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    AmethystViper reacted to tremirodomi in What free games are worth it?   
    Cave Story. It's only really worth getting the paid version of the game if you like the game that much, really (although it's best if you don't anyways because of the whole deal with Nicalis).
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    AmethystViper reacted to Antrad in CD audio tracks   
    1) This Wiki lists a lot of technical aspects of games like DRM, graphics and sound API, physics middleware, etc... so listing that the game uses CD audio tracks for music and/or sound effects would make sense.
    2) Some older games can have issues playing CD tracks on modern Windows, so you need to use a custom winmm.dll, then rip them to OGG format and then put everything in the game installation folder (some old games are re-realeased like this on digital platforms, for example Extreme G-2). This info would be useful on pages of games with that problem.
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    AmethystViper reacted to Antrad in CD audio tracks   
    I am bumping up this thread, not sure if anything was done about it in the meantime.
    CD music playback is broken since Windows Vista:
    Not only do people have trouble getting the music to play, but once it does you have no control of the music volume, changing the music volume in the settings changes other sounds as well. I experienced that in several games now. And it gets worse than that, I am currently playing a game on Windows XP, because the game changes CD music volume during gameplay, so on my new Windows 7 computer when the CD music goes silent all other sounds go silent, it is completely broken game now, because of the changes in Windows audio mixer.
    Just like there is a note now about broken DRM, there should be a note for games using Red Book CD Audio and we need some flag/marker in audio/middleware section for it.
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    AmethystViper reacted to Andytizer in PCGamingWiki's 8th birthday and winter giveaway   
    We are about to turn 8 years old, and we have achieved a hell of a lot in 2019. This is a post is a thank you to the community that makes PCGamingWiki happen. As in true PCGamingWiki style, we are celebrating early by giving out some presents right as Steam's winter sale begins. Spend wisely and I hope that you all have a good PC gaming winter break! Here's to 8 great years of fixing PC games.
    For our Editors - £10:
    AlRayes_BRN Baronsmoki Cptmold Hawaii Beach Jigen123 Marioysikax Mars icecream Nccvoyager Nicereddy Rose Silent SirYodaJedi For our Moderators - £25:
    Aemony Blackbird Expack3 Garrett Mirh Snuxoll Suicide machine Vetle Extra special bonus for Aemony, Rose and Snuxoll of £25 extra each.
    If you feel that anyone else deserves a reward please send me a message.
    To claim your reward, please add Andytizer on Steam and send a PM on Discord if you haven't received anything yet. Bear in mind if we are not already friends, then you will have to wait 3 days in order for Steam trading to be enabled.
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    AmethystViper reacted to Andytizer in Proposal: Genres and Modes   
    So this is the first step in broadening the scope of the wiki, which will only help PC gaming users and give more options. We already track multiplayer types, eg local co-op. Genres will help us do cool things like make a list of Puzzle games that support 4K and controller, or a list of First person shooters with high frame rate support, etc.
    Each article will end up being a balance that covers technical fixes as well information for the general user. At the end of the day the technical fixes side will be the main part of the site and I won't force anyone to moderate/edit the broader more Wikipedia-like side of the site either :).
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    AmethystViper reacted to Andytizer in Blade Runner (1997) added to GOG.com for its first ever digital release   
    Blade Runner, the iconic Westwood Studios adventure game, is now available on GOG.com - 22 years after its original release on Windows, Mac and Linux.
    We never thought that this game would see a release due to the legal limbo it remained in. However thanks to a deal between Alcon Interactive Group and GOG.com, we now have the game in its very first digital distribution release.
    This port of the game is possible thanks to recent developments in ScummVM which allows the game to be played on modern operating systems.
    The game is currently on 10% discount during the Winter Sale, which ends January 2nd, 2020. Make sure to check out our PCGamingWiki article for future fixes and information.
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    AmethystViper got a reaction from snaplap625 in Tron: Evolution SecuROM DRM expiration makes game unplayable 9 years after release   
    Reasons why DRM needs to be abolished.
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    AmethystViper reacted to Mirh in Tron: Evolution SecuROM DRM expiration makes game unplayable 9 years after release   
    Oh, nice. Now this will be another source of easy misunderstandings and FUD, when trying to discuss the technical aspect of the things.
