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  1. Version 1.0


    Disney Cars: Mater-National Championship Skip Intro Fix ------------------------------------------ This fix will skip the opening videos ("legals") in Disney Cars: Mater-National Championship. It substitutes the credits with blank video files, each of them only one frame long. Installation ------------ Just extract the archive to the "\DataPC\C\Movies\2997\" subfolder in the game installation directory, overwriting the existing files. Enjoy!
  2. Version 1.2


    The Incredible Machine 3 CD-audio soundtrack patched for digital re-release ---------------------------------------------------------------- This CD-audio soundtrack is meant to enhance The Incredible Machine 3. The original release of the game included CD-audio music, which is sadly missing from the digital re-release. Instead, MIDI music is used, which to many listeners may sound unappealing. Even though GOG.com provide the CD-audio soundtrack as an optional download, it is not used in the game itself. Rather than use those files, however, I ripped the original audio tracks from my copy of The Incredible Machine 2. Since The Incredible Machine 3 uses exactly the same soundtrack, they can be used to substitute the MIDI music in the digital re-release. The original audio tracks have been converted to MP3s at the highest quality preset (320 kps CBR), using the most recent version of the LAME encoder. The download includes all the necessary files to play them in the game. Installation: -------------- - After installing the game, rename its directory to something else - Extract all the files in the archive into this directory, overwriting one file - Run _inmmcnf.exe from the renamed game directory once, and close its window Before you uninstall, remember to rename the game directory back to default. Enjoy! Credits: ---------- Irori - whose audio wrapper I used: http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Domino/8282/ Collector (The Sierra Help Pages) - whose installer for the game gave me the idea: http://www.sierrahelp.com/index.html Timothy Steven Clarke, Randy Dersham, Jan Paul Moorhead, Ken Rogers (of the long-defunct Jeff Tunnel Productions) - for creating this awesome soundtrack
  3. Version 1.0


    Star Wars Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast HD level loading screens ------------------------------------------------ by ND (Quiet Bob @ PCGW) This is a set of high-resolution loading screens for Jedi Outcast, for both mission mode and multiplayer levels. My aim was to replace the default set - which is extremely low-resolution - with better visuals, while staying as close to the original as possible. Loading screens in Jedi Outcast are basically screenshots of the levels. I recaptured them in full HD. These images were later rescaled to work in-game. I used high quality conversion in an effort to preserve most detail. The end result are loading screens which are of 16x higher resolution: the default set is only 256x256, mine are 1024x1024. I substituted two of the loading screens. The original ones used for Cairn: Bay and Yavin: Temple are taken from pre-rendered low-res FMVs. Since these can't be captured in high quality, I replaced them with in-engine screenshots from the corresponding levels. I also added a loading screen for Nar Shaddaa: Streets. Before and after image comparison: --------------------------------------------- Installation ------------ Just place the file Jedi_Outcast_HD_loading_screens.pk3 in your GameData\base\ directory. Enjoy!
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