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  1. Like I said I am against it, but since the decision was made I would further water it down and only show the average of those three. Review average: Metacritic, Opencritic, IGDB: 82 With names "Metacritic, Opencritic, IGDB" being a link to each of the pages. Or use an icon like for MobyGames, Wikipedia and others.
  2. If the game doesn't work with dgVoodoo make a topic about it on Vogons forums in the dgVoodoo section and developer might look into it. He can't fix problems he doesn't know about. Also saying what GPU you use would be useful. Did you try running the game on your integrated graphics as well ? Sometimes those can work better.
  3. Just read the instructions under "DirectX 1-8" on the link he posted, you just need to copy few files into the game installation folder.
  4. Your processor is the one that has the integrated graphics and I checked your motherboard does have video output. As for changing the name of the exe I can confirm that works, but for id Tech 3 (aka Quake 3) engine games. COD and MOHAA are Quake 3 engine games, not 4.
  5. Did you try running the games using you integrated Intel graphics to eliminate Nvidia drivers as the issue ? I used to run Quake 4 with my Intel when I was playing a mod called "False Dawn" (I highly recommend) which had some issues with AMD cards.
  6. By "free" do you mean commercial games that I got for free on various stores, free-to-play games, or real freeware games like Knytt Stories, Seal Hunter, Super Tux Kart, etc... ?
  7. I wanted to ask a guy called "jackfuste" on Widescreen Gaming Forums to make a widescreen fix, but I never did. He made a widescreen fix for Extreme G-2 when I asked him, which is also a relatively unknown N64 game ported to PC, but it re-released on Steam few years ago. The re-release does not have widescreen, which tells a lot about how much the new publishers cared. They used dgVoodoo to fix the rendering and winmm for CD audio, so they themselves basically didn't do any hard work. As for early PC games with widescreen support I know Machines from April 1999 (one of the first 3D RTS games) and Starship Troopers Terran Ascendancy from October 2000, however menus remain 640x480.
  8. Starshot Space Circus Fever. On YouTube you will find a ton of people playing Nintendo 64 version that is far inferior, even on emulators that don't render it correctly, but you will find very few videos of PC version that is far superior and runs perfectly using nGlide. MobyGames doesn't even have screenshots for it. A bit off topic, but when Turok 1 and 2 remasters released recently many people thought they ported it to PC now, they praised the publishers for porting a N64 game after all these years, but the PC versions existed already in the 90s.
  9. Reviews are a subjective thing, this site should focus on technical aspects of games. I am against.
  10. I agree with Andytizer that Sony could be in a lot of trouble next generation. If streaming and cloud based stuff becomes more popular they simply don't have the infrastructure for it. Media claims how great Sony and Nintendo are doing, but I am not convinced. Last generation Nintendo sold 100 million Wii and 155 million DS consoles. This generation Wii U + Switch + 3DS are only at around 135 units sold in 9 years. Last generation PS3 and Xbox 360 together sold 170 million units, this generation so far is at around 150 million units, assuming Xbox sold around 50 million, but we have no confirmation for it. So, Nintendo took a serious beating since casual gamers moved to smartphones and tablets, as well as developers who used to flood their Wii and DS consoles with games (like Ubisoft or Activision that would release series like COD or Splinter Cell on their consoles). PS stole the Xbox users, but together they are stagnating. The important thing to consider is that there are now like a billion people more than when last gen started, plus China now allows the sale of consoles, so together this generation had 2 billion people larger market, yet they have not grown. As for PC, I don't know and don't care, I have my old games. I do agree with Mirh it would be interesting if more companies started making handheld gaming PCs, because now we have some advancements in Intel integrated graphics and AMD APUs. GPD has showed few days ago WIN MAX with Intel CPUS, there is that Alienware UFO thing, and ONE Mix has teased last year they will also make a small gaming handheld in the middle of this year, so by end of year we could have 3 new devices from 3 different companies. With streaming these devices now don't need to be too powerful to play the latest big games, but you could play older titles or smaller games on it without streaming.
  11. Antrad