    And I'm betting some website will have made an article somehow describing securom has "gotten broken" and at the same time "already got broken by windows 10".
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    AmethystViper reacted to Andytizer in Tron: Evolution SecuROM DRM expiration makes game unplayable 9 years after release   
    Players trying to launch Tron: Evolution are now met with a message telling them that the 'serial key has expired'. This applies to the retail version as well as the Steam version which is delisted from the store. Players who previously bought the game can no longer install the game, and are met with these messages when attempting to install:

    The cause of this problem appears to be Disney not renewing their 'subscription' to the SecuROM activation system for this game. This means that even existing owners of the delisted game cannot install it for the foreseeable future.
    User SillyWalk gives us ths update from SecuROM support:

    User raidebaron received this message from Disney Games & Apps Support:
    Tron: Evolution was never very popular, receiving a very low active player count on Steam throughout its life. However there are legitimate purchasers out there who want to play the game even 9 years after release. Hopefully Disney will be able to resolve the situation or else this is going to be another one of those black marks against DRM and another reason that legitimate game owners are 'punished' for buying games, whereas those who pirated this game arguably get a better DRM-free experience.
    Check out our Tron: Evolution wiki article for more information on the game, including its reliance on Games for Windows - LIVE DRM, as if you didn't need another reason not to be able to play the game.
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    AmethystViper reacted to pcblues in Tron: Evolution SecuROM DRM expiration makes game unplayable 9 years after release   
    Trust is the issue. How to make users honest is probably a bigger problem than companies using DRM. PKZip is the best case in point.
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    AmethystViper reacted to Marc in Tron: Evolution SecuROM DRM expiration makes game unplayable 9 years after release   
    DRM = The plague! Simply avoid companies that sell such software!
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    AmethystViper got a reaction from masonicon in Tron: Evolution SecuROM DRM expiration makes game unplayable 9 years after release   
    Reasons why DRM needs to be abolished.
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    AmethystViper reacted to Luigi master89 in Tron: Evolution SecuROM DRM expiration makes game unplayable 9 years after release   
    DRM, like the law, only punishes those who choose to adhere by it.  I wonder if there's a no cd crack for it.
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    AmethystViper reacted to AlexKVideos1 in Tron: Evolution SecuROM DRM expiration makes game unplayable 9 years after release   
    Sadly companies will keep getting away with this too, Disney doesn't care, and will do nothing. Shame on them.
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    AmethystViper reacted to snaplap625 in Tron: Evolution SecuROM DRM expiration makes game unplayable 9 years after release   
    Pretty sad honestly, DRM is such a disgusting practice.
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    AmethystViper reacted to Andytizer in TweakGuides shutting down, rehosted by PCGamingWiki   
    We aren't going to make those articles 'wiki-editable', it's there as an archive.
    However I am considering other methods of incorporating similar tweaking information and I'd be happy to take feedback. I think most tweaks are too verbose and niche for the main article. However we could easily have a subpage e.g. Fallout 4/Tweaks which lists every single variable and can be contributed by all users.
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    AmethystViper reacted to Andytizer in TweakGuides shutting down, rehosted by PCGamingWiki   
    Koroush announced recently that TweakGuides, one of the best sources of PC game tweaks, is sadly going to be shutting down. 
    Koroush has graciously allowed third parties to mirror the TweakGuides website under the Creative Commons Attribution International (CC BY 4.0) license. PCGamingWiki articles contain multiple references to TweakGuides, and we have decided to mirror and preserve the content so that our links are not broken when the main site goes offline.
    You can find the mirror at tweakguides.pcgamingwiki.com and all the Wiki's internal links have been updated to the new address.
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    AmethystViper reacted to Silent in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas free on Rockstar Games Launcher   
    Those sources have been corrected since:
    Aspect ratio is equally broken in Steam and in RGL versions - Vadim just forgot to move SilentPatch out of his Steam directory (which fixes aspect ratio). It doesn't have any more music cuts than the Steam version - that was just poor wording. This release is nearly identical to a Steam version, but Rockstar attempted to fix game's inherent mouse issues - the key word is attempted, as their fix is partial at best and if they spent more than 5 minutes playtesting this release, they likely would have noticed.
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    AmethystViper reacted to Andytizer in Batman games FREE on Epic Games Store, Denuvo-free and free of other DRM   
    Batman: Arkham Collection and Lego Batman Trilogy are free on Epic Games Store, deal is up on the 26th September 2019.
