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  1. I'll probably start clearing out some of these requirements next week. Anyone interested in the info, or shall I go ahead and wipe it out?
  2. We have 387 guides that use Template:pcreq, which would be my first template to purge.
  3. Our next discussion is to move PC Game requirements to PCGW - http://strategywiki.org/wiki/StrategyWiki:Staff_lounge#Remove_PC_system_requirements. You guys have a section on requirements, so I figure this is more useful. Assuming the consensus is to remove the information, would you be interested in bringing over this information before we purge it?
  4. All the engine info is now wiped out from StrategyWiki. I updated a few missing entries on PCGW, but you had most of them already. I'm bringing up the discussion for the next set of data clearing soon and will update this thread once we reach a decision.
  5. Ah, semantic mediawiki, pretty cool :). I guess if you guys aren't interested in the content of the Engine pages, then perhaps our list of games for each engine could be useful for you guys? Help make sure you haven't missed any?
  6. So you guys don't cover any content about the engines themselves? I think a lot of that information is actually just copied from wikipedia, so if if doesn't fit within your scope, we may compare with them. Do you have any tracking about which games use which engines, or is it merely just a link in the infobox?
  7. At StrategyWiki, we've been contemplating reducing our scope for things that don't directly add to guides/walkthroughs. Some of the information we have is also very specific to PC gaming. You guys cover some of it already, so as our partners, it makes sense that we move some of the content over to you. Our licenses are also one way compatible (SW -> PCGW is ok). First one we've discussed is moving all our game engine info here. Would you guys be interested in copying whatever information we have about engines over here? We have an Engines category to track them all.
  8. I don't think anyone's tried uploading a save game file, and I'm not sure how we could present them to users, but it definitely sounds like something cool to provide.
  9. New version is now running. It will create redirects on strategywiki as required. It won't add duplicate |strategywiki entries and will update existing entries. It will understand when different games have the same name, so it doesn't require any special cases for (1) above. In short, set up links however you want on pcgw, and my bot will create the redirects on strategywiki and switch the names as required. Please let me know if you notice any further issues
  10. The bot is designed to link to the pcgw name, so if someone manually enters a different name, it'll add the parameter with the proper name, but won't overwrite the existing ones. It flags duplicates like that for me to correct though.
  11. That's actually by design. We try to have redirects created for all the reasonable misspellings, or alternate names for the same game. Essentially, if a guide didn't get linked, we should create a redirect on strategywiki from the pcgw name to the sw name. The issues I've found so far: PCGW: "Rayman Raving Rabbids" - I've put a special case in the bot to avoid touching that page any further. This was released on console first, so we disambiguate them differently. SW: A few games redirect instead of having separate guides. I'll fix them up on our side, but shouldn't have any impact her
  12. I've set my bot to start updating links on both sides, but only if we both have a page about the specific game: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Special:Contributions/Auto_Prod_Bot A few points regarding the limitations of the bot: Please let me know if you notice any incorrect links. I'll be running my bot periodically and if links are modified manually, it will try to re-add it. If different games use the same name on both sites, it will link them incorrectly. We may have to rename the guide on strategywiki. The bot only follows redirects on strategywiki. If it doesn't link two guides tog
  13. Do others agree with Nicereddy? If so, what text should I put in the label? As Andytizer mentioned, when I was browsing the wiki, the small icons in the infobox are easy to miss, and not very clear on what to expect on the other side (more info, compatibility, history). Would you guys be open to increasing their clarity slightly? Or, perhaps just increase their size (maybe 25px)?
  14. That's pretty awesome! How would you guys like us to link back to you? Two general options I can think of are: * Link in infobox (similar to Neoseeker links) * Partner box (similar to Template:Wikipedia)
  15. Unfortunately, I don't think we have an SVG version :(.
  16. I think there's a slight overlap in a few things. Looking at the torchlight pages: * Infobox * Version info/patch notes * System requirements I think you also cover in-game controls on some pages, so that would also be duplicated.
  17. I'm Prod from StrategyWiki. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about us.
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