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  1. Appreciate the fix and the explanation for what's going on with the warnings, Aemony. Page now looking fixed on Android FF. 👍
  2. So I'm browsing the site on my phone on Firefox for Android, and checking out the article for Megami Ibunroku Persona when I notice that the warning about the game's language availability is in the middle of the infobox, before the series listing. This wouldn't bug me too much, except that the warning text showing up like that breaks the formatting of everything below it (screenshot attached, notice how the left margin is no longer recognized after the warning message). I tried to edit the warning for the page, but I couldn't find any code for the warning message in the page itself. Rem
  3. When I wanted to sign up for AIM back in 2001, I was a big fan of Chaos, the final boss of Sonic Adventure and went with "chaos450" at the time. Couple years later, I wanted to move on from the name+number format but wasn't sure where to go. My friend suggested appending "Neo" to it, not because of The Matrix but because I considered it something a new/fresh start and "neo" being another way to say new. I've stuck X or EX to the end of it for services where NeoChaos is already taken, but otherwise, that has been my online handle since.
  4. So I was looking over the page for Sega and took a look at the "Further results" page for the list of games published by them. However, I found a bugged query list where game titles are duplicated in the second column, which wreaks havoc with the formatting of the table on that page. A quick look at other companies that necessitate "Further results" links such as Ubisoft and Activision show that this seems to be a bug on the queries for all Company pages, but I have no idea where that query can be fixed. Anyone know how to fix this issue? EDIT: Oops, this might be better served in the Hel
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