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  1. Ouch. That's a hard conclusion. I agree it's not the most PC-friendly game, but the controls are quite OK. You can scroll through the PipBoy with WASD, and the keyboard mapping in general is pretty logical. (I am pressing V all the time to get into V.A.T.S. though, hehe.) The only really hateful thing is the dialogue wheel, but you know, you'll get used to it as you did with Mass Effect. Major thing though: When the game indicates Enter, you can also push E. Having to reach for Enter all the time is annoying, and Bethesda should've known that. And about the graphics... yeah they're not state-of-the-art, but the game world is nonetheless beautiful. Saying that the game looks like a modded Fallout 3 goes a bit far, imho. What I find the most jarring is that they didn't include proper AA options. TXAA is just way too blurry, so I turn it off and use SMAA through ReShade. Which doesn't help that much, but you know, jaggies > blur.
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