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    BONKERS got a reaction from Vlad 54rus for a file, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Extended Draw Distance/LODs   
    Included here are two "defaultrenderconfig.xml" files used to increase draw distances/LOD distances further without creating any drawbacks or problems as much as possible.
    *High - is the standard version
    *Extreme - pushes it even further out, but this requires more VRAM and a faster storage device (RAMDisk or SSD) to work well.
    I generally recommend just the high version.
    To use these you need the Dunia Mod tools
    *Extract "common.dat" in "Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon\data_win32"
    *Make a backup of "defaultrenderconfig.xml" in "Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon\data_win32\common\engine\settings"
    and change the file name of the selected version to just "defaultrenderconfig.xml" and place it in the folder above.
    *Rename the default "common.dat" and "common.fat" to something else to preserve it after extracting and leave it where it is.
    *Now take the extracted "common" folder with the replaced "defaultrenderconfig.xml" and drag it on to "Gibbed.Dunia2.Pack.exe"
    This will create a new "common.dat" and "common.fat" in the "\data_win32" folder
    *In your "GamerProfile.xml" file in "\my games\Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon\" folder make sure in your "<RenderProfile>" section that you are NOT adding or modifying anything except "<CustomQuality>" or "<Post>" otherwise some stuff will not work. (If you are interested in removing Parallax from roads, this mod includes this!)
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