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  1. Hello, I am currently playing these games but in both cases when I use submachine guns or short arms that I shoot many times they start firing incessantly, I have looked at the options and I do not see anything strange. any ideas? regards
  2. Perfect It was exactly that Thanks you :)
  3. I have a problem, It is GOG version, the mouse is very slow, it has lowered the sensitivity to the mouse and the game in options but remains the same. Do you know how I can make it go well? regards
  4. solved, closed topic, (it's in the mouse options) is a bit weird
  5. Hi , i have one problem i install the game ( gog) , i open the programm and ..... Any solution ? Greetins
  6. Hello as indicated, I'm playing Tomb Raider III and I know that line in the menu, I leave an image Do you know how to remove it? https://imgur.com/PPepZIh
  7. Hello. You will install the game, everything is fine, but when I get in the graphics is fatal in the environment, and I do not know how to use it, I use windows 7 The game becomes unplayable. please help
  8. Armistel

    Primal Prey (Problems

    I already did well, with that tool works wonderfully, thank you all (special nico)
  9. Armistel

    Primal Prey (Problems

  10. Armistel

    Primal Prey (Problems

    I do not know if I'm doing it right or wrong, but what I tried has not improved a lot :(
  11. Armistel

    Primal Prey (Problems

    I do not quite understand how to use that program, Can i make a detailed explanation please If you need some files of the uploader you can tell me
  12. Hello comrades, I have a problem, install the runaway Game 3, I install normamente. But when I try to run it gives me error that says I can not run the display adapter. When I go to confing me nothing comes out, I leave screenshots, regards Hello comrades, I have a problem, install the runaway Game 3, I install normamente. But when I try to run it gives me error that says I can not run the display adapter. When I go to confing me nothing comes out, I leave screenshots, regards
  13. Armistel

    Runaway 3 (Help Me)

    I know that is not a solution, but when buying a 1920 x 1080 monitor fixes the problem, so those with older monitors do not know how to fix that, in such a case Case Closed, thank you all
  14. I have a problem with The Secrets of Da Vinci: The Forbidden Manuscript / Los Secretos de Da Vinci: El Manuscrito Prohibido I recorded a little video so you can see the problem (but it is actually worse than what you see in the) https://mega.nz/#!OUpRULqb!1N2rRWMFXtnRH9x-Z4la0wZusdhFd1erlTi9zCczVSU everything starts to move and is unplayable, veible all, menu, videos, inside game, options, credits (all) i am use Windows 7 nose if will do, but there is a config file that says this [OPTION] MIXING=S SAVE=1 SPEED=-1 SUBTITLE=1 AMBIENT=100 SFX=100 VOICE=100 bUseHardware=1 bUse32BitsSprites=1 bUse32BitsScreen=1 bFullScreen=1 bScreenResolution=2 dataset=2 nVolume=100 bSoftBilinear=0 bCenterMouse = 1 LOC=SP [iNSTALL] PATH=datas
  15. friend, my English level is not so good and I did not understand XD
  16. By putting fullscreen 0 is arranged, I'm not a big fan of windowed mode, but better able to not play. Maybe with the executable demo is fixed on the big screen? who knows
  17. Armistel

    Runaway 3 (Help Me)

    do not either run :(
  18. Armistel

    Runaway 3 (Help Me)

    Nothing, I been looking but no idea, I leave a link with the files I think they are configaricon if anyone knows edit and properly put it, the fact is that and played a game of this same company more modern than this and no I had that problem (Hollywood Monsters 2). https://mega.nz/#!DYBTVKKZ!xRCzmrQO3MuDMvrTZHr1QH9NiIULQuwanQ9_ZztIZys
  19. Myst Online: Uru Live Hola was translated and dubbed into Spanish, English, French, Italian and German. Both files as sound voices are included in the pitcher on page http://mystonline.com/es/jugar/ http://www.fileplanet.com/209790/200000/fileinfo/Myst-Online:-URU-Live-Client-v.887 The funny thing once em the game, installed no way to switch to other languages or options or replacing files. (If you substitute files downloaded again and put in English) So the question is. How can you change the language? users for Spanish , Italians, French and Germans also can enjoy the game in their native language Greetings from Spain Saludos desde España
  20. Good morning The game FLYING CORPS GOLD. and not been able to make it work, installed it without problem thanks to installer edition of Dinamic Multimedia. But then the game does not start (16-bit application says not supported), and compatibilities and tested all options and I can not make it work And with vmware it does not work in Windows XP It would be a pity that donot can play only flight simulator WW1 :( Greetings from Spain
  21. Armistel


    Maybe you can play using DOSBOX? although I will not do is but it may well be the only option for now. I forgot to mention that also use the trick of explore.exe in the .bat Maybe in future GOG do http://www.gog.com/wishlist/games/flying_corps_gold
  22. Hola Hello partners. There is a big problem with the Spanish version of Gorasul "el legado del dragón" in Spain This game can not be played in Spanish without original cd without the game does not open if you put a patch to play Internet. The game is changed to German or English language (including voices) Nose like to play my game comfortably in my language without cd, If more information is needed as installation files or anything else, just tell me PLEASE HELP Saludos desde España
  23. patch 1.06 I change the game language Other patch does the same and if you upgraded as the game goes The same. Maybe I am wrong. ¿I can up the game so that they can look?
  24. Armistel

    SWGB Gunga Unit Fade

    I will next time full title