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  1. Since you're using VGA you will have to adjust the output using the monitor's own settings.


    Going by the manual the power button does the automatic adjustment function for this model, so set your desktop to the resolution that has this problem and then press the power button to see if it adjusts it correctly. If automatic adjustment doesn't fit the image correctly you can install AOC's i-Menu software and adjust the resolution to fit. If you don't have the CD you can download i-Menu from AOC's glossary page.


    Adjustment is probably stored per resolution, so you may need to repeat this for other resolutions that don't fit correctly.


    Thanks for leading me to i-Menu. However, the resolution option seems "un-selectable" (http://i.imgur.com/XN2YLmw.jpg the first shows the mouse over the Color Temperature option, the second shows over the Resolution option, or at least I presume it's called Resolution). This leads me to think that the problem might just be the cable.


    The autofix option does not work to fix it and even when I change the resolution on i-Menu to 900p the same "bug" happens. Will test the program again later today but for now it doesn't seem to help.


    Also thanks to Mihr, even though right now this hasn't been solved, it's amazing how you are coming up with solutions. Thanks PC community.

  2. Did you try the GPU scaling setting? As mentioned by the others above, this will fix this problem (when GPU scaling is enabled the display always receives a native output regardless of the actual resolution being used, so you'll totally bypass this sort of issue).


    This will also fix having this problem when using borderless with the desktop set to a lower resolution (GPU scaling will take care of the resolution difference).


    http://i.imgur.com/7h3YGT3.jpg (the image is in Portuguese but I translated the relevant stuff)


    Is that what you mean? For some reason, GPU scaling doesn't appear there for me and I think that's the problem.


    EDIT: The problem might be that I'm using VGA, but I have no idea. Screen is AOC E2270s.

  3. I'm not really sure how in the world a 16:9 picture could be letterboxed and streteched on a 16:9 monitor..


    Anyway, does it at least work for desktop? Because in that case custom resolutions may help.

    Otherwise (and if GPU scaling doesn't solve either), check in the monitor software/panel for "auto config" or "image ratio".


    Yes, it does. I play some games on borderless windowed, but then again I have to change the desktop resolution to 900p. Even in fullscreen 900p those games appear like that. Quite weird.

  4. Helo! 

    First of all I actually do not fully understand why you would want to use under native resolution of the screen as non-native resolution on modern flat monitors will look awful in any scenario. But I guess this is more for discussion instead of solving the problem. 


    Thing I would check is the scaling and scaler settings in GPU control panel. With nvidia this should be under "adjust desktop size and position". Try using the "aspect ratio" and "full screen" options and toggling the scaler between GPU and monitor if possible. 


    It's basically because my PC isn't the best (GTX 750ti + i5), and "recent" games like Witcher 3, Fallout 4 and Dark Souls 3 don't run as well. They could possibly run on high settings @ 30fps, but I prefer 60fps and a lower quality. Witcher 3 runs on low-ish settings on 50fps (limited), Fallout 4 runs on low-mediumish settings at 60fps with some dips (bad optimization tbh) and Dark Souls 3 full low (aside from antialiasing) on 50fps (limited). All of those run on 900p because the jump to 1080p drops the performance immensely.


    I did check the scaling options on the NVIDIA Control Panel, but will try them again. Do I have to reset the PC after I apply the changes?

    Thanks for the answer btw.

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