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  1. It's a similar situation with electric cars. The current electric grid is prone to blacking out without electric cars charging, the problem will only accentuate with more cars requiring a charge. Heaven be with you if you're in a danger zone and have no way to charge your vehicle.
  2. When I was talking about 60FPS, I was talking about Blaster Master. And just like how ASG was capped at 30FPS on 3DS and then PC, BMZ is capped at 60FPS on console as well as PC. Japanese PC ports are only as good as the console versions in many cases, but the staggered release is enough of a penalty to theoretically consider the PC release inferior.
  3. Won't this affect consoles as well? Most people only buy consoles to play Call of Battle Theft Madden, exclusives hardly move units at all. Now that this makes generic multiplats available at the press of a button, without the need of a console, it's no surprise Microsoft and Sony had no choice but to team up.
  4. I can't help but feel like Japanese developers/publishers are exempt from the same scrutiny that western companies are consistently under. Japanese game is shipped (almost always many years after the console version) with a 30FPS lock, people just thumbs up and say "it's not important for this game ayway", Western game doesn't feature an FoV slider and the steam page becomes Charlottesville. The console versions already did 60FPS, it's telling when people are excited that it will also feature 60FPS on PC. Properly respected my foot, miss me with that happy fecal matter of releasing this game two years later. This is just a cash grab, like most Japanese ports.
  5. I think they should be slammed more for releasing ancient games on PC years after the console releases.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    A patch (presumably unofficial) that allows the 1999 South Park game by Acclaim to use a Glide renderer, and in turn allow to be upscaled by nGlide. See installation instructions at the PCGamingWiki article for this game. Downloaded from http://www.zeus-software.com/downloads/nglide/compatibility.
  7. Version 1.02


    This is a patch issued by KOKOCapcom, Capcom's Korean branch, to update Rockman X7 to version 1.02. I do not know what precisely this patch fixes. This file was downloaded from https://www.interordi.com/mega_man_pc/downloads/ and hosted here for convenience's sake.
  8. Version B5


    This is an updated version of Havoc's LOD mod, which you can find more info here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/638970/discussions/0/1743343017611794579/
  9. 558 downloads

    A patch that allows you to maximize Yakuza 0's LOD distance, and eliminates the issue where pedestrians have low quality models on 'Ultra' settings. I did not create this program, an anonymous modder from 4chan has; all I did was rename the ZIP file and remove PPF-o-Matic in the off chance bundling third party applications violates the rules.
  10. Holy crap, someone actually did make a fix for this. I wonder if it was because I requested some folks if they could do it, that's a christmas miracle right there! There's still plenty of 6th gen PC games that don't have widescreen patches, such as Shrek 2/Team Action, I really ought to learn how to hack games so that I could create these patches myself. Thanks for the find, Garrett!
  11. Alright, I've managed to set the image scaling via nVidia control panel, and now plays a 4:3 image in its native res on my monitor. I have to use 1280x960, as 1600x1200 will just ignore it and fill the whole screen. Likewise, I've tried hex editing the vidmode value in the registry editor, and according to my research (using a screen resolution of 1440x1080), the hex should look like this. A0 05 00 00 38 04 00 00 However, it doesn't seem to change anything, the screen res is still what I've set in the launcher. Also, I've edited the article a tiny bit, added minimum and recommended requirements lifted directly off the game's manual. Thanks.
  12. Hey Garrett, thanks for all the info, I'll be sure to check it out when I get the chance. I always wondered how you force games to be pillarboxed on widescreen displays, you'd figure there would be an option by default for most games, so thanks. I'll also consider WSGF as well, and maybe ThirteenAG could be commissioned to do a fix. @Mars Icecream, it uses fixed angles, but most of the game world is indeed rendered, and cutscenes show a fully rendered world. Chances of a widescreen mode causing glitches seem minimal at best. Edit: When you say "You can also set the resolution in the vidmode value (on the first line replace pairs 1-2 with the width and 4-6 with the height using hex values)", 4-6, do you mean all three values, or just 4 and 6? Or was it a typo?
  13. Hello there. I have recently bought a retail copy of The Polar Express for PC, since the holiday season is upon us. And it, like many 6th generation games, doesn't have a Wiki page, much less any sort of fixes or hacks. I would've taken this thread to WSGF, but unless I can't find it the link to do so, I wasn't able to sign up to make the thread, so this may be helpful here. Alright, according to this game's intro videos, it seems to be using RenderWare, which may be a well documented engine at this point. What I would like to know is if anyone would know how to make the game play in widescreen instead of stretched from 4:3, since playing in windowed mode is apparently out of the question. Ideally, what I'd like to do is learn how to widescreen hack games, which does seem like an involved process, and don't want to bother others for what is a rather niche title. Any and all help would be appreciated. If I posted this in the wrong section, feel free to move it. Thank you, and happy holidays!
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