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  1. That's very fine. I've been modding games since 2005 although I'm not heavy into it anymore. For every game it's entirely different, some require third party extractor tools, some are simple replacers, other games need their .exe hacked and so on. I'll be interested in what the rest have to say about this too.
  2. Not all games can be hex modded. Denuvo anti-tamper prevents .exe hex editing as far as people are aware. Plus, there are some games with engine limitations that prevent the user from editing existing files and being replaced since they would be a different file size. But I also like the idea of native mod support. :)
  3. Hi this is my first post on this forum, I've already contributed some pages here, here, here and here! And there's more to come! I have a suggestion, to include a true/false list to say whether the game can be modded, like with textures, audio, .ini, entire models, even overhauls like with Skyrim or Mount and Blade Warband. Would be good to browse games that can be modded to find easier I think.
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