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  1. As I have already mentioned in my previous thread it is a good idea too add compatibility bits about SLI, AA and AO to the game pages. In this thread I would like to make a suggestion especially about anti-aliasing. And what I mean is extending anti-aliasing information on video settings template. As you probably know there are multiple methods of anti-aliasing. And in some cases some games support them all, some of them or none except SMAA, FXAA. Personally I prefer to play the games at highest quality as possible. And I think such an extension could be quite helpful for lots of people. My idea is something like this: You know like controller support. Does the game have aa option? If so which methods of aa? If not does it support SMAA or FXAA? Does it support SGSSAA/OGSSAA/MSAA? If so what are the compatibility bits? I think you got the idea. Maybe you could create a minor project about it. And let's not forget that anti-aliasing is kind of semi-exclusive to PC gaming. Yeah there are some methods of AA on consoles, but seriously if you are looking for top quality AA then PC is your choice. So what do you guys think? If you are willing to give it a shot, I can personally look into the project. There are also other ideas on my mind like adding templates if the game has SLI/Crossfire support but let's take it slow right? :)
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