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  1. Okay. i did finish up a solution (with help of someone at the Cheat Engine Forums) in .CT form but never got round to putting it into an external executable. i might end up posting one but as it is right now? i've uploaded it to the files area and will see about posting the link to it once it is approved there. I will share the description of the file here too though:
  2. Version Final?


    Use this to change the FOV ingame. Requires CE to use. ------ This works by checking if the FOV as stored in game memory meets the condition of being between 39 and 52 (also checking if leaning). 39 being the lowest desirable number to modify. Going any lower leaves any ADS modes unusable due to lack of zoom. 52 being the highest desirable number to modify. Sprinting usually sends the camera FOV past the standing FOV of 51 into the 53+ range. When you modify any of the sprint numbers past 52, the sprint camera draws out backwards far too much to be usable. The drawback of having these numbers as the limits is the obvious "change" when you change from one viewpoint to another. The lean check number of 41 is to prevent similar camera issues as described with sprinting when you are leaning from cover. this is separately changeable to allow for the player to reduce camera issues with leaning. What is unknown to me as the author of this CT is if the FOV being referred to is Horizontal or Vertical. Personal Current Preference of modifier numbers are anywhere between 28-30, thus forcing the 51 of standing fov up to around 79-81. ------ For the curious, The standard numbers for multiple states as stored in game memory: Standing 51 Crouch 49 ACOG 16 6X Scope 8.5 ADS (with or without Reflex) 34.01699829 Crouched ADS (with or without Reflex) 33.16657257 Lean out (Crouch) 39 Lean out (Not Crouched) 40 Sprint varies but tends to increase FOV dramatically past 51, sending any attempt at modification haywire. ------ To verify these numbers yourself, Load up CE and do a float search for the FOV listed with your state. Multiple results will show up that have the same value but I created this in the first place to avoid any messing about unless you really are just curious (like i was). You are free to modify the AA script to change the condition numbers to see the effects listed in the explanation. You are also free to examine how this works and possibly work it into your own implementation outside of CE. Shoutouts in any possible outside implementation would be nice but not required. ------ Okay, all tech stuff out of the way? good. I haven't tested this online and don't plan to since i'm not going to risk my Punkbuster status on it either. do so at your own risk. Also shoutout to ParkourPenguin of the CE Forums for cleaning up my messy but working AA script into something neat and tidy. Worked on between 2015 and sometime early/mid 2016. -JJXB
  3. Current Post with Early (Working?) Solution CT Video of a reduced FOV table in effect
  4. Link to the post with a download of the cheat table as it stands
  5. sorry for radio silence on this but i can only work on so much before hitting a brick wall of "can't think". came back to it today and i got it *less* screwy with the detection somehow along with adding ways of monitoring some of the incoming and outgoing numbers. Help on this would be much appreciated however since the post i'll link to explains why i've run into another zone of confusion over how edi+30 and any values that might modify esi+30 are also affecting edi+30. Aforementioned progress post with details if you'd rather i post the contents of what i posted verbatim in the future, i'll be willing to do so but i can only do so if i know that people would rather i do so.
  6. In my messing around with Cheat Engine, i thought i might be able to see if i could modify FOV in V2 in some way. As it turns out i've found at least *something* related to it. it appears that the standard FOV inside the engine is referred as "51" in float values. I've found a lot more and even got round to modifying it in some way though i am encountering some hurdles. Either way, some progress towards a user-modifiable method of FOV modification instead of the current "aspect ratio bound" is something i hope will help. Here's the thread i have on the cheat engine forum, including AA script for CE to modify FOV in some way Direct link to the post that has script and video in it (Very WIP)
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