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  1. I suggest adding a parameter so we can set if configuration files are encrypted or not.

    There could be several options;

    - non encrypted - when you can read and edit them with notepad, or if registry settings are readable and can be edited

    - hackable - if it is encrypted, but there is a tool to read and edit them

    - encrypted - no soup for you

  2.   If you go to the page for American McGee's Alice, you will see this "key point":



    Pirated copies' audio quality for cutscenes, etc. is low and compressed, but when installing from a retail CD the audio quality is high.

    If you open history you will see this is some kind of leftover from a problem with a pirated version of the game from MyAbandonware and it has no business on this Wiki.

    Normally I deleted it, but user Expack3 wrote that users "claiming to have legitimate copy" experience this issue and reverted it back.

    I deleted it again saying "unconfirmed claims that don't apply to all versions should not be a key point, if there are official releases with reduced audio quality those should be named specifically and listed in "availability" or "localization" section".

    Expack3 again reverted, only mentioning some posted photos we don't know which version they came from, and some Steam guide in the edit summary without providing a link or release version in the actual article and we are going nowhere.

    I will repeat my points;

    - Problems with pirated versions don't belong on this wiki.

    - If some official release really is flawed compared to the rest then you need to at least state which one and provide reference

    - If the problem is specific to certain release or localization then we have sections for it where the issue can be mentioned

    I hope Expack3 doesn't get angry, but I think this is a better place to discuss this and we can hear a third opinion.

  3. The website is too bright and it needs a "dark mode" to make it more comfortable for us.

    I made a very simple example in GIMP. The white parts are changed to value 95, the availability box to 90 and background is set to 80.

    Even this minor change makes it more comfortable to look at, while it doesn't impact the overall design.

    This would be a good enough start, but others may like even darker mode.



  4. On my Watchlist I just saw someone changing the links from Patreon pages to buymeacoffee.




    It is for Peixoto, who I know makes video game fixes and I used his program before. I'm not sure what was Patreon link doing there in the first place. When I link to his fixes I link to a thread on Vogons forums.

    As much as I think these people deserve any support they can get, I don't think PCGW articles should link directly to donation pages and those URLS should be blocked if not given official permission of PCGW. How do we know it is not a fake ?

    What is the policy about this ?

  5. 8 hours ago, Andytizer said:

    Actually having a 'Cinematic camera perspective' is quite a valuable piece of information - it tells you that the player has no control over the camera. Some players may prefer games with fixed camera angles, some cannot stand them. 

    I don't think adding genre, camera perspectives etc can in any way hurt the 'fix PC games' project of ours, it can only help. I've always maintained that the addition of additional information is always going to be helpful for lots of reasons - for rich, descriptive lists of games that no one else has. Like 'Singleplayer games with microtransactions' or 'Adventure games that support controller' or 'Horror games that support LAN'. Additionally, taxonomy will have benefits for our SEO and lays the foundation for a new 'Introduction' section I'm going to be working on next.

    I respect that you feel it's a waste of time, however it's something we are going ahead it and I reserve the right to waste my own time 🙂. I would suggest turning off your watchlist for the next few weeks because there are going to be a lot of changes to every single article, taxonomy is just the beginning.

    The whole thing basically makes the "Infobox" look like a copy-pasted page from Moby Games, plus the cover often comes from there too. That is why I suggested to link to Moby Games in the first place, if people want all that additional info they can find it there.



    I'm not going to fight it, I just wanted to express my opinion. I will continue to focus on the classic sections on the game pages.

  6. Maybe the bigger problem is the word "ESSENTIAL" in the title. People put links to patches there, but is every patch really essential ? No it is not. People put links to various mods there, but even if the mods do improve something, it usually it is not essential. It is a too strong word.

  7. It says on the home page "PCGamingWiki aims to list fixes and workarounds for every single PC game."

    How is writing that Escape From Monkey Island uses "cinematic camera perspective" help anyone ? In my opinion everything not related to getting the games fixed or improved is a waste of people's time and spreads the project and community thin. Even if it is done with a bot it just makes it harder to keep track of all the constant changes on your watchlist. This site is slowly creeping into Moby Games territory adding stuff like this, the ratings or whatever comes next.

  8. On 4/22/2020 at 12:18 PM, bentehgray said:

    Good news! The WineD3D method worked perfectly! Now none of the textures and lighting are broken!

    Now that we have a way to fix this, I think we should probably edit the game's PCGamingWiki page to list WineD3D as an essential file, as playing without it results in a 50/50 chance of broken textures on some systems.

    Glad to hear it works. Since you weren't brave enough to update the wiki, I added it to "Issues fixed" section myself.

  9. I don't understand why this needs 32 GB of RAM + 8 GB of VRAM, but it is supposed to run on Xbox where even the next one will have only 16 GB combined ? It makes Windows look like un-optimized resource hungry junk. Also having to install 150 GB data and then also need 20-50 Mbps Internet speed during play makes no sense, it's the same requirement like when you Stream the entire game on Stadia or something. Might as well just stream the whole thing in the first place.

  10. People are going to be SO disappointed playing Crysis. Even Lara Croft in modern Tomb Raider games is a more powerful killing machine than the guys in Crysis games ever were with their nanosuits and the fancy high-tech weapons. The weapon customization is nowhere near what you get in modern games. The game was being popular for its "open world" gameplay back in the day, but it is nothing compared to the size and complexity of modern games. Also by running on Switch the "Can it run Crysis?" will be sealed forever as a joke. This will be "the Emperor has no clothes" moment for Crysis 1.

  11. Like I said I am against it, but since the decision was made I would further water it down and only show the average of those three.

    Review average:

    Metacritic, Opencritic, IGDB: 82

    With names "Metacritic, Opencritic, IGDB" being a link to each of the pages. Or use an icon like for MobyGames, Wikipedia and others.

  12. If the game doesn't work with dgVoodoo make a topic about it on Vogons forums in the dgVoodoo section and developer might look into it. He can't fix problems he doesn't know about. Also saying what GPU you use would be useful. Did you try running the game on your integrated graphics as well ? Sometimes those can work better.

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