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  1. Sounds pretty good so far. Some quick things that come to mind. Search bar: Since we have effectively 2 search bars on the home page this should be a given. Maybe we could remove the big search bar entirely and highlight the one in the top nav bar a bit more instead (white, or lighter grey background inside the search bar and maybe a bit wider). Recent changes: Not sure if this is needed as in such a small scale it doesn't provide much information. On the full page on the other hand you can see right away what and how much has been done. It's just that the link is a bit hidden if you don't know about it. Again, maybe just highlight it more. Changelog: Is this something a normal user really needs to see? Announcements should be visible but stuff that is mainly aimed for editors isn't interesting for normal visitors I guess (maybe it can be filtered depending on being an anonymous or registered user?)
  2. I didn't mean to imply that of course. Just that things may move a bit too fast at times so things get overlooked, like you mentioned. So thank you for updating those pages.
  3. On a sidenote: Is it really necessary for the "series" table to be replaced by the taxonomy link? Not only does it give a quick overview but also allows one to jump quickly between the titles. Now I have to visit another page - which also doesn't offer much more valuable information. I think this would be one case where a duplicate information is acceptable. And if it's about the number of titles for some series becoming longer and longer, maybe just make the table collapsible and only show a handful until someone clicks "expand" or something.
  4. I mean, I see some value in this information, but as it looks now I spend more time on the infobox than the whole rest of a page. Looking at the Taxonomy page and this huge list of variables is kinda overwhelming and confusing. Especially when a game can have multiple categories in a single section (I do wonder what the final infobox for a GTA game will look like with all its gameplay systems and different vehicles for example). And with all the recent changes I also find there is a lack on updating/improving the editing guide. https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/PCGamingWiki:Editing_guide/The_infobox The reception part is still missing the part of which IDs to provide. https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/PCGamingWiki:Editing_guide/Microtransactions Here it refers to an empty page to look for the terminology: https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Microtransactions which I guess should actually be this https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Category:Microtransactions In reality however all that information should be on the same page. And why not feature an example directly on the page like in other sections (video editing guide for example). Instead I have to jump between different tabs all the time just to figure out how I'm supposed to fill in everything. Then there is the link to the Taxonomy page as it must correspond with that but when visiting it all I see under "Instructions" is a changelog where I somehow have to piece the information I need together myself on this huge and unwieldy page. Same applies to the Monetization section https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/PCGamingWiki:Editing_guide/Downloadable_content_(DLC)_and_expansions Again: No examples, have to jump to different pages for all the info, the "Please refer to Monetization article" link leads nowhere and again that link to the Taxonomy main page which isn't helpful at all. What I'm trying to say is: If that taxonomy stuff isn't ready or properly presentable yet, it shouldn't be part of the editing guidelines.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    A special demo version for AIRHEART - Tales of broken Wings which allowed users to win keys for the Early Access version of the game. The download has been removed from the official website.
  6. This would be my choice if any change would have to be made and it is the way I've been listing wikis in the past. Usually these are the ones that are linked on a games official website. However, all the above mentioned problems can just as well be applied to fan sites and not only wikis. So this discussion should probably concern both types of content.
  7. In addition, the landing page after uploading should have a <textarea> field of the filename for each upload for easy copy and paste. In the best case it would already be formatted like "{{image|Name_of_image.png|}}".
  8. So is there any kind of batch upload planned perhaps? I still have all the images I uploaded (and going by my watchlist, almost all of mine are corrupt now), but going through them one by one is going to be tedious as hell.
  9. 59 downloads

    Blank intro video files for Super Lucky's Tale. Extract to SLT_Data\StreamingAssets\Videos and overwrite existing files when prompted.
  10. 901 downloads

    Cheat Engine table for Tomb Raider (2013). It allows adjustments to the camera, including the FOV, and features a timestop function. After activating the table the FOV can be adjusted using the plus and minus key on the numpad. This file was made by jim2point0 and was originally downloaded from Dead End Thrills.
  11. 358 downloads