    CD audio tracks

    The way I would like this to be handled is like the DRM warnings, where you have a note/warning that the Cd playback may be broken in Windows 7 and later with a link to a page with possible fixes. So, there should be a flag in audio settings or in middleware section for "CD audio" or something like that.
  12. Well done. Now on to the issue of CD audio tracks, July 2020 is just around the corner 😉
  13. I am annoyed that some bots and some users go around and set these to "false" and delete the user notes when it is written that they can be forced through the GPU panel, and it is left with the default "See the glossary for potential workarounds". Forcing these can cause texture artifacts in some cases, and forced anti-aliasing doesn't always work, so when I write "can be forced" it means I tested it. I would leave it as hackable, rather than false with default message.
  14. I don't care abut Saints Row personally, but always support when developers fix their old games and give new life to them.
  15. I don't know where you get that 30-40% completion that is very optimistic. The ones I checked on Steam are closer to 10% or lower. I have a similar experience. My nephews are stuck on Minecraft and now Fortnite for years. And those two games don't even have a story, characters or any depth (I know you can be creative in Minecraft, but I mean story-wise and stuff). There are so many games out there with whole worlds to explore, it is such a waste to limit yourself like that. When I was a kid I barely had any games, I mostly played demos. Me and my friend played the demo of Worms Armageddon for months. I had a demo for Sudden Strike with only one mission and I replayed it at least 10 times, shooting my own troops to increase their experience. Then there was Warlords Battlecry, Cossacks , Machines... Between 1999 and 2007 I made a list of games I planned to play when I get a new computer (and a way to actually get the games) and even after 11 years I have not finished everything from that list, not to mention all the other games I discovere in the meantime. And now I also have around 200 games on various online accounts that I got for FREE that I haven't even touched yet and most of them are very good games. Metro is in there too and I also don't know which version to play, but I lean more to the original version. In my experience remasters always mess something up.
  16. To play this you need to create a shortcut with res_paths=XP map_paths=!XP then just start a new game. Please add this to the file info.
  17. Thanks, pressing Ctrl+F5 fixed it now.
  18. Few days ago I uploaded a new cover image for game Twin Sector, but the game page still displays the old image: https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Twin_Sector This happened before, with the game Claw where I uploaded a new settings screenshot in May, but the game page still shows the old image: https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/File:Claw_-_advanced_options.png It says the new images are "current", but are not.
  19. I think when a demo is available on the store a URL is not needed, just mentioning it in the table like in my picture would be enough. URLs should be posted only if the demo is available somewhere else directly like on Fileplanet, moddb or developer web page directly, anywhere where you don't need a client or account to download it.
  20. Here I made a picture: https://i.imgur.com/cwVuEkD.png Also it is silly to say something is "rare". Should we remove all references to Linux settings, because those games are "rare" ? Also wiki supports entries for many random stuff like HDR, VR (even non-official third party solutions), Havok, Bink, borderless window, etc. You will find more games with demos than support for that kind of stuff. If you go to Steam, the "New Demos" category has over 400 entries. https://store.steampowered.com/demos/#p=0&tab=NewReleases "Popular Demos" list new big games like Shadow Of Tomb Raider, Football Manager 2019, PES 2020, Wolfenstein YB... so it is still a thing even for AAA games. https://store.steampowered.com/demos/#p=0&tab=ConcurrentUsers
  21. I think in the availability section for each store we could list if the store has a demo available for download. There are few problems. This wiki does not make a difference between an actual store and just a key reseller and sometimes the store is both. How to handle a situation if GamesPlanet sells a key for Steam and a demo is available on Steam ? Maybe instead of a checkmark, put a platform logo in there (like Steam) where you download it from, like it is done for (Steam) DRM section. Where to put links for demos available elsewhere, like on Moddb or Fileplanet ? I usually just put a link under the Availability table. https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Twin_Sector I think on Origin some games have trials that last few hours, so there should be some way to define different types. Maybe just put a "T" in the corner of an icon or something.
  22. It is fascinating to see some of the dumb mistakes Microsoft made over the years. I mean they had Windows, they had DirectX, they had a ton of PC game studios they already worked with and what do they do... they make a custom computer that uses all their PC tech, but incompatible and call it a console. Then they proceed to shut down their PC developers like Ensemble Studios, abandon or ignore their successful IPs like Dungeon Siege or Flight Simulator, etc... And what are they doing now ? They are literally buying and building studios that are exact replicas of studios they already had back then. And now they even added mouse and keyboard support for the Xbox. In 15 years they made a full circle and are back at the start.
  23. Most gaming forums that I have been visiting were shut down in the last two/three years; Seriously Forums, Facepunch Forums, WidescreenGamingForum and one abandonware forum. Some moved to Discord, that I don't use, and reddit, which I am not a fan of. I mostly use GOG forums now, but the company doesn't seem to care about the state of the forums. It has a lot of potential to become something bigger now when other forums are being shut down left and right and more old-school people like me are searching for alternatives. I visit Vogons because the dev of dgVoodoo is there and some other good people that fix old games.
  24. All this is nonsense. Death Stranding was never a exclusive in the first place, Sony only used it for marketing its platform. All games listed are third-party games only published by Sony. This is like Alan Wake, that other Remedy game, Ori and indie titles published by Microsoft that appeared on PC/Steam. Only after Gears 4 and Forza, and now MCC and Halo 6 can you see MS is really into it. Until Sony releases their first party titles like Uncharted, Shadow Of Colossus or Horizon Zero Dawn on PC (directly and not via streaming) all this is not worth discussing.
  25. Antrad

    CD audio tracks

    I am bumping up this thread, not sure if anything was done about it in the meantime. CD music playback is broken since Windows Vista: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=36870&p=643220&hilit=HardwareAudioMixer#p643220 Not only do people have trouble getting the music to play, but once it does you have no control of the music volume, changing the music volume in the settings changes other sounds as well. I experienced that in several games now. And it gets worse than that, I am currently playing a game on Windows XP, because the game changes CD music volume during gameplay, so on my new Windows 7 computer when the CD music goes silent all other sounds go silent, it is completely broken game now, because of the changes in Windows audio mixer. Just like there is a note now about broken DRM, there should be a note for games using Red Book CD Audio and we need some flag/marker in audio/middleware section for it.
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