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  1. UPDATE FOR FIX: I noticed that all the Redfire Games fixed with the method I discovered here became very slow in starting videos and setting up screens recently, rendering them almost unplayable. I found out this is due to the Windows 10 April 2018 update, the "Alt+Tab slowdown" issue. You can easily fix this by going to your Windows 10:Settings/System/Focus Assist and set "When I'm playing a game" to "off". After that, it works fast again, just like before.
  2. Yeah, thanks for that. I'm not so sure my suggested method of changing regional settings once really will really work for people having the same troubles like me.
  3. Ok, solved it myself. This had to do with the US version of BW3 I installed on my non-english OS system. Somehow that version of the game seems to mess up its own install because of differently named path and system files in non-english Windows versions. It's the first time I encountered anything like this, actually, never had problems with regional differences on PC games before. The version I used is the only version still floating around for this game, so other non-english language OS users might get into similar troubles like me. For retail Euro versions of this game, I think thos
  4. And another strange bug with another obscure game from the late 90ies. Whereas Blair Witch 1 and 2 are still quite playable on my WIN1064 system with win98 compatibility settings I don't get the third game in that series to work. As written in the title, the game will load up the menu (no music in it, though), but as soon as you try to start a game, it will crash to the desktop. Error Message: CDemonMission::load - Unable to open file File:Mission.cpp Line:163 Compatibility settings don't help, Win98 mode worked fine on the other two games, but not in this case. I guess
  5. Yes, by now I checked all compatibility modes. Nothing of that really changes anything. As I said, it worked like a charm on my WIn10 system without any need for these settings just some months ago. But I still tried every compatibility setting out in trial & error by now. It's really weird. The problem must be a reaction to some change in my system (drivers, codecs, other programs etc.) I don't know anything about. DVR, is that about the xbox app on win10? I never used this, but I'll try soon if disabling helps in any form. EDIT: Disabled game bar in win 10 settings, but no c
  6. Bumped, because I couldn't figure this out up to today. I tried all kinds of Glide and DirectX Wrappers, but the problem just remains the same. The "Ritual" logo video at the very beginning never gets played before the menu, and all tries to start the game from the menu onwards will freeze up at the loading screen. Could this be due to current Intel Drivers or some video codec problem? As said, it runs fine in a virtual WIN10 machine via VMWare.
  7. Ok, I found the solution. Instead of dgvoodoo ddraw.dll I just used an experimental ddraw.dll called DDrawCompat. Just put it in the root folder with the exe. And don't forget to turn on compatibility mode XP SP3 for the main executable. Now the videos show up without any lag in game & video, everything in sync. Not even sure I could have used another version of ddraw, but I don't care as this just works. I tested it on Airline 69, Airline II and Ibiza Poker. I'm pretty sure it will just work on any of these games, so I 'll only write something here if should really encounter furt
  8. Well, this seems to work with following games: Airline, Airline II (just received it from a friend two days ago and I was actually correct, same problem), Castle Knatterfels & Patti Pain Bondage Poker. Funny,it doesn't work yet with Ibiza Poker, the one non-Indeo game. Patti Pain & Ibiza Poker don't have an installation routine, these games were meant to be played from disk. It is very easy to just copy everything from the CDs to some folder on your hd and use it as a custom portable, though. You just click the poker exe, AFAIR even the launcher works. Well, on Win7 it works like
  9. Oops, I just discovered I can use dgvoodoo to make the videos appear. But the videos are still out of sync and horribly slow. Maybe it's my mediocre machine, maybe the dgvoodoo settings are bad. Unfortunately, I'm a dgvoodoo noob. If anyone would be kind enough to tell me some tweaks I'd be very glad. Is it even possible to get emulation lag out of video depiction on my setup?
  10. Now, this is something that kept bothering me for a long time since I discovered it after installing Win10. Most of the old redfiresoft PC adult/trashfun games, like "Airline 69", "Castle Knatterfels", "Ibiza Party Poker", "Patti Pain Bondage Poker" etc. pose EXACTLY the same problem: They all rely heavily on in-game videos with, depending on the version, sc/hc artwork/real life content, but the videos simply refuse to play on Win10 64. (The developers were the "Lula" games developers, going more and more for pure adult market with redfiresoft before going broke for releasing increasingly
  11. Very weird problem with this old game. Used to run perfectly fine with maxed out settings incl. widescreen patch 1920x1080 on my Asus X551ca, Intel HD 4000, i3-3217U 2core @1,80 ghz., Realtek HD audio. Recently tried to continue playing after a long break and the game is suddenly unplaybable. Starting it, I get to the game menu / settings, but the short logo video isn't played (Just get black screen till the menu and music starts). When I try to begin the game, it freezes at the "ankh"-like loading screen before intro is played or any savegame can be loaded. I tried to reinstall it sever
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