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  1. Thank you for the acknowledgment. Glad to read that you like my work.

    Regarding the cutscene skip: Since the cutscenes are intertwined with the loading process, it seems to not be something that is simple to fix, as it would require a decent amount of reverse engineering of how loading is done. I thought about looking into the problem more deeply during my last playthrough, but I am unfortunately preoccupied with multiple other things right now.

    Youngblood Tweaker

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    10 hours ago, lke said:

    It seems like the developers did not fix the issues, right? Would love to have a fix for the stupid head bobbing again. This is what made The New Colossus actually enjoyable for me.

    I actually stopped following the development on this game since the last post. There have been some updates, but I am currently not sure which issues are fixed and which are not.

    The head bobbing was actually the biggest issue for me and should I get back to that game, I will definitely take a look at that again if it is not fixed. I just cannot say when that will be.

    Youngblood Tweaker

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    I have temporarily halted development on this mod, since the developers mentioned on the Steam forums, that they wanted to officially fix almost all of the problems this mod offers options for. Additionally, the interest in this mod has been rather low, which makes it difficult for me to justify the time investment to keep it running while the game is being worked on.

    However, I will probably get back to it soon to continue my initial playthrough. But I will probably not get to do that until the end of September. 

    Regarding the dot crosshair: I have gotten requests for this before. The problem is, that the way I did it in the Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus does not work in this game. It is definitely doable somehow, but I have to do some digging to find a way to implement it.

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