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  1. Duke Nukem Forever! I wasn't paying attention when it came out so when I found it for cheap months later on a Steam Sale it surpassed my expectations. Just a fun popcorn/Michael Bay type story with the "Duke" humor added in. I guess some people had been counting the days while it had vaporware status and had huge expectations but since I didn't have that mindset I enjoyed it for what it was, a decent "rails" shooter in a B-movie world. I'd actually like a sequel, lol!
  2. Currently the need is not great (for buying a discrete soundcard just for games). But there are a few reasons to be hopeful for the future with more advanced audio being integrated into games. One is the push into VR will likely return attention to detailed positional audio. Hopefully these games will also be playable on normal desktop environments and still have the positional audio. Second there's Vulkan which is an alternative to Windows/DirectX (which hasn't been a strong or stable native platform for advanced audio). Whether these trends will also lead toward better util
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