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  1. Glad you guys are figuring out a way to turn it off. The TAA in this game is so obnoxiously bad in quality it's almost offensive this is coming from an ultra high budget release. Just having seen some of the footage of the game and screenshots I was honestly shocked at not only how bad the resolve is (Ultra blurry resolve to hide how bad your TAA actually is =/= filmic. Coming from someone who has spent the last decade chasing the best AA for hundreds of games where ultra sharp =/= ground truth. Sharpen a bad resolve and you will reveal what's under the mask. Sharpen a good, but soft resolve
  2. I'm not sure you know what you are talking about. The specular lighting model in the RE engine is based on material properities, which is a physically based lighting model. (Of course some of it exaggerated to attain a certain look intentionally. FWIW even in real life cinema, the lighting is not at all true to real life. Everything is lit a certain way to achieve a certain look. Either in filming or post.) And in real life you can have a lot of objects have the same kind of shiny finish. It all depends on how it's made. (Matte vs Satin vs Gloss). What you propose would actually have
  3. Maybe not the 3700x but the 3600x (Or even a cheaper 2600x. 12 threads is still pretty good). One of the R5 chips is cheap enough I feel you could justify buying it and if there is something better around the corner at some point that is still AM4 compatible you can easily buy the newer chip and sell off the cheaper older one and not lose a lot of money.
  4. I have to draw the line that forcing SSAA,MSAA,SGSSAA,TrSSAA should be considered Hackable because these all have to hooked in at the driver level at the appropriate state during rendering. (Hence the need for compatibility bits) It's not at all like FXAA or SMAA since those are Post Process shaders that are GPU agnostic. You aren't just taking the final 2D Buffer like the MCable and slapping a filter on it. (Though using FXAA/SMAA with downsampling can be very beneficial https://imgsli.com/OTE5NQ) Forcing AA at the driver level for Nvidia cards is not a Post Process. And are essentiall
  5. No Anti Aliasing options? Disappointing. MSAA could definitely be implemented into these engines in this day and the performance penalty should be fine on modern hardware. Or at least a modern TAA or PPAA solution. Halo Reach's TAA was poor quality and had tons of ghosting problems.
  6. Yeah I just can't wait until this releases with the usual ass backwards SE port design choices coded by interns with no idea what the PC marketplace is actually like. Maybe we will be surprised and this will be one of the few competent ones. DQB1 ran uncapped at 60FPS on PS4 I think although it seemed to be riddled with constant stuttering.
  7. Typical corporate hypocrisy. And yet they want to still wage war against Valve and Steam. Greedy sods.
  8. Like mentioned, being on Steam is not going to stop piracy (lulz) and it's not going to stop piracy of the soundtrack. People can rip it from the game, make recordings of in game playback (Lossy encode of a lossy encode. Not great). But yeah this just really points to ignorance and just making a bunch of assumptions. No "Client store" will stop piracy. DRM won't stop piracy. Stop punishing your paying customers.
  9. Really hope not. But then again, wasn't this game known for having an awful translation anyway?
  10. I'm not sure if this is helpful or not but the embedded version of the sheet from my edit page on the document <iframe src="https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vT67ip9JZ7PQ0EtltSmfU71qObvgbNZa9SJQbkvAKHu83jyYOdhyvb8KatGWv2sVLacQMSXfaoT0bJX/pubhtml?widget=true&amp;headers=false"></iframe> That'd be great if you could get it to work though. It would save a lot of time and make keeping the list up to date universally.
  11. The problem from microstutter is from the game running on DX8. All games on that backend seem to have stuttering problems on W10. (I thought someone somewhere made a fix but I don't remember where) If you can get the game to run with a wrapper to DX9 (Like REshade) it may solve your problems.
  12. I have been thinking for a while about Anti Aliasing Compatibility for Nvidia GPUs. There is the existing forum thread NVidia Anti-Aliasing Guide (updated) - Guru3D.com Forums But for the last year or so the forums there do not allow the spreadsheet to be embedded in the post anymore making it less visible and having to click a link to view it. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ekUZsK2YXgd5XjjH1M7QkHIQgKO_i4bHCUdPeAd6OCo/edit?usp=sharing I'd really like to get this information to other places as it's still very useful for games running on Direct X9 and even for some games that do
  13. Version beta 21


