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  1. If so, does Nvidia GPU gets downgraded as well? My laptop uses Geforce 930MX. It's odd that it's only affect DX11. Any advice?
  2. Windows 10 user here... Any game I play that runs in DirectX 10/11, its Display Resolution is only available to my native display resolution, 1366x768 in this case. Funny thing is other that I can change resolution in DX9 games normally. Last time I had this issue, I decided to update Windows. It was fixed. However, the issue comes back again. I noticed this issue causes Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition to crash each time I opened PC Settings. The fix mention here didn't work. Is it affected to all Windows 10 users? The DirectX10? Or is it just my computer's?
  3. If a game provide limited close captioning, should it be noted during edits? As long as the game has closed captionning, though not all audio is written to subtitle, notes should give an information related to CC, for example "Only partial Closed Captioning provided", maybe?
  4. There are no known controller rebinding program like you're describing, unfortunately. It depends to your controller configuration...
  5. Regarding to this issue, should we look articles for these subjective key points and remove them, or prevent future articles from having any of them? Certainly that mentioned subjective key points appear redundant and provides insufficient information... But what an appropriate key points in an article should be, in a matter of giving information?
  6. This is certainly not graphical issue. Perhaps that's what the game does it. As long as this is not blocking your gameplay progress, it shouldn't be much of problem. AFAIK, G-Sync is a better version of VSync for some supported high-end NVIDIA GPUs. It helps eliminate tearing without causing stutter and input lag, unlike regular VSync.
  7. The issue can be caused by your audio hardware. Make sure the driver is updated. Check for Volume Mixer. The game's volume may have been set lower. Configure any audio enhancement settings (in ASUS laptops, configure its AudioWizard). If that fails, then the game may have a glitch. Have the audio mode in the game is set to Stereo, if available. You can provide the game's audio settings, and your laptop audio hardware (Playback devices) screenshots. Hope that helps.
  8. Related to that particular bug, it is not a graphical issues. Most definitely a game bug, although framerate can mess up game's physics and cause the problem, try enabling VSync. You should see the game's forums and maybe you can find a similar issues from other users.
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