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  1. Got it, thanks. If I come across any more, I'll swap 'em out ASAP.
  2. Some articles, such as The Suffering, include links to files hosted on FilePlanet. The problem is, FilePlanet seems to no longer be a safe website to use. All downloads redirect to their 'Install Manager' which is a bundle installer and apparently some derivative of InstallCore, which has been classified as a PUP since 2014. Additionally, all downloads are exactly the same file, with the SHA256 hash of a2aac45b6ae5a09bfa9e4ecdd90c5caa42acbe53588160fa6aa3f357ec6035bf, and are in no way customized for downloading any requested file. This is the VirusTotal report for a file downloaded as 'the-suf
  3. Seems not, I uploaded a freshly downloaded copy of sadx_installer.exe and the SHA256 matched what was already online.
  4. 541c6aa57ddd7da0c6902aa1e92155eb.virus seems to drop and execute various files, including what seems to be an infected copy of Chocolatey which drops this executable disguised as a changelog, an executable called Zombie.exe which is dropped into the system folder and is also dropped by various other *.virus files, a fake version of an Acrobat Reader installer, and a couple of executables disguised as log files. Along this web there are various outside connections to seemingly-random websites, various IPs, several bitcoin-related URLs and many connections to trojans purporting to be things
  5. This is the scan for 7zr.exe extracted. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/73628e0b1566de03c0d846cb774bf5ae02cb5c363988ced5be23aeba3275b72e No idea what VT is finding, but apparently it's a file named "541c6aa57ddd7da0c6902aa1e92155eb.virus". I'd say make an issue report on Github about it. EDIT: Made an issue myself.
  6. Brilliant, now people who would pirate it anyway just wait a day for the crack, while people who would've bought it on GOG instead never buy their games. Meanwhile, people who oppose this ridiculous stance may also stop purchasing their games. Good work, looks like lost sales all around to me.
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