    This is an older version of the program to use if you can't get the latest one to work for you. Or with specific games. Sayonara Umihara Kawase in particular I could not get to run on later versions. I have verified this works on W7 and W10 just fine.
  14. So basically it does nothing. Can't AA a game that is nothing but pre-rendered 2D images. I mean you could use PPAA but that wouldn't really serve to do much either.
  15. Just bookmark this document and thread and visit that instead. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ekUZsK2YXgd5XjjH1M7QkHIQgKO_i4bHCUdPeAd6OCo/pub?output=html http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=357956
  16. Version 1.0


    Grandia II HQ Music Mod What is this? This is a mod that replaces up to around 130 files in the "Grandia II Anniversary Edition\data\sound" directory with much higher quality 44.1khz 500Kbs .OGG versions taken from Lossless Rips of the OST. With a few special exceptions. I'm currently looking into using higher quality files from the OG PC port(high bitrate .wav but mono, no looping) or PS2 port(Stereo, mid bitrate ADPCM) for the remaining songs. They are still 22khz though. (2017 Edit. I gave up on sourcing the rest of the files. I simply lost the drive to go on due to health issues.)
  17. Version 0.8


    leandroeidi's HD Mod (Version 0.8 - Updated 29/jan/16) Current version: 0.8 (29/jan/2016) In the link below I wrote some things about the mod (that's also in the README file inside the zip) and some images comparing the game with the original textures and with my textures. http://www.eivigames.com.br/p/grandia-ii.html -- How to install-- 1 - Make a backup of your "[Grandia 2 root folder]\data\afs" folder. This mod will overwrite many files in there and you should keep a backup to make it possible to undo everything. 2 - Copy the "data" folder inside this zip to your Grandia 2
  18. Not to terribly much reason to I think. Not many games have multiple AO options, and every game specific implementation is different from the last. Not many stick to standard techniques. SSAO is a generic blanket term if it's used in a game as an option. You don't know what else specific and unique to that one implementation in the game is doing different than another that uses "SSAO". Companies like Ubisoft often iterate their own offshoot, derivative techniques with just about every game. Unless they are using something set in stone to a certain degree like HBAO, HDAO, or HBAO+. There's j
  19. Less input lag. But less tearing just isn't true. You will get noticeable tearing somewhere on the screen no matter what if you aren't using Vsync in FSE. Borderless windowed will increase your input lag while still running at an unlocked framerate. DWM will just toss what it wants wherever. So if you run at a very high framerate in BW, you might be able to counter the lag added from DWM Vsync, but the visuals will not be completely smooth. The only way to get no tearing with super low latency and high framerates is Freesync/Gsync. A consistent fixed update is still better IMO. Whic
  20. It will cause issues in some games. And in the majority it will do absolutely nothing. First i've heard of AF causing issues in AW. Nvidia has built in overrides for games that have issues with AF, making it so you can't force it unless you disable the lock they have on each profile.
  21. The way Vsync works with the compositor is independent of the game frame rate. It doesn't sync the game for you. So it will skip frames as it sees fit depending on the framerate. Even if you cap the framerate. So you will be getting non perfect Vsync but with similar input lag as FSE Vsync. Though if you don't notice then that's fine. For me, it detracts from one of the pluses of Windowed mode, which is less input lag because no Vsync if you don't want to be playing in FSE. So if you want to get that in W8/10, you have to use FSE only to get an uncapped framerate with the least latency. A min
  22. Does the same happen with 4xAA selected? Does it do the same if you put the intro videos back? Are you playing in Windowed mode? That might be a possibility. Try FSE. Also: On try a 16:10 resolution or 4:3 too, you never know. I'm surprised the CSAA option is working for you. Do you have a Pre Maxwell card?
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