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  1. I agree -- some fusion of 3 and 4 seems like the way to go. I think the hands look a bit off though. Maybe he shouldn't have fingers at all. Right now they make him look like a robot with two power plugs (seriously, that's what I thought they were at first). P.S. This is what it looks like when someone gets frustrated trying to get a PC game to run: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZLCoYrmZwk
  2. Fucking awesome. The high bandwidth haptic feedback system is what I'm excited about. Tactile feedback has been sadly under-utilized in games so far.
  3. It's been a long time since I was excited about an upcoming FPS game and Shadow Warrior did not disappoint. I love this game! From a technical point of view the game let me customize everything I wanted without having to edit config files. From gameplay point of view there's finally a game with decent swordplay and the sword action is fast paced. Just what I was waiting for with my 120hz monitor! Pros: Stamina system. Dashes are *very* fast but drain stamina. Excellent implementation of partial heath regeneration. Swords. Nuff said. Love the banter and cutscenes. Combos are used to chann
  4. My philosophy is that as long as it's a Stub article it's fine for it to have the placeholder elements. Once it is no longer a Stub we should get rid of unused placeholder elements.
  5. Here is what a google search turned up: The page also mentions that to have MW recreate older thumbnails, set the $wgThumbnailEpoch variable to the current date. Here is the mediawiki help page for image administration. If this mediawiki installation uses ImageMagick, it's a matter of changing "-quality 80" to "-quality 93" on the command line where it creates thumbnails. I hope this gives you a starting point.
  6. Once they have all the kinks worked out with local streaming there is no reason why they can't stream over the internet with the games run on their Steam cluster, one near each major city to minimize roundtrip latency. It would make even the most demanding games playable on integrated graphics. Why stop with games? Music, movies, and everything else you can think of. Let's move a few years into the future. You'll have Steam streaming from the internet to your phone and your phone outputting to your TV at 1080p. Possibly wirelessly. You'll have a wireless controller paired to your phone whi
  7. Currently the wiki is set to generate thumbnails with a jpeg quality of 80 for jpeg source files. While this saves somewhat on bandwidth, the image quality suffers with the thumbnail being covered in visible jpeg compression artifacts. This can be especially distracting for screenshots of in-game menus where compression artifacts stand out from an otherwise smooth background. Compare the original to the current thumbnail: [compimg]http://pcgamingwiki.com/images/4/49/Hamiltons_Great_Adventure_-_Cover.jpg|http://pcgamingwiki.com/images/thumb/4/49/Hamiltons_Great_Adventure_-_Cover.jpg/282px-H
  8. Hi Garrett, One more thing. For the video settings template, does true mean the game gives you a way to change it, or does true mean that it's on? I'm probably not the only one confused by this -- it would be great to have a page where each of the template options is documented along with what true/false/incomplete/unknown means for each one. Here are some more I'm not sure about: If a game's only fullscreen mode is borderless windowed, does that count as true? If vsync is forced on by the game, does that count as true? Sometimes I wish there was a "partial" option (yellow icon) simila
  9. What if one publisher has rights in Russia, another in England and New Zealand and a third for online distribution such as Steam, as is the case with 1953 - KGB Unleashed. Additionally, the game developers dispute UIG's right to publish the game on Steam. Who do you put as "the" publisher? Allow multiple publishers to be listed and disambiguated with rights, territories and dates with the most prominent or current publishers listed first.
  10. Let me just copy and paste what I wrote previously: Having said that, it doesn't matter too much which way it's done as long as it's both documented and consistent. Currently it's neither.
  11. I looked in graphics options in Alan Wake but didn't see any settings for multi monitor support. Would I need to have hydravision or eyefinity enabled to see if the game supports it? Would it look like an extra-wide widescreen resolution in the graphics settings? Btw, looking at the list of steam games with closed captions, it seems that Steam does not distinguish between subtitles and closed captions and calls everything closed captions. The two games I just looked at, Outlast and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs have subtitles but not closed captions.
  12. - For the video settings template, what does "true" for Multi-monitor mean? Very few games allow you to choose which monitor the game is on. Is that the only way the value can be "true"? - In the video settings template, what does "widescreen" mean? If you can select a widescreen resolution but get black bars, is that considered "true"? What if there are no black bars on 16:9 but black bars on 16:10? - The mouse acceleration page says that mouse smoothing is a type of mouse acceleration. From what I understand, mouse smoothing is averaging temporally averaging input over several values, wh
  13. I think it makes sense for the user to reach the most popular game first, which most of the time will be the newer one. Option 2 is the closest approximation to this. If a new game like Tomb Raider comes out and users consistently end up on the page for the 1996 version, it would detract from the user experience as that's not the game they were looking for.
  14. Awesome. Added template to Trine 2 page with a way to remove 100fps cap. One down, 1419 to go. Glad to see this site thriving since I saw it on reddit a year ago.
  15. I'm not sure of the extent of testing you can do without a higher refresh screen. In Skyrim I believe you get physics glitches if you turn off vsync and exceed 60fps regardless of your refresh rate. On the other hand I just tried Super Meatboy and it runs at 120fps on my 120hz monitor set to 60hz and I can't get it to run at 60fps in full screen mode (I've verified that my monitor is actually running at 60hz). This breaks in-game physics as they assume 60fps. Most games cap framerate to 60 to avoid these types of problems.
  16. One feature I'd like to see is whether a game supports higher than 60fps framerates. A lot of games (such as 2d games) lock the framerate at 60fps and those that don't lock it have problems at higher framerates (skyrim and super meat boy have physics tied to framerate. Both games break at 120fps). Yet other games have problems going above 60 fps, such as Saints Row III due to the game being highly CPU dependent. And other games might have a way to uncap the framerate. There are also games like Rogue Legacy which are exemplary and support silky smooth 120fps in a 2D sidescroller game. As mo
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