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  1. I'll keep that in mind for when/if I find any other drm-free games on Epic/Steam. For what it is worth, I do try to update the some of the games that I've found to be drm-free on their respective pages, but obviously, it would be difficult to test them all since many of those games I've never heard of or not that interested in. Again, I really do appreciate all of your hard work.
  2. Thank you for opening this forum topic. As a long time GOG fan (10+ years), and someone who relied on both the Steam and Epic forum topics regarding the games that are drm-free on those respective stores, it greatly annoys me that the GOG mods would lock those threads. If I end up finding any other drm-free games on Epic or Steam, what is the preferred way for you to be contacted (PC Gaming Wiki, GOG, ect.)?
  3. Version 1.0


    This mod allows full Xbox 360 controller support for MDK 2 within game play and for menu navigation. See the readme and Controller guides for details.
  4. Version 1.00


    In this zip folder, will have the files and the instructions on how to get Star Wars: Republic Commando (mostly) working with a Xbox 360 controller (note: Xinput Plus was used for some of these files). It also includes a control guide for Republic Commando on a Xbox 360 controller. ---------From the Readme--------- Readme by: Coates87 (on PC Gaming Wiki) How to enable Xbox 360 controller for Republic Commando- 1) Editing User.ini To enable joystick support for Republic Commando, first open up the User (joysitck).ini file (in notepad, preferably Notepad++) that is in t
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