    This is the first time we've seen Batman: Arkham Knight without Denuvo, which may offer some performance improvements over the Steam version.
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    AmethystViper reacted to AnotherGills in Senran Kagura: Peach Ball launching for PC on August 14th   
    XSEED Games has announced that the latest entry in the Senran Kagura franchise, Senran Kagura Peach Ball, will be released on August 14th, 2019.
    Initially released on December 13, 2018 in Japan, and July 9th, 2019 in North America for the Nintendo Switch, this will be one of the timeliest PC release of a Senran Kagura spin-off. Unlike the previous beat-em up games in the franchise, Peach Ball is an anime-styled pinball title.
    Peach Ball will be released on Steam with a launch week 10% discounted price of $35.99.
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    AmethystViper reacted to AnotherGills in Microsoft adding mod support for Windows Store games   
    Since inception, one of the most criticized elements of Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform is the lack of support for file modification. After many years, it seems Microsoft is finally changing their tune. In the current build of Windows 10, Reddit user Pycorax has found a folder with an interesting name in their Program Files directory, titled “Modifiable Windows Apps”.
    Microsoft’s official webpage provides more information, shedding light on the folder’s purpose.
    While modding was definitely possible (albeit difficult) on UWP applications,
    Microsoft finally supporting file modification will alleviate what is perhaps the most controversial issue plaguing the Universal Windows Platform.
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    AmethystViper reacted to AnotherGills in Epic Games Store seemingly removing free games from user libraries   
    One of the few positively received features of the Epic Games Store is the offering of free games (in the vein of Origin’s “On The House” feature). It seems the free games are not being bound to a user’s account according to some users. Once a user uninstalls a free game from the Epic Games Store, they have no option to re-install it, leading to users losing access to the game.
    The latest title impacted by this “practice” is Slime Rancher, which seems to have been removed from a user's account when 'uninstalled'.
    Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games, has since responded to the backlash on Twitter, blaming user error:
    One problem is that it has been difficult to check whether free games were ever redeemed as the Epic Games Store website only ever showed 90 days of purchase history. Tim Sweeney responded:
    Part of the issue is that when a user claims the 'free' games. Epic Games Store did not send out email notification confirmations. Tim Sweeney has responded:
    The current free Epic game is Torchlight. Torchlight will be replaced with Limbo on July 18, 2019. Once Torchlight is cycled out, we will be able to confirm whether this was simply an isolated issue.
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    AmethystViper reacted to AnotherGills in Retroarch emulation software coming to Steam on July 30th   
    Today, Retroarch, one of the most popular emulation programs, has been announced to be receiving a Steam release on July 30th.
    Retroarch is a modular program, essential a front-end for individual emulator programs referred to as “cores”. This allows emulation for a multitude of consoles (ranging from the Atari 2600 to the Nintendo Gamecube).
    Seeing Retroarch receive a full Steam release is unexpected, mainly due to the general perception of emulation being correlated with software piracy. Regardless, it is a welcome addition, and perhaps could lead to more legitimatizing press for emulation.
    The most interesting news to accompany the Steam release comes from the announcement, stating:
    Who knows what sort of Steamworks functionality awaits Retroarch as the release becomes more polished.
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    AmethystViper reacted to AlexKVideos1 in Retroarch emulation software coming to Steam on July 30th   
    An emulation program coming to Steam? This is actually a pretty big step into normalizing emulation. People think of it as piracy only because they don't understand what it is. Once you put it out on center stage on a trusted platform, then people might start to take notice, and look into it. Though, this can bring up the problem with copyright holders, and if they see these programs as an attack on their rights, so putting something like this on Steam might also be a bad move. We'll definitely have to see where this goes, hoping for the best.
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    AmethystViper reacted to AlexKVideos1 in tinyBuild CEO attributes anti-piracy DRM stance to improper representative training, announces updates for GOG versions of their titles   
    This still rubs me the wrong way. We have posts from May 2019 that complain of this missing content, which probably means this content was missing even before this. Yet all of the sudden, Alex Nichiporchik cares about the GOG releases after major backlash...
    Its great that this content is coming, but it seems he is only doing it because of the backlash. If this backlash never happened, I'd imagine they would have done jack shit.
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