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    Armistel got a reaction from It'sJustAnotherExcuse in FLYING CORPS GOLD Windows 7   
    Good morning
    and not been able to make it work, installed it without problem thanks to installer edition of Dinamic Multimedia.
    But then the game does not start (16-bit application says not supported), and compatibilities and tested all options and I can not make it work
    And with vmware it does not work in Windows XP
    It would be a pity that donot can play only flight simulator WW1 :(
    Greetings from Spain

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    Armistel reacted to Aemony in Half-Life I and Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II guns shoot nonstop   
    Someone over on GameFAQs mentioned the following to another HL1 player:
    Might be worth checking out 🙂
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    Armistel reacted to Garrett in Primal Prey (Problems   
    That's great! I have made a wiki page for this game with the fix instructions. Other details are very basic.
    A demo exists but I didn't include it on the page because I couldn't get it working (the bundled Real Arcade client says it has expired--this was originally used to turn the demo into a full version after purchase).
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    Armistel reacted to Mirh in The Secrets of Da Vinci: The Forbidden Manuscript   
    Mhh, why you don't try the demo?
    So if the problem is still there, everybody could help.
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    Armistel got a reaction from Mirh in The Nations problems   
    I solved the problem
    dv2.ca file the Spanish version for some reason it does not work on windows 7
    if you have a version in English and the dv2.ca replace it by the Spanish, the game is in Spanish and it works, I sent a Picture
    That if you have been unable to get the gold content (bonus map) it can only be played in the German or English version     Thank you very much to all   with this method the spanish we can play this game in our language in today's computers   other compatibility issues are less fixed and XD  
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