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  1. When I wanted to sign up for AIM back in 2001, I was a big fan of Chaos, the final boss of Sonic Adventure and went with "chaos450" at the time. Couple years later, I wanted to move on from the name+number format but wasn't sure where to go. My friend suggested appending "Neo" to it, not because of The Matrix but because I considered it something a new/fresh start and "neo" being another way to say new. I've stuck X or EX to the end of it for services where NeoChaos is already taken, but otherwise, that has been my online handle since.
  2. So I was looking over the page for Sega and took a look at the "Further results" page for the list of games published by them. However, I found a bugged query list where game titles are duplicated in the second column, which wreaks havoc with the formatting of the table on that page. A quick look at other companies that necessitate "Further results" links such as Ubisoft and Activision show that this seems to be a bug on the queries for all Company pages, but I have no idea where that query can be fixed. Anyone know how to fix this issue? EDIT: Oops, this might be better served in the Help forum. Can a mod move this?
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