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  1. Version 1.0.5


    This is All-in-One unofficial patch for Interstate '76 and its standalone expansion pack Interstate '76 Nitro Pack, which addresses most of the critical issues with these games. It also includes Shane's netcode patches to be able to play normally over the internet when behind NAT. Included patches/fixes: Common: Fixed some, worked-around other memory management bugs, which improves stability; mission 12 -> 13 transition works in I76, also no more need for EmulateHeap shim (the only semi-useful thing from Windows 95 compatibility mode), which doesn't actually fix anything.
  2. Version 1.04


    This is All-in-One unofficial patch for The Suffering: Prison Is Hell and The Suffering: Ties That Bind, which provides all improvements and bugfixes for the games in one convenient package. Included patches/fixes: Common: Fixed the bug with game interpreting available hard disk space value incorrectly, preventing users from saving the game and the config file from being updated if they have more than 2 TB of free space on their hard drive. Widescreen support; all supported resolutions are selectable, FOV is adjusted according to the screen's aspect ratio, HUD and in-ga
  3. Version 1.1


    This is unofficial patch for retail, pre-Steam, aka. WON version of Half-Life, which main feature is allowing user to set any resolution supported by the system when running in OpenGL or Direct3D mode. Field of view is also adjusted correctly for wide displays. The patch also fixes the error about the game requiring at least 16 MB of physical memory that occurs on some systems. As a bonus, the fix for incorrect MP3 files being played in expansion packs is included when using the undocumented MP3 playback feature in Half-Life v1.1.1.0. UPDATE 11/9/2018 (v1.1): Fixed an issue with MP3
  4. Version 2.170


    This is All in One unofficial patch for Drakan: Order of the Flame and the editing tools, combining fixes from all previously developed unofficial patches and adding a lot of my own improvements, including better widescreen support, making the multiplayer component fully functional on modern operating systems and over modern internet and generally making the game more stable. Official 445 Patch must be installed before applying this patch. Changes compared to vanilla Drakan: Fixed black menu background bug. Prevented crash after selecting difficulty or pressing ESC while on th
  5. 2,493 downloads

    About This patch is intended to solve certain issues that occur on modern systems, related to game's usage of ancient DirectX APIs. It also enables the game to run via dgVoodoo DirectX wrapper. The main goal of this patch was to get the game running properly on all machines I have at home, which have graphics cards of all popular vendors (NVIDIA, AMD and Intel) and running Windows 10. The following changes have been implemented: Pass DDCREATE_EMULATIONONLY for DirectDraw objects used for intro cinematics, prevents the Fatal error message on startup or black screen during cinematics, depending
  6. Thank you for response. It occurred to me in the back of my mind that it might be that. It just came as a bit of a surprise because eg. on ModDB, you get a warning that the file must be authorized first. I did notice now that other files have the Approved by written with the rest of the information. And linking to files on external sites only requires one to solve captcha.
  7. Yesterday, I've uploaded a new patch for the classic Max Payne games that solve the major problem related to the fact that those games initialize Direct3D inside DllMain, which can cause lockups and it's the reason why the game doesn't work out of the box on ATI cards, at least without some workarounds. Here's the discussion thread on VOGONS I've made: http://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=51579 However, this is the first time I've uploaded a patch to PC Gaming Wiki and I've noticed today that the file isn't accessible to the general public, you have to be logged in (http://com
  8. Version 1.01


    Applies to latest versions of: Max Payne, Max Payne 2 This patch is intended to solve issues related to game engine initializing Direct3D inside DllMain, which most notably causes the game to hang during startup with certain combinations of graphics hardware and drivers. Additionally, it is impossible to run the game through dgVoodoo Direct3D 8 to 11 wrapper, because Direct3D 11 runtime refuses to initialize from DllMain to prevent lockups. The patch will solve above mentioned issues and possibly other problems that might be related to Direct3D initialization inside DllMain by delaying
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