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  1. Just found out my screen literally doesn't have an HDMI plug. Rip for now.
  2. Thanks for leading me to i-Menu. However, the resolution option seems "un-selectable" (http://i.imgur.com/XN2YLmw.jpg the first shows the mouse over the Color Temperature option, the second shows over the Resolution option, or at least I presume it's called Resolution). This leads me to think that the problem might just be the cable. The autofix option does not work to fix it and even when I change the resolution on i-Menu to 900p the same "bug" happens. Will test the program again later today but for now it doesn't seem to help. Also thanks to Mihr, even though right now this hasn't
  3. http://i.imgur.com/7h3YGT3.jpg (the image is in Portuguese but I translated the relevant stuff) Is that what you mean? For some reason, GPU scaling doesn't appear there for me and I think that's the problem. EDIT: The problem might be that I'm using VGA, but I have no idea. Screen is AOC E2270s.
  4. Yes, it does. I play some games on borderless windowed, but then again I have to change the desktop resolution to 900p. Even in fullscreen 900p those games appear like that. Quite weird.
  5. It's basically because my PC isn't the best (GTX 750ti + i5), and "recent" games like Witcher 3, Fallout 4 and Dark Souls 3 don't run as well. They could possibly run on high settings @ 30fps, but I prefer 60fps and a lower quality. Witcher 3 runs on low-ish settings on 50fps (limited), Fallout 4 runs on low-mediumish settings at 60fps with some dips (bad optimization tbh) and Dark Souls 3 full low (aside from antialiasing) on 50fps (limited). All of those run on 900p because the jump to 1080p drops the performance immensely. I did check the scaling options on the NVIDIA Control Panel, but
  6. My screen is native 1920x1080 (AOC E2270s) but for some reason games don't work in 1600x900 fullscreen (I have to use Borderless Windowed and change the desktop resolution), they have black bars on top and are stretched. https://s27.postimg.org/4kxpdf1oz/image.jpg Any help?
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