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  1. It seems redundant because that's exactly what it is: a redundant solution. As for your other point I don't think it would be such a bad thing to add sub-sections below the Video Settings table named "For AMD GPU users" or "For Nvidia GPU users" or "For Intel GPU users" since those compatibility issues are game-specific most of the time. It wouldn't look fancy, but I don't think it would bloat the page either. It's important information after all.
  2. I think that anything requiring actions outside of the game itself, regardless of how mundane and/or safe those actions are, should be considered as "hackable" and not "true". But I guess that decision is ultimately up to the higher authroities of this website.
  3. How do you guys define abandonware? Because most of the time I see the meaning change from one person to another.
  4. I think that most of the lists mentioned are well presented but if we have to pick one model and stick to it then I would pick something similar to "List of Local Multiplayer Games", as in: -A first part where everything related to the list/project is explained -Key points of each section -List of relevant games I think the following list row structure would work well: [Game name | Main points relevant to the project | Extra info (such as the Metacritic score, genre, etc.) | Additional notes] The extra info would be stuff common to all lists, so we'd also have to pick a way to order it.
  5. Have you tried Afterburner with NVENC like Mirh said?
  6. Oh, yes, I forgot to mention that I do use those. They do give a boost to performance, but not as much as I wish they would.
  7. Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately I do not own a nVidia GPU. After further testing and by setting the frame size to 720p and the framerate to 30 I was able to reduce the performance hit to less than 5 FPS. I guess this really is a hardware issue, ultimately. But I'm still not sure why the hardware refuses to go all the way up to 99% of usage if necessary.
  8. On the subject of recording with MSI Afterburner, it seems I can't make it work well. By that, I mean that I get a performance hit of 25 to 50% regardless of the game I record, if I record in 60FPS and 1080p. The first thing I thought, of course, was that I need a stronger PC, but the odd thing is that according to Afterburner's ressources monitor, only 40% of my CPU and 50% of my GPU was being used during the recording. All of my CPU's cores were also fluctuating around 40% of usage. What could cause this? Lowering the bitrate didn't help either, so I'm guessing this isn't a HDD speed is
  9. If you're going to list "non-free" as a con, why restrict it to non-game software? I do not think licences are relevant to this wiki's purpose, anyway. I agree with this however. Some programs should be avoided, especially given the available alternatives.
  10. By sharing do you mean sending a copy of the broken game's files so that issues can be recreated? Or just sharing installers and things like that? Either way I doubt it would be legal (not like it would bother me).
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