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  1. Khimera: Destroy All Monster Girls is a fun game if you enjoy games similar to Shantae or Shovel Knight with a bit of Kirby or Mega Man thrown into the mix. • Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/467380/Khimera_Destroy_All_Monster_Girls/ • Itch: https://suits-sandals.itch.io/khimera-destroy-all-monster-girls Chester Classic is a game I had previous experience on Xbox 360 when it was on their Xbox LIVE Indie Games section, it's like a mash-up and tribute to odd action side-scrollers like Earthworm Jim with various "Chesters" you can play as parodying various classic video games. This particular version was an enhanced version of the XBLIG version but it was recently re-released as freeware on PC some time ago as the developer is working on a new Unity remake under the name of Chester One. • Chester Classic (along with a port of the original and soon alphas/betas): https://bennfried.itch.io/chester-classic Tyrian 2000 is definitely a classic shoot 'em up with lots of weapons and modes to play around with, and the story mode is really cool. GOG has the 2000 version pre-packaged with DOSBox in an easy-to-play package, though there's the OpenTyrian port too though I don't see much development for that port and it's based on the older versions of Tyrian. • Tyrian 2000 on GOG: https://www.gog.com/game/tyrian_2000 • OpenTyrian: https://bitbucket.org/opentyrian/opentyrian/wiki/Home
  2. Version 1.0.0


    The original update patches for DYSNOMIA and DYSNOMIA ExBurst retrieved from 2CCP's defunct website using the Internet Archive and downloading the original files from their (still active) Google Drive links. The included readme file features details about each patch and how to use them to upgrade the original DYSNOMIA (the original Comiket 75 release) to DYSNOMIA ExBurst or to update the latter from a later re-release (e.g. DLsite, the Comiket 77 release). These patches are uploaded for posterity and provided as-is.
  3. This particular release of Rockman X for Windows is something I've been curious about for a long time since seeing images of the box itself but alas I never could find a way to play it to see if it's a native PC port or a re-release of the shoddy DOS version.
  4. Version 1.0.0

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    This is the v1.06 update patch for the original Armored Hunter GUNHOUND (not EX) for those that have gotten a hold of the original CD-ROM or DLsite releases of the game. The zip archive simply contains a new executable with the updates and fixes. Just extract the new executable and overwrite the original when prompt. This file was pulled from Dracue Software's shut down official game website via Wayback Machine and being uploaded as-is here for posterity.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    NOTE: I am NOT the creator of this desktop icon, credit goes to Steam user Carloskun. https://steamcommunity.com/app/386770/discussions/0/3185654583880851121/ The original Caladrius Blaze desktop icon is very low, blurred resolution at 48x48. A user on Steam, Carloskun, has made a faithful and higher resolution one (up to 256x256) based off an official poster of the game (minus the logo featured on the original desktop icon).
  6. Yeah but it's still sad that Rockstar are never going get over themselves for what happened with the "Hot Coffee" incident if they're spending this much effort to try and stop modders from even modding their games.
  7. Vadim M has confirmed this is similar to the Steam version except for: Uses Rockstar's own DRM Has even worse Widescreen support (the game looks more distorted in widescreen it seems) Apparently has even less music than the mobile and current Steam version Forgot to mention the downgrade tool doesn't work on the RGL version of San Andreas sadly. Hopefully the folks at GTA Forums can update the tool to fix this issue and the outdated mods it came with that gave me problems with the game after the downgrade. Sources: https://twitter.com/NationalPepper/status/1173998430080962568 https://twitter.com/NationalPepper/status/1174002885539061762 Edit: These error findings were corrected by Silent.
  8. I hope for the best for this too, though I wouldn't be surprised if pirates that are already abusing the Steam Workshop for the Sega Genesis Hub emulator that Sega released and take advantage of the tools for uploading ROM hacks (a.k.a. the "mods" of games available on Steam) to the Workshop as a means to pirate even more ROMs/Warez (including games that aren't on the Sega Genesis) that may or may not be legally available already through Steam.
  9. First Inti Creates with how they screwed Kickstarter backers, Igarashi, and Fangamer over with how they handled giving them (myself included) the PC version of Curse of the Moon and are so adamant about pushing Steam DRM down our throats for that'd make an open letter about it when they were called out on it rather than letting backers have a GOG/DRM-free version of the game like the campaign promised, now these guys are desperate about "maintaining sales" that they'll stop supporting games they've put out on GOG... the nerve of developers these days...
  10. That could be a possibility for Mighty Gunvolt Burst since 3DS and Switch versions had Ekoro available on their respective demos and could be transfered to the full game (though I'm not sure if she's available for Hard mode if those only transfered her save file to the full game rather than buying her DLC outright for those versions), while the PlayStation 4 version port (a.k.a. Gal*Gunvolt Burst) had Ekoro available right from the start and had DLC packs for the other characters from their respective series (e.g. the "rivals" like Copen/Acura, RAY, and Kurona in one pack, and "supporting" characters like Call and Joule in another). Question is will this Steam version will have Ekoro available from the get-go like in the PlayStation 4 port.
  11. It seems like that statement might be a typo and what they're trying to say that every DLC character (e.g. RAY, Joule, Kurona) will be available for purchase upon the game's release which are about ~$2 USD a piece and there's about 6 characters from the console version (5 since the 3DS port couldn't fit Tenzou from Gal*Gun due to memory limitations according to Inti Creates).
  12. Mighty No. 9 recently has became one of mine, even moreso on PC. As much as this game has got bashed on by critics and especially the toxic hatedom it gained, I found the game fun to play. Is it amazing or ground-breaking? Not really in my opinion, but I don't need it to be. While it does have some problems I could make a list of, but for what it did for me, it kept me playing and getting better, driving me to better high scores and learn some of the nuances in its gameplay. My experience with Mighty No. 9, if anyone would believe it, started with the Wii U version, which isn't the console-bricking mess many are claiming, it was far from ideal thanks to performance issues, bugs and glitches left over (from my experience, most were harmless but a few times it crashed and hard locked the system until I rebooted it), and longer loading times (but it was nothing compared to Sonic the Hedgehog 2006). It was decent when I first played it on Wii U despite these problems, but since I've recently purchased the game again on Steam, my experience with Mighty No. 9 has been so much better. I've heard accusations of the game being badly optimized on PC, which is absolutely not true for me; I have a relatively medium-spec system running Windows 10 Home 64-bit with a Nvidia GeForce GTX 750, AMD FX-4350, and 4GB of RAM, and Mighty No. 9 is running beautifully for me. Haven't ran into any bugs, playing on max settings at 1080p, runs at a slick 60 FPS with very rare and few frames drops, almost no load times, and controls are sharp and responsive, even with V-sync enabled. All this blew my expectations of playing the game on PC and enjoying the game even more for it.
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