    The included files contain the last version of PunkBuster for Battlefield 2. Extract them to "Battlefield 2/pb/" and overwrite any older files. Note: The PunkBuster service must already be installed and working properly. Use the PunkBuster Service Installer for installation and testing of the service.
  12. 612 downloads

    Hotfix for Battlefield 2 to fix a crash issue when trying to Alt+Tab to desktop. Needs to be extracted into the main directory after updating to version 1.50.
  13. 249 downloads

    The included files contain the last version of PunkBuster for Battlefield Vietnam. Extract them to "Battlefield Vietnam/pb/" and overwrite any older files. Note: The PunkBuster service must already be installed and working properly. Use the PunkBuster Service Installer for installation and testing of the service.
  14. Version 1.21


    Official patches to update Battlefield Vietnam to the latest version. Install the full update v1.2 first before applying the incremental patch to version 1.21. Note: The official WW2 mod should be installed before patch v1.2.
  15. 607 downloads

    The included files contain the last version of PunkBuster for Battlefield 1942. Extract them to "Battlefield 1942/pb/" and overwrite any older files. Note: The PunkBuster service must already be installed and working properly. Use the PunkBuster Service Installer for installation and testing of the service.
  16. 608 downloads

    This archive contains a .sdb compatibility profile for Battlefield 1942, which assigns the compatibility fixes EmulateHeap, NoGhost and Win98VersionLie to the BF1942.exe, to prevent crashes on Windows Vista and newer. To install, either use the automatic installer or the batch files, which simply run the "sdbinst" command. Make sure to remove any compatibility modes on the games executable and run it as administrator.
  17. Version 1.6.19


    Incremental patch for the Battlefield 1942 Linux dedicated server software. Requires version 1.6.19.
  18. Version 1.6.16


    Version 1.6.19 of the Linux dedicated server software for Battlefield 1942.
  19. Version 1.61b


    Incremental patch for the Battlefield 1942 Windows dedicated server software. Requires version 1.6.19.
  20. Version 1.6.19


    Version 1.6.19 of the Windows dedicated server software for Battlefield 1942.
  21. Version 1.61b


    Incremental patch to v1.61b for the retail version of Battlefield 1942 which requires v1.6.19 to be installed.
  22. Version 1.6.19


    This patch updates the retail version of Battlefield 1942 to v1.6.19. No previous patch is required.
  23. Sorry to bump this topic back up but I'm interested to hear some opinions on this. In the case of AC: Origins, the game has a good amount of settings (which isn't a good key point as was discussed here) but also visually displays the differences (see https://youtu.be/AjbbuWMR94A?t=877). Very hand in my opinion and haven't seen it very often yet. It also includes a benchmark which on same pages is already a ++ point. So I guess putting both points in one combined line would be acceptable? But then there is the case of COD:WWII (see https://youtu.be/x3llyXsUTKI?t=52) Pretty much the same thing but no benchmark this time. So would just the visualization of the graphics settings alone be worth a positive key point?
  24. It is not necessarily false since it does offer more than standard dialogue subtitles. It's just that it doesn't feature everything like HL2. But I don't think that is necessary since, like I said, movies also don't describe every gunshot and every explosion. There are 196 games set to true (https://pcgamingwiki.com/w/index.php?title=Special:SearchByProperty/Closed-20captions/true&limit=500&offset=0&property=Closed+captions&value=true) However from the games I remember in this list, most of them are just subtitles actually. There are also a lot of isometric games which are heavily text based (or Civilization), which, just like I said in the first post, are hard to define. I'm still a bit conflicted of removing it entirely however.
  25. Version


    The Remote Console is part of Crytek's CryEngine since version 3.7.0 and allows users to execute console commands or modify parameters from outside their project/game. For normal users this tool may be useful for CryEngine games where the console has been disabled. Note: Certain commands (e.g. God mode) may have been disabled by the developers. Renderer/graphics commands (with "r_" prefix) should mostly work however.
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