Facebook, the effect is somewhat similar except they do have the search there.  For Google, it's just text but it's left-aligned, so the blank stuff is off to the right side.  You generally don't notice that it's half-blank. 

  15. I think it looks good, it looks clear and I'm liking how it navigates.  Nice work.  I do have one issue, though.  There's a lot of blank space here, and it makes me think "unfinished website" when I see it. 


    I've looked at it in three different browsers.  This is what I saw:


    In Firefox with my username signed in, the black bar at the top still spanned the whole length of the browser, but was mostly empty.  The icons on in the right helped the appearance a bit.  The space next to the PCGW logo was just completely empty, while the content was beneath.  Under that were the tabs, next to even more blank space on the right.  The search bar on the right is just sort of floating there, and I don't think the advanced search button is that obvious.  On the right side as I post this, under the poll and post options, is even more blank space.  With adblock disabled, there are no ads on the site still.


    For Chrome, I did not login.  There is no difference in the appearance, except that the black bar is now even more noticable without being logged in.  It's almost completely blank.  No ads there, either. 


    With Internet Explorer, I see all of the things in the other browsers, with two banner ads.  The ads are not placed in the blank space, the first one is below the navigation tabs, pushing the content down. 


    So, first I'm thinking, can the ads be moved into the blank space above the tabs and by the logo, where they would not push down the content, and would be more visible? 


    Second, could the search be moved into the black bar?


    If the advanced search is moved to a black background, the advanced icon would be more visible and noticable.  If it's not moved, it might help to change the color of it.


    As for the ads themselves, I am not thrilled with their content (not anything on PCGW's end, it's the ads themselves).  Both depict a large "Download now" button with no context, with small text on the right stating what the download is.  I am a bit concerned this kind of thing could give off the wrong idea of PCGamingWiki (I know when the first thing I see going to a new site is "Download Now!" with no explanation, I leave).  Adding a note under or over the ad saying "This is an advertisement" might help that.  That would help clear up any worries or confusion by users from ad content. 


    I'm attaching a screenshot of the IE version. 


    Edit:  I attached it, but I don't see the screenshot...can regular members not attach files?



  16. I think we should stick with 1.  Just make sure the link to the later versions is noticable.  Also with how it's worded, people may not know it's a remake.  Like Sid Meier's Pirates, for example, the original game is very old and they may not realize it exists. 


    Of course, I realize this is a bit of an old discussion now...haven't checked the board in awhile.

  17. For 3, when I looked at the future release page's code, when you list a title, it links to whatever you put there. So if you announce an expansion, like Civilization V: Brave New World, it will link to a page with that name. So if the bugs and fixes are like Gods and Kings, they'll end up in the main article for Civilization V (the same fixes for all versions). So the Future Releases page would link to a different page (Brave New World) than the actual one (Civilization V).


    In articles you can link to something other than the text (link|Text). It didn't look like you could do that on the future release page.

  18. I was looking at the Future Releases page (I noticed there was no mention of a release date for Civ V:BNW), and noticed the design is made to link to a page for each game's name. One expansion pack is listed, StarCraft II: Heart of The Swarm. This is linked to http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/StarCraft_ ... _the_Swarm which is a redirect for http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/StarCraft_II


    So, I have some thoughts and questions on this feature.


    1. Should major expansion packs be listed here? I would argue that they should be.


    2. Should expansions link directly to the original game's page, or should it link to a new redirect page with the expansion's name?


    3. Can the release page allow links to pages that are different from the name in cases of expansions?


    4. How do you handle multiple release dates? For instance, Brave New World is released on July 9th in NA, and July 12th everywhere else. Since this site is outside of the US, should the July 12th date be used? Should the release date be allowed multiple values to different areas (my preference)?

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