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  1. I actually think this is a solid idea. I would take this a step further and use this to point out if the EXE is in a subfolder as well (example: {{P|game}}\Binaries\Danielle\x64\Release\Prey.exe) Normally I would also say that Installation Folder isn't all that helpful, but there are some edge cases that are... unreasonable. Most notably, you may have trouble finding Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 in your Steamapps\common folder. That's because it's called Suzy. I could see it being standard practice to have an {{ii}} under game data if the folder has a strange name such as this, or not
  2. Version 1.0.0


    GreedFall has roughly ten seconds of logos on startup. However, deleting the files will cause the game to crash on startup. This file contains two video (MP4) files, named after the movie files included in the game. These files are blank placeholders that will replace the intros, skipping straight into the first loading screen. To install these files, follow the directions on the PCGW article for GreedFall, or use the README file included. Both video files should be placed in <path-to-game>\boot\data\video.
  3. I've had my eye on this game for ages, it's been in my backcatalogue of "games that will never see the light of day during your lifetime." If progress keeps going with this, hopefully the current license holders (probably EA and/or Warner Brothers) will find it worth their while to sell the game once again on GOG/Origin/Steam with a simple ScummVM setup should a company like Night Dive approach them. It's still a bit of a pipedream, but at least 1% based in reality now.
  4. It's kinda funny seeing this name, as I haven't gone by this in a long time. It was kind of just a random two names I threw out there, and it stuck... but then I started seeing it elsewhere, or I would try to sign up somewhere and find the name was already taken. It quickly became more trouble than it was worth. It took a very long time to settle for a good name, much less one that actually meant something, and finding something actually original was even more difficult. Not an elegant tale nor a very interesting one, but there it is.
  5. Hi, At the moment, I am preparing to create a page for Serious Sam Fusion 2017, which released recently in beta. However, since this name may change to "Fusion" or a different year in the future, should I leave the year in the name off when creating the page? For reference, here is the game in question: http://steamcommunity.com/app/564310/
  6. Garrett has the right idea. Star Wars: Dark Forces II had the same issue on Nvidia graphics cards that tried to use 3D acceleration back when the game first launched on Steam. If all else fails, try a Software renderer (if the game has one).
  7. I would go for Head Bobbing (or some other name, like "Movement Animation") and combine the rest into Extra Effects. Much like Antialiasing, the Notes box can be used to specify Chromatic Aberration, Bloom, Motion Blur, Vignette. I'm just not sure that the effects in that category really need to be separated. EDIT: A box for Enabling/Disabling HUD would also be a nice addition.
  8. To add to what's here already, two fixes that have been of great use in the past to me: BAD WINDOWS 10 UPGRADE PERFORMANCE​ (Multiple Games, e.g. Shadow of Mordor) - The Windows 10 Upgrade can really reduce performance. Make use of the "Reset Your PC" option in Settings > Recovery or complete a Fresh Install to resolve this problem. It will take a bit of time, though. All your old programs will be under Windows.old, though I'd recommend backing up the actual data portions of this (e.g. saves that store themselves in the game directory, custom INIs, Steam\userdata, Steam\music) befo
  9. Quick question: how about SLI/Crossfire? ​It seems a bit mixed, the way we talk about this now. Sometimes it's a {{--}}key point, other times it's left as a FixBox. I think a dedicated Video Settings spot for Multi-GPU configurations may be a good addition to the normal Video Settings chart, right next to 4K and Windowed. A clear Native/Hackable/No might be a good addition to this chart, to make talking about multi-GPU setups a bit more standardized.
  10. Perhaps it's time to add an area to the system requirements where the actual size of the game is mentioned? This may help for games like Overwatch, where the game recommends a good 30GB of space on the box then only has a 6.1GB file size. Yes, Overwatch really is that small. It may get updates over time, but 30GB won't fill itself.
  11. Can't say much about most of these points, but perhaps it's time to add icons for more DRM systems? For example, a dedicated SafeDisc icon, a SecuROM icon, a Tages icon, a picture of an optical disc drive with a question mark for "Disc must be in system," etc. I can see this being particularly helpful, especially when SecuROM and Starforce are thrown into the mix.
  12. Thanks, I'll update the wiki page to properly use this.
  13. For the game "Afterlife" by LucasArts, there are three configuration files; the one for the DOS version, the DOSBox.conf file, and the Win95 version. How can I format this to make two paths under the same OS family?
  14. I believe "Hackable" should range from anything between an INI tweak to external program with Batchfiles. It only gets to be "true" if the game supports it, with either an option in-game (Settings Menu), console command (if the console can be opened without tweaking the game), or keyboard shortcut (e.g. Alt-Enter for Window/Fullscreen toggle). Drivers, external programs, INI tweaks, and all other kinds of tweaks that involve changing the game in a way that the game itself wasn't meant to be changed counts as "Hackable." For example, using AMD Crimson to force Vertical Sync in Borderla
  15. Alright, then. Thanks for the clarification. While I'm here, another quick question: if a game has subtitles but is almost entirely text-based, do we mark subtitles as true with notes, or false?
  16. Suggestions noted, thanks for the tips. As far as SteamID goes, I think I might have accidentally grabbed it from Steam's properties instead of from the store page. Whoops. :\ Rebuild 3 doesn't have a Wikipedia page, so I figured it would be best to remove the page altogether than have a broken link or one that leads directly to the home page.
  17. Hi, I started occasionally contributing to this website a few months ago, but after being contacted by a few members for concerns regarding the rules I was accidentally breaking, I left editing alone for a while to get a better idea of how to work with the site. Today, I came back to edit for the first major edit since being contacted. I wanted to know if the following article I've written is up to standards, or if I'm still botching it in one way or another. Since no existing article was on the site for Putt-Putt 4, I've created a new article from scratch. http://pcgamingwiki.co
  18. While the FarCryConfigurator.exe seems to be completely worthless once you've installed the game for the first time, the in-game options worked when I set the game to High Lighting instead of Very High. With that and the 64-bit/ECU patches, it works at a solid 90-170 FPS. There's something odd about the water reflections, but it's nothing game-breaking. Oh, and I also had to switch back to DirectX 9. On the 32-bit version, DX9 gave me a black screen, and OGL gave me the display I linked earlier in the thread. It seems you need to run OGL at least once before DX9 works. Thanks for a
  19. I didn't know there was a 64-bit version, thanks for the heads-up. Wait, this game's from 2004, that means it was meant for... [gag] Windows XP 64-bit... [vomit]
  20. Hi, I picked up Far Cry Classic on GOG a while back. Sadly, my AMD card seems to hate this game with a passion, and I haven't found a solution as of yet. It seems to be lighting-related, as enemies are invisible when not lit but visible when shooting (aka lit by their weapons). If it helps, here's an annotated video clip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOp9r6OPd2M
  21. Microsoft's got to create some kind of official emulator that supports DRM-based games. This complete shut-down of older games on Windows 10 is a level of bullshit I can't comprehend, and they're actively encouraging piracy by destroying legimate users' purchased products.
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