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  1. Thanks. Well, the explanation Marioysikax wrote could be added to the "video settings" page. Funnily enough, the HUD issue IS mentioned in the example there for 4K, but I think it does deserves more attention, I missed it. Speaking of WSGF they only list "Hud Stretch" which is not really helpful.
  2. Hello, I'm new here and I can't say I read ALL of the editing guides, but I never came across the topic of HUD, menus and text scaling or lack of it in the game and should those be reported. I recently played Area 51 on a 24" monitor on 1440p resolution. The problem is even though all the mentioned components were positioned on the screen correctly in the game, they were not scaled up at all and were very small. I even got stuck in the game because the indicator that shows that you can interact with something wasn't scaled and I simply missed it few times. If I were playing the game on
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