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  1. Since F1 2016, all Codemasters F1 titles have incorporated Denuvo DRM. However, during a free trial period last year, F1 2017 was officially updated on Steam with an exe that did not contain Denuvo. Additionally, dev mode exes were also included. The following update reverted to include Denuvo on the main exe and removed the additional files. Given CM's propensity to delist licensed games without prior notice (see F1 2013, DiRT 1, 2, 3 and Showdown, GRID etc). there is a possibility these F1 games may not be updated before delisting to remove Denuvo. As such I was wondering what the official stance would be on uploading a zip of the four exes to the F1 2017 page? I should clarify that these haven't been modified in any way and still contain standard Steam DRM so would not constitute hosting of modified files. Alternatively, is there a way to force Steam to revert to the earlier build that would allow a legitimate Steam user to obtain these files without having to download them from another source? Also, if this is possible, would this still be the case if the game was subsequently delisted?
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